1 in 20,000 people

……..SpecialItis… well, not I… but then! …LoL ….Every person on the planet is 1 in 20,000 of  Something! ya know well, this jest happens to be mine, i am re-bloggin this cuz well my catagory a cure for most diseases seems to be a popular subjekt , If u have already read this post-it frum da Q u can pass it on by, if not well, is valuable life changing information for the seeker whom wishes to seek a “CURE” for the particular disease they got , if not some relief, thanks for reading the Q Namaste’


This POST-IT whats it mean, well a bit of Share my life


frum the Q was jest another sunup this am..an…I know i am far an few between in lotsa ways lol, but healthwise well, i am 1 in 20,ooo. i suffer frum, adpkd an i say yes suffer, cuz well is like sufferin sufferjets somedayZ!Dealing with chronic pain sucks, but is what it is!i never understood it, nor invisible illnesses till i experienced it! Now i realize what is is like cuz well, Jest getting round then other days i can do jest fine, I suffer frum Autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease .it is a genetic disorder and has nothing to do with my lifes choices how i got it, but how i deal now though has a lot to do with the outcome,,anyhow the way i feel as of late is i believe..anyhow, i think…

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup and start of new week. {47}




Feature of da’ week Meet Jake hes a newbie an a greenhorn 🙂 JAKE ..is 7 weeks old! is Da’ newest addition to the neighborhood! OMG is he going to be big 🙂 Half Lab An Half Rotweiller !
Not ur normal lab, he has been de-clawed so as to hopefully not do damage thata way , will be quite a training process i am sure also keeping him from chewing thingz 🙂 this dog, well a wooden spoon won’t last fer long in da training , will prolly have to upgrade to a big silver spoon 🙂 lol…The Rotweiller is one of the heaviest breeds; a male rott can exceed 200 pounds. The rotweiller is very massive, powerful and muscular. It is a large, symmetrical dog with a well-knit frame. It gives the impression of grandeur and dignity. Originally valued for its abilities as a fierce guard and fighting dog, today’s Rotweiller is a gentle giant. A born guard dog, brave and loyal. It is calm, steady and docile. It tends to keep close to home and is disinclined to roam. “As a lion is to a cat, so is a Rotweiller compared to a dog. – TEMPERAMENT an TRAINING


AH concernin Tranin! well, Firm but gentle training is essential to keep the Rotweiller UNDER CONTROL l. Remember consistency, lots of love, and plenty of understanding. Early human contact should be given to Rotweiller puppies so that they are good around children and fast moving animals when they get older. If puppies are not socialized, they may resort to fear-biting if something fast or unusual happens around them.


Thay are self confident dogs. watchful, and patient dog. It is gentle-natured towards its family. It is in its nature to defend its territory and family. It rarely barks; it is calm and docile. This breed needs lots of companionship; it loves to please. This dog makes an excellent companion to children (not recommend for toddlers though, because of its great size). It is very large and heavy. The Rotweiller is very intelligent, responds well to gentle, patient training. It is very possessive of home, family and car; protection training is unnecessary for this naturally protective breed. The dog generally holds intruders at bay rather than attacking. Extra effort should be given to socialize a Rot puppy; it may be combative with other dogs if not very well socialized. The Rot”s dominance varies widely depending on the lineage; it can be aloof with strangers or fairly friendly. Some of the their talents include: watch dogging, guarding, police work, military work, search & rescue, and weight pulling. This breed tends to droola bit, wheeze and snore loudly…PS 🙂 this one ain’t an addition to my 4 dogs already!.

It’s my neighbors dog!


… 4 More entries frum Michelles pet challenge click on da logo below……..



A warm thank you to all who took part.

Here they are:

Monochrome Madness 7-28-2014

dad an his bran new 62 volkwagon slider top

dad an his bran new 62 volkwagon slider top

Quarskires Great Aunt Mammy

Quarskires Great Aunt Mammy

Monochrome Madness 7-28-2014 fer me this week is due to the date 7-23 when my father was born,,,These are truly MONOCHROME PHOTOS ! shot on Black and White film in their day.This is a tribute to my father whom taught me how to photograph with an f stop with speed and all in the early 60’s, an showed me what da “B” setting was all bout 🙂

i scanned these shots all like 3×5’s that are original black and white, some old shots i found in an envelope here i believed were werth the share for my family that reads this someday possibly!.

budweed1955_by_quarksire 001



Quark's dad before Quark was thought of!

