This is Not Here by Quarksire

Quarked one in Colorado today got on a rant bout people who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk



is what it is, is not always bout people doing the wrong thing in life an all but i am tired of being victimized by people who act as though they wish to remain victims forever and wish me to also 😦 is a crime the way i see it but again is what it is, as with all programs that ask one step up and take responsibility for their own actions and deeds well, accceptance is the first thing one must do after they ADMIT they have a problem, then well, they will have to be willing to make amends, an if not well, all there is to it will have to suffer the consequences for their actions. It will forver be on their heart and soul how they hurt on others 😦 If they wish to act like a villian and a thief and a user in this life time well, maybe next lifetime if they don’t BELIEVE they live forever ,,,well maybe it will be the snake they became in this lifetime or whatever then huh!

Well, if ur in recovery or ya got a problem emotionally or physically or mentally, 1st off ya have to admit ya got a prob an well if ya do accept a power greater than U can heal U also…is good for starters! have a great friday

till i wake again or come back to blog ,



3 thoughts on “This is Not Here by Quarksire

  1. Awesome post, saw a snake yesterday, tried to get the dog to eat it, she was scared,snake was small and lived to see another day and to eat the bugs before you pull the wings off;)

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