1962 Jeep Willys Hurricane For Sale


It‘s waz a wunderful Ryde, well it could have been. I have a Barn Find 1962 Super Hurricane Jeep Wagon with a straight 6 engine. Have reciepts also from original owner…that was found bout 12 years ago here in Colorado in the Valacito lake area,


Stevo an I Have been meaning to restore this vehicle for some years and has not moved since driven and parked right here where it sits, Firts Off this is a vehicle For restoration does not drive but can be hauled onto a trailer relatively easy. the motor was hammered, was running but leaking oil out of rear main and did not run very well,,,besides that she drove home pert good. I know what this vehicle is werth and not into really bartering too much really but would taker a serious offer that was close to my asking price. of $4200.00 bucks…No scam texts telling me ull pick u’ll send cashiers check and have vehicle picked up , cash and carry folks… I would be interested in a trade plus cash maybe of some kind? maybe motorcycle truck or whatya got? well, let me know.this truck has the manuel over drive trans yes it is 4 wheel drive,,and a 3 speed, is all original,,all chrome is good an this is a vintage truck to do any way ya want is even original paint…easy restore…no serious rust issues, .


. pics pert much tell the story for this vehicle,


any questions feel free to ask




an will bring to ya even an deliver for a fee if ya wish,,,MIKeY.

PS” HAS BEEN DELIVERED! This item is NOW SOLD! thankQ.

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