Victimship Denied Again

I feel really redundant at times, but i can’t fix another! is like i am preaching to a choir that well is deaf, think i’ll jest sit an stew over it fer a while, hope to get rid of the thoughts of resentment b4 i die!


Courage? what Courage? some folks don’t have the courage to try a new thing or go a new direction or “change” in any way at all but instead they have somehow found the courage to abuse and use others for money time and “LOVE” the way they see it by their definition….this post-it is bout not being able to fix others no matter how hard ya try if they don’t wanna fix themselves.
To some folks to be jelous of fantasies is a real part of thier every day life to make up stories and to lie to protect their FEAR BASED TRUTHs they HOLD DEEP INSIDE! keep them stranded and held victim to their own beliefs…instead they will lie to protect the fears and then to preserve the pain which they created in the first place, they have not a clue the eternal ramificatons nor the even in this life ramifications for what they have done will in turn bring as a result to be thier very own new and different “KARMETIC REALITY” that they chose over truth and love , but instead abused love and truth all for a dollar or 2 more…oh wow what a score.! abusing the little guy like me 😦
Well, there are 2 sides to every story and i read her side of the story she sent a friend of mine who thinks she is a gold digger! and well, she doesn’t have the courage to call this friend even offered her a job in the print shop and a deal to print books for her etc etc,,,but well…fear rules,,,,fact is the letter full of half truths and one sided imagery truly shows the intent to keep things one sided as a viewpoint in her mind to try to justify hurting on another person, well fact of the matter to me is one really has no justification to intentionally {or unintentionally blindly} hurt on another human being. All there is to it! in my bewk or even an animal for that matter of a fact, unless it is trying to kill u or something…
So, point of this blog guys an women alike, watch out for gold diggers and fearmongers that are not really love nor anything they say they are but instead 2 distinct personalities,might even have multiple wordpress id’s also…,,one of love and one of fear and at war with each other in the brain..the latter has no courage or honor but only loves the fear they worship themselves every second of the day! 😦 is very sad 😦 every thought is fear based, even the thoughts they call love based are fear based, hard to explain , but is alike not letting someone do something cuz u fear they might hurt themselves? when ya know they won’t..they jest fear it but u got to have it thata way so anything to have the power and control over another with lies made up in mind bout fears, they keep the other from doing what they want…”CUZ THEY LOVE THEM! RIGHT!?”…….
For any one of these perpertrators in my life or any other to have jest walked away and acted ignorant to the situation they unrightiously created well, in my bewk is jest wrong, they think they have gotten away with stealing another heart and hurting another soul 😦 outa false fears 😦 well they have not, the handz of time will be in the hands of the rightious i say. My last abuser in life well, said she was nothing like my other abusers LoL, well, she will never be able to escape the fact that she did this to me, she will never be able to escape the facts deep down inside that i NEVER did deserve to be mistreated to or lied to by her 😦 she will never be able to excape the fact that she told many lies to me and the world also.about mer to herself and about herself to me 😦 ..that she uses the front of her blog werld to attack and undermine our very relationship now when it was “I WRITE ALL MY BLOGS FOR U” well well,,,what in the hell happened to start writing scary nasty and mean against me and men and the world stuff anyhow, and playing games and jelous games like telling me to go “_ _ _ _ ” my bloggers that follow me etc etc…or tell me i 2 timed on her when i have been celebate for 5 years as a result of her 77 day stay here 😦 …she will never be able to escape the fact that years of hard werk and all the money i put in account of her well, she has plainly stolen from me 😦 thousands 😦 truly sucks 😦 get over it huh mikey yeah right………. 😦 like WTF is all i can say why do people have to be hipocrytes and oppose the things they say they are going to do with fear based irrational excuses anyhow, why can’t they jest be honest in the first place, well fear is again why? they worship fear!…?.I truly hope karma will give these folks a lesson of 10 times the pain they evr caused me or another human being! 😦
……………………… yeah “thats love folks!” TOUGH LOVE! THE WAY I SEE IT!
One thing i really find a distate for in this werld is a person that is a liar and a hipocryte for a few dollars more then tries to justify it and say some crap like well, “lifes lesson 4 u” or “love is like that” well love ain’t like that and shame on u if ya ever pulled anything like this on me of the eternal spirit of mankind as it is so it is.
Some people who represent themselves as so honest and true well, they aren’t folks….ya got to pay attention to the subtle things, like i did not or i would not have allowed her to abuse and use and mislead me for years with lies, what i must ask myself is ? wow mikey why do u always attract bi-polar people that have multiple personalities into ur life , those who say they worship love and truth when really in the end they do not they only worship money & fear and things that get them more money no matter what it takes to get it or no matter what they got to do to do it. They are simply abusive people full of fear! i am sorry they have fear? but what the fact of the matter is no matter how much ya try with these people and no matter how much ya love them well, they seem to find a new better differnt way to abuse their “LOVE” what they “SAY” they love anyhew? 😦 …PS: PRAYERS ..well, waiting don;t help either nor false wanna be wishes like most selfish prayers….
Well, when ya suffer from an invisible disease like mine or bi polar depression or jest being an internal fearmonger? 😦 thats disease in itself 😦 well, no matter what, when one suffers from an invisible disease well, the non-suspecting like myself has to be on guard i guess and perceive more correctly. i should have dropped her the minute i found out she suffered from a mental disease, but i said no i can handle this one, she don’t know she got it, it is even invisible to her own mind, she is so clouded with fear based negative thoughts that no matter what they will rule the final out come till that thought system changes, little did i know i was incapable of overcoming the hurdle of love to that extent to be able to show her all the fear based thinking is unnecessary….they call it a precaution to think with a fear based mind of ..what if? whats the werst thing that can happen and follow that? so, why? lewk at the good and do the best they can with it and be honest!…well, honesty is out of the question no matter how honest they lie to U. regardless they are HONESTLY LIES ! is all there is to it, i have to accept that and move on now also, which sucks, knowing well, only thing that has any power to forgive here is prolly god!….
So, bottom line to this rant without making it a real rant like i could, is that well
ya can’t fix other people, and if they are not honest and u learn this u should accept it and get on with ur life, like the alkie who comes to meetings and going out all the time so they can get attention? is alike this? and well i won’t stand for it even though i did and has cost me 5 years and thousands of dollars unrightiously, ? an for what? in the end neglegent abuse, and disrespectful sarcasm,,,,they think its funny they hurt on me 😦 well, so be it karma be hers,, and thiers anyone who does hurt on this guy karma be thiers, all i know is if they don’t want help for thier problem ya can’t help them no matter what the problem, drinking drugs, alcohol or stinking thinking issues caused from fear based thinking? any of em not unless that person has the courage to accept and admit they are wrong and have been and why and move on, if they don’t wanbt to do thier steps to life themselves well, ya can’t do them for them…..
SO ACCEPTANCE that one can’t fix people places or things unless they are allowed to and the wants to be fixed………..over an out frum Q….
:(i did another blog once called victimship denied and is very relevant to this, or jest search “angel” in my search bar u can read all bout how i tried tried and tried to get another to turn their life to truth and love only to get the opposite and auctually stoilen from in the end 2000 plus dollars 😦 .right on huh! wow is all i can say!4 all my heart mind and soul and time and money went into being honest to her, why could i not get that in return i wunder? 😦



