Dreams Within Without

Another Quarked Version of Mondays Mundane Monacities 

& future dreams 

& days of future passed

when we fly frum one side to the other



Keepin’ it simple here



Again Have a Great Day



“one day @ a time”

as one

turns his eyes skyward 🙂

PS: Even if da’ players change, the game kinna remains the same so best ya can do is

rememebr this!

“To Thine Own Self be True”

we all got to experience what we do , till we go beyond that point to the next, sumtimes traveling from star to star cuz some of the stars jest explode and become atoms 😦 sad but true, does it matter? yes …so well if but yet maybe…acceptance is the greatest chore for a recovering day to day life like ours.is…when other stars explode is all one can do to hold their own….Jest be and do and be the best person one can do, is all one can ask for now right !..an make ur next best move,,towards cohesive coherence with ur werld u choose to live today!..all bout choice! and doing the next best thing..an make it a love based decision rather than a fear based one!…

” Keep on Keepin’ ON! “

Tada’ Q


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