Dear Humanity frum Quarksire

as i wake up on another magnanomous monday happy i am still alive , even if in pain, what can i say to help others gain without “offending” LoL too much sumhow wit’ da’ truth.BECAUSE!


The human body is made up of materials and minerals found on the surface of the ground, and not from the core of the earth. Oxygen, being the most abundant element on the earth’s crust or on the ground, makes up 65 percent of the human body, and carbon, also abundant on the top soil of the ground, is 18 percent, and hydrogen is 10 percent. The 59 elements found in the human body are all found on the earths crust.
~~~~~~~~~~Here’s a Tad bit on Creationism verses Evolution frum Q~~~~~~~~~~~~

There is no point discussing science with minds fixated upon fantasy. It is the equivalent of trying to teach Shakespeare to a chimpanzee. You will never get it to perform the role of Hamlet, no matter how hard you try. On a personal note, though, I prefer the company of the chimpanzee over that of the Zealot. Imagine what it was like to live in ancient Rome, or Greece, or any of countless older civilizations. They had their own gods, the majority believed in them just a fiercely, and they all fell to dust, which is the fate that awaits todays predominant religions. New ones are springing up even today, and the old ones fall by the wayside. People have invented gods for as long as there have been people, in order to explain that which they didn’t understand. The imbeciles deserve our pity.
Science does not care about your religion, really, it is not seeking to destroy it. It only seeks the truth, the facts. If those facts contradict something in your religion, that is a problem for your religion, not science. That’s the beauty of science – it is completely impartial, unbiased, it does not give a schidt who you are or what your agenda is: the facts are the facts. And the fact is, humans have a tail gene, and remnants of a vestigial tail (everyone has a tailbone), and some humans are born with that tail gene activating, producing an actual, bona-fide tail.


Most people who try to argue against evolution really dont know jack squat about it. I’ve seen “believers” say they accept evolution and it was the hand of god. OK fine, I have no problem with that. But the new earth creationists, the one who insist man the earth is only a few thousand years old and man walked with dinosaurs, thats a level of ignorance and idiocy which defies rational thought. If an when man walked with da’ DINOS well, it was a lot longer ago dan dat! When I hear those comments I am reminded that half the WORLD population has an IQ which falls on the shady side of the

‘mid point’ of false “judgementz” an “beliefs”
Some of our useless features we consider as our appendix seem to have a purpose. I’m sure there are genes suppressed for features we don’t need these days as in larger webbing between our fingers and toes. Creationism is nothing but theories based on a story line, namely the bible. t all the same stories,  before that story lines in other books an writings that follow the same course. As the bible is a compilation of stories and good things to consider along with doom and gloom stories to scare the hell out of you to shape up, is more like a fictional novel that mixes facts with fiction to thread a story line. There is a theory of evolution just like the theory of relativity, with facts to support it were as creationism if faith based and is pretty limited on facts. but really though…… The Appendix has no purpose for us, it was once used to help in the digesting of cellulose. The ‘purpose’ of it now is to perhaps kill us if it becomes infected. Other than that it is useless.
Actually, a recent find is that the appendix likely acts as a storage for digestive bacteria, preserving them when our systems get flushed completely from diarrhea. There’s just barely enough benefit to having it to make up for pressures against it (the tendency to get infected and inflamed easily).
Also, humans do have a common ancestor with birds, you just need to go back far enough. An well, it has also been found that evry bird skull! exactly matches the skull of a dinosaur skull found also. Hylonymous, the first reptile, is the ancestor to both Archosaurs (ancestors to birds) and Therapsids (ancestors to mammals). Go back far enough, and you can find a branch point between pretty much any two creatures. Believe it er not,,,well keep readin’ if ya still got questions bout da diff between creationism and evolution…if not well, click off now and disregard what i got to say , an go read ur bible or koran or whatevr? …because well, this post MIGHT JEST OFFEND UR RIGHTIOUSLY HELD BELIEFS..
