Colorado Pink 4 U

This Wordless Wednesday Once Again!

An Life seems to be a CARN ival here

so! I again cannot be werdless!but ….

well, is jest a Quick Post-it today  o rose in the carnivals bed!


jest to send a bita’ Colorado Pink

ur way 2 day.

cuz ur One of a kind! yes U


Ah but Happy HUmp day uf in ur humpin’

It’s almost over!

almosta’ over


Can’T always live life to the “T” ya know.da’ purfekT

sumetimez dere’s gotz to be a Z lol…

or a me an not jest a U…lol..

Today was da’ last day fer flying on skiis er a snowboard @ WolfCreek this year!.

but i can still fly over it so hope to this season this year …take care …

“jest Remember!”

“Crashing is nOT AN opTION”

Keep on keepin on!


9 thoughts on “Colorado Pink 4 U

      • PS; i am the left foot forward kinna guy when it comes to the snoboarding though lol.although with my kidneys the way they are ,,i havent been boarding since like 2006 ,flying is softer 🙂 an riding now for this old guy!.. the guy above is backwardz to me though the way i board…. lol…..

      • You’re welcome kind Sir and you should be proud. 😀
        Thanks for the hugs and lovely wishes and ♥ Hugs ♥ from a chilly South Africa for you as well. 😀

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