Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week 35


^  O’Reilly Here well ^

He’s O’mallys brother


Michelles weekly pet challenge time again this week I ussually do on tuesdays but well, yesterday i had to re grab my bearings, apparenly my last weeks blog got lost in the shuffle somewheres along the line, so i didn’t get added to the weeks collage that Hope does evry week… so i am not on the board for this week, i did, add it to the mr linky thing and did my ping back but somehow ? i gt MIA ‘d… anyhow here is a link to MY pet challenge werld here, has alotta my fav pics of my animals here, my Zoo. really lol…to see the ZOO click here< Below are the other week 34 posts…an a collage shot and entry link to last weeks entries,,
Enjoy!..Ur day and er night and er week left ahead…



♥♥Below here ar my

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Glad i have found a home for these kewl pics of my Fav Kat! O’Mally!

REachin’ out to yaz!

a compassionate Kat!



**** “THis Webby Werld By Q is Rated PG” ****


7 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week 35

  1. I had a cat that was pure white, with one green and one blue eye. He escaped the house one day, found a feral cat on the farm and started a dynasty of cats with this genetic mark, some that still live today, although Thumper, the Elder of the clan, came to the end of his 9th life over 25 years ago.

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