Quark’s dad before Quark was thought of!

~ Before there was color all they had was Monochrome and it was a lot different to try to get a photograph that was not either over exposed or over shadoed etc etc.


Twas da lewk in da 50's

Twas da lewk in da 50’s

an in the 50’s there were no such thingz as remote controls there was what we called U-Control and ya flew em on strings and went in circles on the Ground rond an round….etc etc ..

U control Airplanes were da thing of da day fer an airforce guy

U control Airplanes were da thing of da day fer an airforce guy

Hope ya enjoyed the Monochrome show today………..An A Happy Belated Fathers Day to My Dad {don’t think he will mind} rest his soul, whom taught me how to sumtimes, well, jest go with the flow 🙂

an a pic of my great grandma below


to see more monochrome Maddness entries click here below





Weekly Photo Challenge Summer Lovin

Like some Memory gone bad er some program glitch in life no one lives 4 ever but whilst ur livin try to get in some gewd Summer Lovin!


yeah 🙂 well i do hope the problem with the wordpress page maker gets fixed , today i can’t change text colors or fonts the way i have been doing for over a year now, so this will have to do!

whatcha_thinkin_walterOThink i’ll do it again; said walter then 2 months after i shot the above shots, one morning walters lady here din’t wake up 😦 some {mystery breathing disease}…so point of the day besides the werdpress pagebuilder ain’t werkin right is that well while ur here on this planet , when it is summer if u feel up to it an ya can make the best out of every day to try to get in some of that summer sunshine and summer lovin that is so important in life!


be honorable in ur wayz…..an hold on to the fun while ya can

heya_mikey_by_quarksireenjoy as ya can soakin up gewd luvin and da sun

take ur best shot

zoomin' in by Q

zoomin’ in by Q

an ya might win a day er 2

I_won_by_quarksirean if ya loose …well don’t take it too seriously…dat waz 25 yearz ago dis’ is today! an Don’t let Fear Get in ur Way!

Seriously mom didn't think it was funny! dats a forced laugh can't ya tell LOL

Seriously mom didn’t think it was funny! dats a forced laugh can’t ya tell LOL

life is too short to miss out on summer fun! an well worpress pagebuilder is all screwed up today,, so point of my blog for the day , is seriously now ,, summer lovin is

ryde on datz summer luvin!

ryde on datz summer luvin!

so get out an have some if it is summer where u be

  • Want to participate? Each Friday, we’ll provide a theme. Publish a new post with a photo interpreting the theme. Include a pingback and we’ll list your post at wp photo challenge weely page.


This week, share a photo that says summer lovin’ to you. It might be a favorite pair of sandals you can’t bear to part with, the homemade salsa you made with veggies from your garden, the flowers you planted, or your family frolicking on the beach. If summer is on the way in your hemisphere, show us something hot hot hot: your homemade sriracha sauce, some friends shuckin’ and jivin’ on the dance floor, or even the furnace or boiler that heats your home.

THANKS FER VISITIN Quarks sponsored by wordpress

Weekly Photo Challenge




Indifferences & Karma & Dharma

……….I jest got a Notification frum a freind whom knows my werld well, and knows bout chronic fatigue and ADPKD etc etc, told me i needed to re-post this for my day ; because well; the forces that be are what they are whether ya believe in them er not , “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” i accept my character defects and do what i need to stay on top of them, although having 5 years of ur life taken for anothers selfish cause for it to be all turnt against ya is insane in my bewk; as i have said before i am not here to fix others; unless they wish to be fixed…. namaste’ 2 one an all if ya know what that means well, i always meant it all along and am tired of being assaulted as a daily ritual in my life with no closure! fact is folks i have been abused and taken advantage of in more ways than one, spiritually morally, financially, and spiritually, I allowed this to happen because of LOVE for another ….. i guess for me thats what love is all bout now, my loss an their gain….IC THERE WILL BE NO AWAKENING TO ZERO POINT in her werld as long as her karma now has to take its instant toll upon her life for her deeds done … yeah another is what it is blog, if ya don’t like the fact i smoke pot and have to use medication for pain and might have a small genitilia as claimed well, then go troll somewhere else if not enjoy ur stay here today,,,,,,


