1 in 20,000 people

This POST-IT whats it mean, well a bit of Share my life


frum the Q was jest another sunup this am..an…I know i am far an few between in lotsa ways lol, but healthwise well, i am 1 in 20,ooo. i suffer frum, adpkd an i say yes suffer, cuz well is like sufferin sufferjets somedayZ!Dealing with chronic pain sucks, but is what it is!i never understood it, nor invisible illnesses till i experienced it! Now i realize what is is like cuz well, Jest getting round then other days i can do jest fine, I suffer frum Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease .it is a genetic disorder and has nothing to do with my lifes choices how i got it, but how i deal now though has a lot to do with the outcome,,anyhow the way i feel as of late is i believe..anyhow, i think it has a lot to do with the magnetics of the earth also {ITS HOW WATER POLYCYSTIC WERKS}i watch all the time and when it changes the TENSIon and the forces within change also,pain is NOT all in my mind once it becomes in the body IN FORM like this,,,we have to do the best we can for pain management,,i do my herb a lot for that reason an helps a lot! follow the links within here for more info…,truth is ur body eventually does help to deal with it internally..the body even produces a pain killer internally to help like morphine is why my back is all numb right now,,,,so what do i do besides smoke my bud an take my pain killers for my dis-ease…well..read up check this out if ya wish to , is what ur common every day doctor is NOT TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SKEWL for a number of reasons, and many reason why this was illegal in our COMMUNISTIC LIKE USA,!..they don’t want ya top know there is a cure for most every disease on the planet and that all things biological are made up of frequencies, and if the frequencies get off kilter well, we get diseased, well, dr. royal rife many years ago found that if ya zapped the specific diseased portions or cells with the correct frequencies well, the bad stuff goes away and the good stuff regenerates!.suppression of the cures for disease in usa started here<click on link if ya want to know why in europe they use this device evrywhere but not in the usa!.if u got any disease at all i recommend highly for u to flow any one of these links {IN WHITE!} throughout this article here i wrote here concerning it titled


and see if it might help of be of assistance to u, it is essentially what the HEALER or SHAMUN does to another is zap them with the correct field or frequency or color or sound to do the trick, it re introduces the body to specific sound waves it SHOULD BE OPERATING ON ,,,not what IT IS,, because of one reason or another!..Dr. Royal Raymond Rife Created the Original ‘Royal Rife Machine’, A frequency generating device which was used to cure terminally ill cancer patients through selective electronic frequency treatment ..I personally have extended my stay on this planet earth as a result of the use of this device, it has cured me of some of my other issues i had also some as a rssult of opkd, all but gone now because of the use of the rife machine…i also have my vision almost back to norm ..with exception of tiny letters and thingz…thanks to this..so check it out,,i will not drag this out anymore, cuz if ur at the lest bit interested in curing ur disease whatevr it might be,,the rife machine can CURE thousands..:” BELIEVE IT ER NOT!”Have a great rest of the week everyone Q…an if ur like me in pain well, one day at a time one minute at a time it might not get better but the EXPERIENCE DOES CHANGE…one way er the other ..ok over an out frum Q on this HEALING! NOTE!.ooohhhh an

pss: THANKS MOM!…for helping me to get the rife…even though it was dad who gave me the disease…lol..all i can say right now is i know we got to stay ON THE RIGHT FREQUENCY!..


..“Dr Royal Rife’s investigated the cause of many diseases including cancer.  Dr Rife used the most advanced microscope in the world to identify the existence of a Virus that he believed was the sole contributor to all cancers.  This microscope was the most powerful of its time, and was invented and constructed by Dr Rife himself; for the sole purpose of locating the Virus that contributed to Cancer.. The birth of the Rife Machine was to be the solution to elimination of this Virus, and Rife performed successful Rife Machine treatments with many patients over the years.  This was verified by the U.S.C. Medical School Special Medical Research Committee.” † USC-0292E41-Page1203(b)

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    • they would rather keep people addicted to drugs they need not be on ,,,so they can fill their pocketbewks… thanks for the read 🙂 take care 🙂

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    ……..SpecialItis well, not I but then! …LoL ….Every person on the planet is 1 in 20,000 of Something! ya know well, this jest happens to be mine, i am re bloggin this cuz well my catagory a cure for most diseases seems to be a popular subjekt , If u have already read this post-it frum da Q u can pass it on by, if not well, is valuable life changing information for the seeker whom wishes to seek a “CURE” for the particular disease they got , if not some relief, thanks for reading the Q Namaste’

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