Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (38)


 I feel better Dad! an wanna go home he said the other day so…for fathers day i think i’ll stiuck around he said, this life is so very kewl he loves life and well he wanted to live as much as i wanted him to also, many tears later an is not over yet still gotz to maybe deal with after sickness like a lung infection and also inflamations of the old etc etc, will be giving him all the anti parvo nutrients in the proper dose i do so hope, we are doing real good!i took this pic monday afternoon after a trip to town 🙂




HE Deserves 9 heartz but he only gets 8 this week because he has used up one of his 9 lives, say i almost died last week say brandonbear here, 20 iv’s later and lotsa tender loving care and cleaning up after and treating like the toddler he is, well, he was born on x-mas eve of 2013 so, he is still a toddler and got Parvo<see last weeks shotz bout 10 dayz ago and well has been a rough 10 days plus here in Q’s werld. 3 er 400 bucks laters an well this pic was taken 2 days ago he was freiking when i leave him so i left him alone yesterday, today i go take him to the lake to play and pick him up.. good morning werl er good night whatever it is fer YOu



ps; thanks for all the thoughtz sent brandonbears way through

michelles pet challenge



A huge thank you to all who took part last week, a big GIANT smiley face fer everyone who entered here


20 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge; Round up and start of new week (38)

  1. He is just so adorable Q! I can see he is getting lots of love and the best treatment. He will definitely make it. Please give him lots of hugs from me. 😀

    • jest picked him up he is doing great , jest got to keep him frum geeting a doggy cold now… goldenseal and collidial silver etc etc…an pediallite an lean ground beef an mashed taterz 🙂 thankz fer da comment 🙂 Q

      • I am very glad to hear that Q and it sounds like he is treated like a little prince for sure. He does deserve the best. You are such a kind and caring soul. Wish there were more like you. 😀

    • yes yes he is sittin here eating pieces of chicken with me 🙂 so almost normal acts normal but he don’t know it hes still recovering :)..thanks for ur concern 🙂 hasta’ 🙂 Q

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    • thankz sweetheart yes he is doing much better now , and into being a real kewl young dog ; will have to do a brandonbear postit soon, been behind for a week to get my challenges done lol oh well… take care and thankz again 🙂

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