Wingsuiting wit a Whisper

Quarked one in Colorado today sayz: every Picture tellz a story in da very first split second ya lewk at it!

Now there are dog FIGHTZ like these 2 here



Yep yep and 2 dayz in a row he starts out his post with the same sentence


SkyRyding Dog Yeppurz


…ok now Most of my posters and viewers know i am into sky flying of all sorts especially hangliders gliders and body suits,,, and well someone had to do it fer fun, train his pup to fly like i am training my recovering biker dog brandon bear to get on gettin’ on with the big dogs scoott here ,,,anyhow check this out i am sure well u will get a tripouta it if ya haven’t seen it is making a hit round the flying community now, yes i’ll have brandon up in da AIR this year possibly if i get him into it we shall see 🙂 ,,,has got overt the respiratory thing after his 10 day bout with parvo…i think he is recovering gewd now,  So anyhow since i am a potter head well, this jest makes thinks too much more fun….we now have a flying potterheard dog…..Dean Potter, famous rock climber, high-liner and human flyer, wingsuit BASE jumps with his dog, Whisper from the Eiger, basejumper extraodanaire  with A “whisper”

potter flys with a whisper on his back

potter flys with a whisper on his back image frum Youtube vid here

“All Whisper wants is to be with her pack-family. When we go on adventures, she goes on adventures. She’s just a loyal pup with a very adventuresome Papa,” Potter told National Geographic‘s Adventure Blog.

🙂 ~:::~(*@*@*)***~~~~gonna make me a doggy bag fer brandon bear so he can ryde an fly with dad also 🙂

~formerly windrydr now da’ ~~~~Quarked one Q ~


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