Velvett Fogg – Once Among the Trees

Another Blast Into the Past Here For Weekend Fun and of course a point to be made…but to who anymore i am not sure, point here though is bout as it is,,” is what it is” and also “Is what it isn’t” an if ur clean an sober well, forgive the rant if u need to keep werking on steps to keep sober read on! the lack of acceptance here is what will make me go out and get drunk!


jest got to accept it no matter how much it hurts to be deceived lied to stolen from and abused, and realize i am not the victim, jest the affected by what i allowed because i loved 😦 how dumb huh 😦 and i got to let it go, hard as it sounds, watching betrayal and lies in action and not being able to to anything bout it 😦 a sad way to be at the moment is all i can say an this to shall pass!.is the kinna resentmants that make one want to go out and get drunk ya know, but i got 15 years can‘t let that happen today no matter how bad i jest like loosing another person i love in my life is all, but hurts werse when it is their ruthless betrayal and them making themselves villians to me:( in the end no angel :(…So…..This Velvet Early morning Fog Amongst the Cool damp rain soaked treez….all i can do to muster up not to think of thee..hurts to watch another abuse themselves mentally bipolarilly and me every twisted way beyond da trees!…ah but to write poetry to lie and steal hearts and time all for a few dollars more in the end:( and more sex with others 😦 what a crime to me 😦 ..

Yes, what a crime 😦 to me anyhew :(is what it is,,get over it mikey huh! she is what she is and has become to you and nothing u can do bout it, but pray to god to save her soul from the pain she has caused and the retribution karmetically at play now to return to her handz 😦 sad enuff ,,,sorry bout the rant , but i am upset over all the insanity thrown at me..? an for what? a few dollars more 😦 how insane 😦 LOVE yeah right,,,twisted love thats right .!

my answer: to thine own self be true ,,, Karma and Darhma will be theirs for all time their new karmetic reality 😦 for tha akashic records of all time to behold,,,what a shame what a crime,,,this mind crime has been against da Q oh well huh such as life i am told to jest shake it off an move forward,,,,we shall see

Velvett Fogg – Once Among the Trees (1969) Psychedelic Rock
and yes this song was recorded by “THE BAND” years laterz….


Once among the trees
There must be escape
Down along the farm
There I must be safe
How did I get in here
How did I open the door
How did I get in here
How did I open the door
Did somebody help me there
Has someone been here before
Up and on the highway
I’ll walk down the road
Confiscate the evidence
Not to mention my load
Frozen in the farm
Frozen in my mind
Frozen in the farm
Frozen in my mind
The dog’s are getting close
Not very far behind now
Once outside the area
Outside the vicinity
I can make my way in peace
From here to infinity
I discovered you looking
At me down on my knees
I discovered you looking
At me down on my knees
I didn’t think you’d notice me
Once Among the trees
Songwriters: Kieth LAW
Once Among The Trees lyrics © SEPTEMBER MUSIC CORP

Lyrics and Music by Keith Law..

an all i can say in da’ end too bad she didn’t touch and see da real me behind da velvett fogg in her mind,,,

once among da’ trees!….


Be at peace even if u have been hated on and betrayed like me ….


Simply “Rise Above it All” as they, sarcastically 😦 without honor an dignity do, as they run in fear and speaketh verbally murderous lies…accept it an move on is all i can do and go for a ryde today!.Can’t be sick over others that are sick and torturous,,,well unless it affects ya, and well like me ya jest got to get over it some how,,okay back to step 4 😦 bummer 😦 .whats sucks is doing a step 4 over someone and not being able to resolve the issue because the other party cheats runs and plays against ya,,what can ya do huh? then,,,how does one let it go ,,,when i figure it out ill let ya know!.!

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