Weekly Photo Challenge Split Second Story

Quarked one in Colorado today sayz: every Picture tellz a story in da very first split second ya lewk at it!


,,,but in the end one has to wunder whether the story was perceived in the eyes of love or fear?


an well for a split second in gods eyes which was 5 years well,,,,


I knew this is not here!


when i go from there to here or hear to their!

in a split second for another story!

Peace out to da’ Werld


da’ Quarked one


PS: forgive me Werld but i had to post multiple split second stories this fine day!

an all in wunder post-it…….

see more entries from wordpress folks some single images some multiple, click on the cam below

any way ya lewk at it in ur split seconds


some wunderful photographers round the werld share here! weekly



5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Split Second Story

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