Two Cents Tuesday AMENDMENT X

here o’ Dear Oh Deer! Oh Dear !!!!!! ? me oh my i wunder


“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”


Dear Oh Deer! Oh Dear !!!!!! ?

When the Federal Government, or officials thereof, violate States Rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights they are in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.
As such they are in violation of their own Oaths to protect and preserve the Constitution against all foreign AND DOMESTIC enemies. Legally speaking that makes them guilty of High Treason.
Empty the jail/prison cells of harmless pot users and make room for the real criminals who are violating the Rights of all Americans and committing THEE highest crimes of the land
The ninth and tenth amendments to the Constitution seem to have fallen by the wayside. The ninth says words to the effect that we have rights other than those guaranteed by the Constitution and the tenth states that powers not delegated to the feds belong to the states or the people. Why the dysfunction at the federal level? Payoffs? Correctional institution kickbacks? A sense in Washington that Pres. Obama will be the last Democrat elected into office for the next eight years so they are proceeding as if the Republicans had already won the office? If so, get ready for the new police state. Maybe Abe Lincoln was right in his first inaugural address when he said that if the Federal government doesn’t represent the will of the people, it is the duty of the people to remove the government


Dear Oh Deer! Oh Dear !!!!!! ?
Enter CCA (Correctional Corp. of America) this has nothing to do with pot use or violating any federal mandate, it’s about money, and correctional institutions are BIG money here in America where the kickbacks and schemes equal those perpetrated on Joe Citizen everyday by politicians and other nefarious individuals who are only thinking about the payoff and not the consequences of their own actions on ordinary people just trying to ease a little pain by using a Non Pharmaceutical!
Yep, the pharmaceutical lobby plays a role in this game too. Imagine the profits they stand to lose if MMJ patients are allowed to grow their own medicine to counter a variety of ailments?! That’s a hard pill for Corporate America to swallow, and they’re not going down without a fight……of that we can all be sure!

It will be illegal no matter what the state says , the feds want to gain control of all production of cannabis. Back yard growers will soon face fines of $1000 per plant even if they are an inch tall, the fines will be attached to their taxes and everything they own WILL BE SEIZED. This is just in it infancy and is spreading in every direction. You will have pot legalized, but it WILL be illegal to grow. Creating a monopoly for the few government appointed growers and sellers. Its coming to your town SOON ,check out Fresno County Pot laws. Fresno is the test area, if it flys in Fresno it will become nation wide. When they are going to legalize it in your state, make sure there is a law written to allow personal growing. Otherwise you will be forced to buy it from the Gov controlled monopoly . When you hear of home invasions, the politicians that are local and federal love it because they can DEMONIZE IT making it easier to make home production illegal . When you hear your politicians say “We will find away for you to get your medicine” In translation means you MUST buy it from us or you will face jail time, property seizure , and obscene fines such as $1000 per plant. People you have been warned repeatedly by the PROPHET . Check all my post and see that I predicted it before it arrived in your town. Hear my words and organize, be wise and stop these laws before they come into effect in your town.
Lois Lerner uses the most feared agency in the US government, the IRS, to go after American citizens strictly for their political beliefs, in trying to influence the outcome of a national election, is charged with contempt by the US Congress and #$%$ says he will not arrest her! John Clapper commits perjury while testifying to the US Congress and even admits he did, yet walks free. Grow a little pot and you are off to prison. Which one of these things is more of a threat to your freedom? What more proof do you need to know that this country is all screwed up?


Dear Oh Deer! Oh Dear !!!!!! ?

