Gurls Do It 2 by Q

as so is doing what one loves!

up up an away …yes gurlz do it too!

so a bita DFC Fly Gurlz fer ur SUN-day!!!




Yeah an ya say it’s only a guys sport well, listen up lewk see, and watch an learn, its as easy as “PIE” LoL




2 thoughts on “Gurls Do It 2 by Q

    • i was not there but is fun to watch the dfc fly gurlz, they gots 2 wings one trainee and camera gurl and 2 pilots here as in vid they are all gurls are called the dfc flygirls is a while back also but one of my favs, shows how fun the sport is for anyone who wants to try πŸ™‚ take care & tankz fer poppin bye rach best of wishes to u an ur other half πŸ™‚ Q

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