1DAAT – means one day at a time

the only thing you can really count on is the unexpected

need i say more..a good morning to u..this is the 4th pos-it frum Q-bird this am all shorties fer fun 🙂 read back ,,,anjoy ur moning bowla whatevr and er coffer er whatnot an …..well,,,,


ingrained into your psychewill be my balloon pics fer da start of ur day,,wit ur morning coffee



i knew ud be here but did u know i still would be lol.ps; they call alcohol spirits ya know,,,cuz all the different varietys are different spirits , jest like all the strains of bud are different spirits also,,? question is which spiritual path do u wish to walk down today…well booze not for me here,cuz then i caan’t fly and ryde and act with any sanity…,so how bout u ,,kleenin’ up our act is up to each owns soul ya know,,tada’






16 thoughts on “1DAAT – means one day at a time

  1. Well it’s been said that I’m a little funny turned, weird. I love these balloons it’s balloon season here as well. Time for the festivals, get your cameras ready! 😀 Have a super day Q:D

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  6. Good fun good advice and No Bull is a great formula and I enjoyed my visit.

    Ride safe and watch out for tourists, in the meantime thank you for reading my work.

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