I See

Mikey don’t re-blog a lot, but am speecless over my dog an losses of friends an loved ones in my life, jest another day to get a grip on what my friend mark here has to say: I see your purity
Simply just,
Do what you want to do
Love who you want to love
Walk on the road you want to
Cry when you feel pain
Laugh when you feel happy
Rest when you feel tired
Go on when you are fine
I see myself too….adios over an out frum q , dog being fed intoveneously wise, so doing my best with him, an hoping he survives this attack like i have over the years, hes jest a puppy an loves his new life he does, so all my all is with him an others i miss in my life! today! eace-out Q

Endless Light and Love

I See

I see your indifference
But I want to warm the cold heart
I see,
In fact, I am yet to accept your indifference

I see your pain
But I want to end the pain
I see,
In fact, I did not accompany your pain

I see your selfishness
But I judge your selfishness
I see,
In fact, it was driven by my selfishness

I see your anger
But try to get rid of your anger
I see,
In fact, I did not let you feel angry

I see your anxiety
But I feel worry about your anxiety
I see,
In fact, I start being anxious
I see your weakness
But I do not know which hand shall I use to give you a hug
I see,
In fact, I am feeling weak now as well

I see your beauty
And I appreciate your beauty
I see,
I am getting beautiful…

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4 thoughts on “I See

  1. well, hasn’t eaten yet today but is getting plenty of fluids, an hopefully will try to eat some food manana, he drank water 3 er 4 times a little bit today,, so will keep world posted here with anotrher postit, thank iris 🙂 Q

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