If any of the creationists think that they can demonstrate their GAWD or anything supernatural, James Randi and the James Randi Educational Foundation is offering to pay that person $1,000,000. Of course this offer has been on the table now for a few decades and nobody has been able to do it, although several have tried.
Intelligent design is not science, it is a faith based interpretation used by people who can’t accept that all living things are a miracle. You can’t debate them because they had to ignore science to begin with to get where they are. The really scary thing about this is that in many parts of the country schools can’t teach accepted science because it conflicts with hard held religious beliefs. Think about the number of children who are being denied an education because of the dogmatic practices of a few churches. Now think about the implications in years to come when China and India start winning all the Nobel prizes for new scientific breakthroughs that for years were almost routine for American researchers.I was told years ago by a well, learn’t alcoholic priest! an an amazing man an pianist, well, “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SUPERNATURAL MIKEY!” IT’S ALL VERY NATURAL…”BELIEVE IT ER NOT!”
Religion was “designed” by humans, so was science.
One can be observed, measured, tested, quantified, qualified and, to an ever-increasing degree understood. That same one holds universally true with verifiable results no matter where in the world you put it to the test, no matter what the language, no matter how you examine it.
The other requires its adherents to blindly follow campfire stories that are hundreds to thousands of years old, depending on your choice of flavor and vary so widely that beyond a handful of broad tenets (don’t lie, cheat, steal, kill) there are no absolute or universal truths, only a schism of differing “beliefs”.
You’ll never hear a scientist attempt to claim that helium is lighter than hydrogen, even if they want it to be true, but they will accept that there is proof contrary to their belief.
I doubt you’ll ever hear a devotee of any religion say, “Hmm…that’s totally against what I think to be true, but I suppose it just might could be true…”
I’m not religious at all, I have studied and followed numerous belief systems and found them all lacking. I’m not atheist, because I cannot outright deny something that can’t be proven or disproven. I’m not agnostic because I’d be against knowledge. If anything, I’d be closer to the literal meaning of gnostic. The Greek word gnostos means knowledge, so agnostic is to deny knowledge…I prefer to learn and seek knowledge in all its forms.
The fundamental problem with science being politicized is the lack of intelligence and the ignorance of the American people regarding science. 51% of Americans don’t understand the basics of evolution. 40% do not realize the Sun is a Star. 26% dont know how the Earth, Moon, and Sun move through the Universe
We also don’t need body hair, wisdom teeth, pointed canines, segmented abdominal muscles. I personally think God was dropping acid if datz da case…wowza/……..A philosopher once said, in the history of mankind there have been a thousand different gods. You do not believe in 999 of these other gods. When you can tell me why you don’t believe in those other gods those are the same reasons I don’t believe in yours. …………………….Here is a famous and accurate quote as far as i am concerned , u can believe whatever flips ur cookie jar though or the tray they pass in ur church to get ur MONEY!:
When fascism comes to America it come wrapped in a flag and carrying a Bible. LoLoL but not really funny!

seems not a lot of folks know anything bout cosmic history


and that there is a cure for all physical diseases frum da get go!

PS: If god was an engineer, and man was his proudest creation, he’d be fired on his first day for all the inherent flaws it possesses; oversized teeth for its jaws, a spine built for quadrupedal movement being used for bipedal movement, a coecum (appendix) that’s far to prone to infection to be practical while its only apparent function is storing gut flora, a highly complex brain with startlingly little protection from injury, eyes filled with aqueous fluid which distorts light that travels through air, nostrils positioned in such a way that they hinder the ability to detect scents, an imperfect penis, that has to be cut an corrected when born LOL………ok enuff for one day …hope u had as gewd as a laugh as me when u read this as i did when i re-read it …….owowza yepoh wowza……..and so on an on an er koran of fear er whatnot in hand and Dead guy hanging on a cross,,,yeah Dats the example i need in my mind foreverr lol…oh well..we really don’t need to meditate on pain an suffering to live a better life now do we? well, i don’t! my 2 cents werth! u get frum me on a day like 2 day when i can get ROUNDTUIT!
