Monkeys in da’ Sky by Quarksire

3 short videos werth the watch in Q’s werld bout MONKEYS in Da’ Sky

South Africa Trike Expeditions



 i mean round the Werld literally, visit their website and check it out if’n ur interested, They are like my truest of true heroes in the sky , an follow my dream as close as i could ever get to it , they live it :)…


 Adventurers MIKE BLYTHE & Olivier Aubert

……… this first vid is frum a film i have been promising to buy for myself for years, is a 52 minute doc bout them flying


Coast to Coast in South Africa & a Piece of My Heart is also another academy award winning film of theirs of them flying all over the planet and around the Werld in their trikes


…DESERT FLIGHT (HD)(Coast to Coast)

.******************BATOKA FLIGHT – (HD) – Coast to Coast*****************



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