Weekly Photo Challenge Contrasts

Like some Memory, like a root in darkness, seeking the light!


Contrasts are but the differences betweenst


the light an da dark to be jest seen for that which it is! above shotz are of da wolf creek pass tunnel jesta passin thru 🙂 Q!



Light and dark, tall and short, happy and sad — this week, share a shot that captures a contrast.

This week, in a post created specifically for this challenge, share your own photo showing a CONTRAST.

Join me in navel-gazing, or show us something more everyday — your cat cuddled up with your dog, a red car in front of a yellow house, a figure silhouetted against a setting sun. Try a less literal take and snap a shot of the John Grisham and Shakespeare volumes sharing space on your bookshelf, or go totally figurative and share an image of a person you find full of contrasts.

 looking forward to learning what says “contrast” to you!

So, luminous like white light before the prism, today my life shall be as i live in CONTRAST to Whence i Entered da tunnel of both darkness an light,,although contrasts take both the light an da’ dark! an make da best outa both!,

Ussually that is!



contrasting light by Q

contrasting light by Q

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Contrasts

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    • there are 2 tunnels now auctually one at top of mountain and one at the bottom also…this is the one at the bottom of the wolf creek pass heading east towards monte vista an alamosa, souther colorado 🙂 tankz fer takin a gander an lewkin at me pages 🙂 happy 4th weekend 2 U 🙂 frum da’ Q

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