The pot law is legal in some states, but illegal in others. The federal government says it’s illegal, but allows it to be grown legally in certain states. There should be one law about marijuana in the entire country; either it’s legal or it’s not. This needs to be addressed before people get sent to prison because of confusion about the law, both federal and state. Even more ironic is that the feds have funded a research pot farm at Ole Miss university for decades.
Obviously the real war is inside the federal government. Obama can resolve this travesty via executive order, by taking it off the schedule of controlled substances–just as Nixon made it illegal in the first place. I’d say now C’Mon preS! its bout time to make an executive order that made some sense for a change!
I encourage everyone to call your congress person and unload on them what a sham and disgrace the federal drug laws are. Especially the classification as Cannabis as a schedule one drug. It’s a joke and the only purpose it serves is for law enforcement and the privately run prison system to receive money from the taxes we pay. I’ve been saying for the longest time that one of the main things that pot laws do is make criminals out of good people. I’m so sick of it.
“War is a racket” – Smedley Butler & The “war on drugs” is no exception and prosecutors are the racket’s muscle men
Government of the people, by the people, for the people? That depends on what the definition of ‘for’ is. Does ‘for’ mean, ‘for the benefit of the people’ as in, to ensure the guarantee of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness or does the Obama Administration mean, ‘in the place of’? It depends what the definition of ‘by’ is. When they say ‘by’ do they mean as indicated by the actions, expressions, and attitudes of the people? From what the Obama Administration is doing to America we’re pretty clear on what ‘of the people’ means. Obama and Holder in this attack on Americans growing a benign herb in violation of capricious and outdated laws that run counter to the majority of American’s sentiments about cannabis demonstrate that their chief focus is to ‘govern’ (v. – control, restrict, or cause to conform by force) Americans solely to achieve the Obama’s tearing down and rebuilding in his image agenda which clearly is described by the ’60’s mantra of the racist violent subversive revolutionaries, ‘by any means necessary’. All you Obomonoids cannot come up with ANY explanation as to why Obama, the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States of America, Obama, who holds the power to direct the Department of Justice on how or even if a law shall be enforced, Obama, who endeared himself to many of you by touting his own drug use should be respected or supported for this attack on basic American Freedom. He should by peseidential order decree , make hemp and pot legal and put it in its proper place in our society again, if he knew what was the best for the world!
Marijuana was perfectly legal less than 80 years ago when alcohol was banned, yet the sky did not fall! whats happened to change all this people , would someone please wake up !
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both grew hemp and had guns, today they would be felons!
It is illegal to own guns now? Since when? Between the Feds wanting to control pot and guns, no wonder they have no time for anything else!??????There is little logic for putting someone in jail for growing marijuana, companies that make cigars & the like they are not going after them even though cigars & the like causes more health problems.
The constitution doesn’t mention marijuana, that said; all powers not listed are left to the states & the people…BUt what is the CONSTITUTION? anyhow? huh….

Marijuana is a natural herbal medicine for everyone, not a pharmaceutical drug to be exploited by doctors, drug companies and the government! ,,,,jest my take on it anyhew…………
Remember the Immortal Words of Peter Tosh:
Legalize It. Don’t Criticize It!
The government ignores right wing domestic terrorists, and goes after a family growing 70 pot plants-minimum sentence 10 years each! This is not justice! Shame on the DOJ and shame on Obama (and I voted for you both times!) Seems it is not only women who decieve me steal my money my time and my life it is now the us government and the feds attemping to do this also…i have been personally threatened by the authorities,,,that i should not be able to exercise my freedom of speech anymore ,,i was told this is a new world now mikey …! ..Like WTF e4ver happened TO AMERICA!!!!!!! & the world i must say,,,when generations ago Hemp and pot was used for 20,000 plus uses ,, including energy fuel and medical…yeah a now wunder huh……Who can’t a handle REALITY??? AH what butr yeah the guy who smokes pot right >NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
an ya know…………

Actually, there are 4 tenses to the English language: past tense, present tense, future tense, and finally, present perfect tense, encompassing the past, present, and future all existing at the same time, with no beginning and no end, the Alpha & The Omega, all happening at the same time! We have time, because, if we didn’t have time, everything would happen at once!


my 2 Centz Werth frum Q 2 U 2 Day!


2 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday AMENDMENT X

  1. I assume none of what you said came as a surprise to you? 🙂 Our federal government is acting like it always has, without exception. Even FDR imposed his will, and while we might agree ( I do) with WPA, Social Security and REA, among other things, it was still a railroad job, forced on the states and individuals..

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