I never ever deserved to have been hurt upon, but well, da kids in palestoned werld overt there didn;t ask to be abused or have missles fired at them either, 😦   for the GREATER OF THE MANY SACRAFICE THE ONE HUH! WHAT WAR CRIMES YES INDEED….. AS TODAYS LIFE IN DA LIFE OF q ALSO HAS been today…….one big war crime of judgement and falsities to create a reality that doesn’t even exist 😦 sad but true ,bless U, so sad but true there are “VICTIMS” even though i preach victimship denied! don’t know bout u but doing my best dealing with others assaults publiky for years through sick double minded and double toungued  multi  meaning poetry 😦

I guess some would rather be sacraficing love to keep fear and judgement alive in the heart 4 ever an remain a hipocryte to the holy spirit now forevr for all said an done 😦

Her greatest belief denied now,z golden rule

” do unto others that which u would have done to you!”


Learn bout ADPKD HERE

and Learn Bout Chronic Fatigue Here

Learn bout what quark says bout smoking pot here

learn bout chronic illness an how i deal click here.

12 sreps to surrender and alcohol sobriety is best for me 2

jest another day in the life of fighting and learning to live with invisible pains etc etc, don’t have to be pained by an unsupporting bigot or abuser or selfish user in my life when i need help even jest taking care of myself a lot, thought life was supposed to be a 2 way street i guess not when ur dealing with blue angels that are holier than thou 😦

