wingin da’ Pitts


Hope all is going well withz quarked friends and readers out there this fine Evening er morning

whatevr part of Mother Earth U are on…

This is my 2 cents werth fer Tuesday!




~~~~ as it goes round Keep it Simple – hard as that sounds ~~~~~~~~~


~ So, Dis’ is da’ message here ~


Quarked one sayz when ya got to let go… let go…do it with forgiveness and ease though, especially if it is of another person or an addiction, or even werse being addicted to another person or someTHING!?…ie…alcohol, drugs, abuse, or whatevr it is ya choose to be addicted to we only have room for so many addictions, so choose ur addictions wisely, and fill ur brain with them, the ones that are not good for u LET GO! JEST GO! no matter how hard it sounds of the “BAD”, if it’s not good for ya, is pert simple shouldn’t do that right!, well jest ask the alkie or smoker who has tried to quit for years an cannot, or the abused husband or wife who loves the wrong choice. Let it GO LET GO LET GO…Do the 12 steps over it Person, place er thing? whatevr it is,,and hold no resentments {they are truly heart killers}…..and then forgive urself and them and get on with gettin on to a new better different reality

TOMORROW TODAY! yep yep! sounds easy right! well, jest do it!


PS: It werks only if an when ya werrk it! Expect the unexpected and do the very best one can.

So, Until the next Mission at wordpress Quarked one be flying BYE BYE !


Wingwalkers don't need no bars!

Wingwalkers don’t need no bars! this red bird as it says on tail knows life is da pitts – she does the best she can is all 🙂

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