PSS: If evolution is a fact, then all religions are wrong. As many people make a good living pushing religion, and many more believe them, they must deny the truth no matter how silly their arguments…..It’s pretty much always the same type of people who are anti-science and gravitate to religion, superstition and unfounded conspiracy theories. These people are so scared of reality and just so fearful in general that they need those coping mechanisms. They don’t care about science or logic, they just need their warm comforting blanket of denial. The really bad thing is that their denial really hurts progress. An well, CLIMACTICALLY SPEAKING, the anti climate change crowd is really hurting efforts to doing anything about the climate.
I BELIEVE I BELIEVE LOL i believe an invisible man in da’ sky will save me! LoL… i hear a like why? and what for ? whatz it all bout anyhow..seeing and living in the truth or believing lies, while the whilst Dis-ease,,,runs rampant, Invisible diseases, really now do whatever the hell they want, regardless what u believe, i can say to myself i believe i believe all i want, but that ain’t going to take away the disease, believing and faith is one thing BUT ACTION AND DOING IS ANOTHER ALL TOGETHER!
…To each His or hER OWN.,,,,,,,, ALL I CAN SAY IS ……
kEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON AN HAVE A GREAT DAY,,,, an well, ya know if u and ur siblings were made in the eyes an as a replica of GOD? well ,, why in the hell is there ……DIS_EASE s that we are born with……? oh yeah thats right,God’s testing ur faith LoL!,like the dinosaurs an,,ORIGINAL SIN……what a farce that was,sorry to burst ur bubble, but is a sin {off the mark} to even think that way, So Go ahead an drink the flouridated water and drink the Poison of booze refined from ROTTEN STUFF! if it makes ya feel good an happy! jest another illusion!..well so be it we are not only what we EAT but well we are also what else we drink, intake, an believe, ….ah but the poison of the beer,wine, an stuff i can run my motorcycle on! tastes so very good huh, and after drinking it ur mind can believe anything it damn well wants huh,even if it aint true,well to each their own…good thoughtz bad thoughtz…..good smoke bad smoke good drink bad drink good water bad water,,,is really i guess ur choice what ya Consume..I simply cannot live in a fantasy werld all the time…Such as life..I like reality , hurting er not!
PSSS: Historically, churches were the bastion of science….so whatever happened to that?????? HUH! an if ur a female well, i’d be glad to count ur ribs! and guess what ,,,u an me got the same amount , that is unless one of us aint PURFECT LOL……..NOW!……….imagine fer a moment how U would live Ur Life 2 Day if U had Nothing to Hold U back, In Ur Mind, dropped all ur Fearz, insecurities, regrets, anxieties, limitations, woories an er concerns

an lewked towards a new reflection of a future without concern! Well, it’s jest another BEGINNING! of a new week an I wish all the best they can make of it…no matter what Ya THINK or what YA MIGHT THINK I THINK!!

ODD BLESS an over an out frum Q!!

AN ONCE AGAIN GET A GRIP er NOT UR choice…don’t leave it up to voices in ur head or “ODD” to fix it all for ya jest because YOU BELIEVE!!


PSSSSST..JEST A COMMANT! LoL … well, the ones that won’t see this note* lol…is a trip i get fanz on some of my long blogz that come quickly and go from my werld and click “LIKE” an well never leave a comment either, i can see my traffic come an go if i wish an lotsa posts i see this a lot, wunder what it is that is liked when i know it takes the reader at least 2 er 3 er 4 er 5 minutes to read my ur not one of dem dere folkz are ya…would really be interested in what others have to say bout any an er all of what i had to say above an here also ! 🙂 …TADA fer NOW!


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