Da Angels are Confused


Cosmic Awareness Speaks



The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY
a qUOTE BY George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote!
another one to add to the Ponderables List…by Q.
~~~~~ ๑❤๑~~~~
Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this Werld by design, god’s design.


And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss evr we have evr chosen or not chosen by our own ego, and not the designed plan. We all share a destiny and our understanding and joy…

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I Want You ‘My Precious’, I Want You, I Need You, I MUST Have You!

…….i didnt want no

This is ur Life "Blueangelwolf"

This is ur Life “Blueangelwolf”

…….I didn’t ask for one to come make me happy it jest happened i found that person whom represented herself to live the mooji way only to find in the end 5 years laters that well all people are not what they say they are mark : as u know also. well i can’t fix insane or crazy or a liar or a thief so all there is to it i can’t forgive them either 😦 so i shall let god,,,,,,,, and go on with my life of not wanting jack chit again and jest being who i was before i met the blueangelwolf 🙂 for her to make a publik farce out of my spiritual life in the end 😦

guess i’ll have to go back to the FTW way of life again according to mooji!


namaste 2 u mark: think i’ll re-blog dis one since it is so apprapo!

PS: I’m Sorry I Love U NAMASTE ,,a hard thing for me to do an say to u from the bottom of my heart an soul u so tore appart with falsities miss blueangelwolf from fantasyland i trusted u more than anyone i have evr lent a hand to im my life, and u have now hurt me that much more than any one evr did, including those passed and gone now, hope ur EGO is  very proud of what u have done angel 😦


Endless Light and Love

“As long as there is wanting in you,
especially for someone or something to make you feel happy;
paradoxically, this is a sure way to make yourself feel miserable!”

You WANT and NEED something so bad that it hurts, this WANT drives you to distraction, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, you can’t concentrate because this want controls your very being.

This WANT is the major problem with our world today, the WANT to achieve greatness, more power, more money, more land, more property, more, more, more of everything!
So, as long as you keep on WANTING this ‘Something’ you will never really be available for anything else because the WANT controls your very being. So, every time you try to do anything else or talk to anyone else your mind will only be focusing on satisfying your desire to get that ‘Something’. Unfortunately, there can never be any joy…

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Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup and start of new week. (46)

Well thingz got outa sync here, but it seems to be werkin jest fine ,,,ol pepe da skunk ended up on this weeks post it frum michelles weekly pet not a very clear shot was my last weeks postit….well this week #46 i am going to go to show a few pics of sash;

brandon and kams mom frum when she was younger till now enjoy



7 months an 7 days old sasha momma dog will be this week!

7 months an 7 days old sasha momma dog will be this week!

below is a list of entries frum week 45 jest click on da collage pic er da logo below to see more pics or the links below

6 weeks

6 weeks



7 weeks old

7 weeks old


a fav toy plastic can ringz

a fav toy plastic can ringz




1.5 years old

1.5 years old


2 years

2 years



2009 3 years old




whatchu lewkin at?

whatchu lewkin at?











Michelle sayz 🙂 A warm thank you to all those who participated in week 45.  Please pop over to these lovely posts:

If you’d like to take part too then please click on the logo below for more details.



Quarksires First WordPress Post-it

The Lightning Dude***********

 This is My first post-it i ever did at WordPress, back in april 2013, with gewd intentions :

I said> you shalleventually see q’s webwerld charged full of gewd electrical charges created by the “lightning Dude”

came here from multiply and before that yahoo 360 and before that geocites and before that chatrooms at starlink etc etc for years. an website at homestead ..so anyhow my first post-it here at wordpress i jest went back to an noticed ? wow it has been viewed by jest a few folks,,& ,no ones evr bothered i guess to go back through my blogs that far to much ,so ,,anyhow the above is the pic i used and this is the page

The Lightning Dude


Posted on April 19, 2013 Image…an is kinna finny i didnt even got a like on it,,,,,a trip to me anyhew so i wanted to share the first page evr by da Q aka mike in sunny southern colorado 🙂


Category Archives: Magnanomous Mondays

now as of Monday July 21st 2014!


quarks compassionate heartz club rememberz!

 whenever a good rain washes the world, and a rainbow appears in the sky, let us remember to appreciate one another is all i really gots to say this day jest wanted something stikingly good on the front page opf my blog instead of the as of late ,,,tired of having to respond to watching others games of selfish intent, especially when it has many a thing close to my heart an soul.an or my pocket bewk even or well when it touches somehow close to home…

“From now on, when it rains, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of color as a reminder that you can all live in peace. <^> Link article by Q


  So, point is keep on comin back sumpin new an different brewing in the rocky mountains all the time besides beer thunderstorms and pot! lol. have a great week werld.

~~~ Q~~~ 

Image 🙂


This is where I GET OFF!

Magnanomous monday is a day of the week where i like to do a wertthwhile sshare that is werth coming round to read! <edit>appearz dis post is almost layte but not short! lol

A HAppy week again 2 one an all! keep on keepin on ! One Day At A time <link 🙂


  i jest posted this post ..an it appears it is my 420th post-it lol…how funny is that! 🙂 so…..

A Place 2 Get off on Magnamous Monday


right on lightnin'

Quarksires Answer To Abusive Liars an Hipocrytes

sumtimes Life can be very screwed up as far as i am concerned i said in my post-it 2 days ago bout people whom lie through their art or their trade or their profession with a fake storefront.



 https://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/people-who-lie-through-art/ ..so welll it is very hard for me to underestimate the power of the EGO now to {Edge God Out} of peoples lives right in front of their own noses,,,fooled by their own cause…when it is what they wish for the most in the werld well, their ego disrespects and misjudges it instead rather and “wishes” for “peace” and love …when on the real side of the life they live well, they really do not, well, folks i will not stay on this subjekt for many times at all because it is one that infuriates me auctually to lewk at really, why people have to have 2 personalaties and then claim they only have one ? is beyond me also? …so since some of my readers might read her stuff also and INTERPRET it to be loving stuff, know there are 2 sides to every personal adventure with another one has on the planet and if ya don’t know both sides of the story ya better not judge the story i say!…i had a guy here in werdpress that wrote bout hipocrytes and liars all the time so i deleted him from having to read his stuff, he even has wrote a book bout the subjekt also, now i know why,,,but i don’t prefer to stay in the place of other than the “is what it is” approach to it now and have to accept it,,,and that ya can control urself when evr ya wish but ya can’t control others or their mad desires to bring havoc to ur life, i know as hard as it sounds ya got to forgive them, for their crazy judgemental personalaty and move on , let people like that create their own losses enuff till they figure out what they are doing wrong i guess…or u can “REACT!”….

