A Photo a Week Challenge: Flight

so!  today is photo of the week by nancy merrill photography... since the subjekt of flight came up again this am…


well, is jest a Quick Post-it today to share some pics of  4 DIFFERENT  ways i fly……..sO………well, i don’t jest fly one way so thought id share all, and no ballooning aint flying pal..thats floating outa control with guesswerk lol….so is not included….


Ah, but to float so free; So silently;

I Fly with the character; thats in u and me:)….

Like a God Tis’ of theee,,

for a joy to experience bein’ alive: today:)

knowing the spirits and winds above, and around me,

will always guide me along the way 🙂

~ So as to be able to land Safely at the end of the Day 🙂 ~


An another way to fly here also,,




Jest click on the links above top see more 🙂

“jest Remember!”

“Crashing is nOT AN opTION”

Keep on keepin on!




An Life seems to be, well upside a lot ,,,when flying in da’ gliders also…


so! I again cannot be werdless or pictureless today or linkless lol..so all i can say at the endo of a day like today is,,whew,,,an keep on keepin on,,,enjoy ur flight however ya fly by the werld of Q here


🙂 again

“Crashing is Not an Option!”



6 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Flight

    • thankz nancy…no challenge really lol….but this is a place where i can share what i do and have done, place fer my life story in a way fer my grandkids,,, sunday! 🙂 k over an out night night..

  1. ps; there are 5 links on this page plus if ya click on the instruments pic it takes ya right to a vid 🙂 jest fer fun 🙂 Tada’ an A happy May day post to YOU! frum Q

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