Sail: AwolWhat?

“”””””””AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and well, KATZ can fly as gewd a Squirrels i suppose LoL I had to laugh at my own page here, seems as though the japanese love it lol. this page gets a lotsa hits from da werld wide web an mikey wanted to let the werld that wundered at all that all is ok an wunderful in sunny southern colorado as dismal as i make it seem a lot, Q’s lady is yes AWOL for yearz 😦 another is what it is post.but whats new huh….. so here for U 2 day livin alone on me mountaintop is where i be

coffetime wit da' Q

Coffetime wit da’ Q wit a sightly diff view! frum my neighbors porch he is on vacation so i sit there a lot ! a very kewl spot 🙂


“SAIL! now i am sailing away! hasta werld …….

zoomin in on da valley below a bit

zoomin in on da valley below a bit as da sun comes up over da hill 2 melt away a dewwy morn in da valley below



AWOLNATION ‘Sail’ and well, KATZ can fly as gewd a Squirrels.i suppose LoL


Da’ Song Used in Dis Vid has been played to death round the 4 corners region along with avenged sevenfold and imagine like i guess someone can’t get enuff of old songzz…so anyhow thought this was werth posting with a highly played song, well, it does have gewd ratingzzz. so for all the aminal loverz out there this one is fer U



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