5 thoughts on “Victimship Denied Again

  1. I just know how you feel Q. What I did learn is that we are not here to change others, but only ourselves and yes, unfortunately there will always be those out there who have that courage to abuse and use others as long as they can, but the strange thing is that they are so fearful of changing their own lives and become better people. I always say that if you are used by others, it’s mostly your own fault because you allow them to do it to you. Some people do not want to be helped. They just want help but not to help themselves. Lies are part of their lives and you can’t ever trust them. They are great manipulators as well. Luckily this is how we learn in life – from people like them – and not to be like them and to avoid them.

    None of us deserve to be mistreated or lied to, but that happens. Being bi-polar doesn’t give anyone the right or excuse to do that to other human beings. I avoid negative people and they avoid me, because I tell them right to their face that it doesn’t mean if you have a disease, that you should go around expecting everyone to feel sorry for you. I have diseases as well but I don’t use it to manipulate others or hurt them or want them to feel sorry for me. I hate sympathy. I work on myself and look after myself and if being positive can help, then I do it.

    I am sorry to hear that you’ve been hurt so much and I agree – Karma be hers. Clearly this person knows she’s got a problem but she prefers to project it onto others. Not your problem if she doesn’t want to be helped. They use fear as a crutch to make others feel sorry for them and have no idea what the word ‘love’ means. I have no sympathy for people using drugs or alcohol as an excuse for their ‘miserable lives’. We all make choices in life. I had a hard life as well and could have used those things as an excuse, but I didn’t. I chose to avoid them and people like that. If I can do it and so many others as well, then they can do it too.

    I have a stepbrother that is into drugs and alcohol and also tried to help him, but learned that people like him doesn’t want help. They just ‘need’ you to be there when they mess up. They have no idea how to love because they don’t love themselves. People like us can’t help them Q. They need professional help and if they don’t want to go for it, then there’s nothing we can do. Then you remove them from your life and go on with yours.

    • so agreed lady, lol an i thought i was a professional helper , guess not, i can only be sad now and go on an try to rebuild my life is all, after all the damage has been done, but well, don’t really think it is repairable this life time round… oh well, some deal she made with the d evil huh, to use an abuse me 😦 an for what i’ll never know 😦 as bad as hitler abusing all the jews and thinking he was rightious 😦 since she is german who knows maybe i was hitler in last life , well i think not really , so is what it is, got to move on , like loosing my best friend once again is all to death 😦 thanks for ur comment .so agreed! Q

      • I was also at a stage in my life where I thought I could help people like these as well Q, and I had to learn that we can only help or change ourselves. I know you will be able to rebuild you life and the damage, as you think of it, is only there so we can learn from it.

        Yes, some people do think they are righteous and they do get what’s coming to them, believe me. Only, let them do it on their own so they can’t involve you and hurt you again.

        Yeah, know the feeling. With time it does heal, but luckily we never forget. That helps us not making the same mistake twice.

        Hang in there and have a great weekend. πŸ˜€

      • It is Q. Some people are pathetic and we don’t deserve to be sad because of them. They don’t belong in our lives because we deserve better. πŸ˜€

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