an how so very apprapo!

an how so very apprapo!

so is what i have to do also., move on from the insanity of others attempting to affect my life in a negative way by either being a hipocryte and or a liar, abuser and a holier than thou person that lives in fantasy land! ..a few simple werdz to say to my verbal abusers and or christian or right wingers whom don’t like what i post…”is what it is!”.this is what i say to any verbal abuser whom declares they are holier than thou!


jest like u to throw orders round like some communist who misjudges thge werld ,,,ya evr take a gewd lewk art urself and why ur life is the way it is ,, answer the questions u told me one night to answer lol to urself bout urself 😦 oh why would anyone evr evr want to mistreat poor oll mis=????? when she hasn’t a clue how to respect others 😦 jeez give me a freiking break woman.. get a grip & quit misjudging the werld and playing a storefront of love one another side of reality is pert insane actually …to play that game with ur own ego…but yeah im surte UR DOCTOR AND UR GOD AND UR CHRIST TOLD U TO DO THAT , but if buddha were to show up in uir face ud send him to ur hell

lol.ur a hoot! sad excuse for love

so very true ain't it!

so very true ain’t it!

what a joke…makes me laugh and cry now seeing both sides of ur so CALLED REALITY <<<JEST STAAY IN BEAUTIFUL WHEREVER U WISH TO LIVE JEST STAY OUTA COLORADO! ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~no dignity or honor to be anything but retaliatory and abusive is exactly why u dont get along with men, u have not a clue how to really truly love and care bout anyone but to protect what ya fear ya might loose……sad excuse for wanting peace in my eyes u are a hipocryte is all there is to it! you publikly abuse also ,,,,is insane ::( so u can protect ur ego an what u are afraid of loosing in ur life! 😦 ? how sick 😦 those who know will know the truth as long as u play a game publikly now on the internet u’ll have a hard time living this one down ,,,abuse betray neglect ,,,lol then say u made peace and pray for peace what a joke 😦 say u love etc etc ,,,? well weellll


Believe it er not!

Believe it er not!




WHETHER THEY SAY THEY LOVE YA ER NOT …… HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE q,,,,, BACK TO THE NORMAL SUBJEKT of my Life truth and life the way i see it, IN DA NEXT BLOG I PROJEKT 2 u ….frum Q..PS: HONOR IS SUPPOSED TO BE A 2 WAY STREET! aint it now! right! .lol. well jest ask the IS real LITES bout honesty and truth 😦 .insane really …glad im here not there is all today ,,,,,peace out Q.jest my 2 cents werth two days before tuesday! lol. cya .. I jest hope all those whom play games like this with life 4 evr well, that karma be their true fate and or destiny this incarnation!…may their jesus save them! but of course the one an only god and if ya don’t follow that way ur going to hell



Wingmakers 13 My Son Nameless Boy

A tribute to both of my sons! with honor! and love! 4 ever!


My Son

My Son
My son is two.
I watch him walk
like a drunken prince.
With his body bare I can see
his soul better.
His shoulder blades
gesture like vestiges of wings.
His features stenciled upon pale flesh
by hands that have been before me.
He so wants to be like me.
His every movement like a dusty mirror
or awkward shadow of a bird in flight.
Every sound an echo heard.
Every cell pregnant with my urges.
But my urge is to be like him.
To return to childhood’s safe embrace
and certain honor.
If I return to this place
I hope my eyes will look again upon his face
even until his blades are wings once more.
Until I have circled his creaturehood
and know every hidden cleft
where I have left my print indelible
unable to be consumed.
Until all that he is
is in me and our hands are clasped, forged,
entwined, in voiceless celebration.
Until we are alone like two leaves shimmering
high above a treeless landscape
never to land.


Nameless Boy

Nameless Boy
Beyond the frontier
where borders blur into unknown thoughts
there is a nameless boy–
a drop of pure human light.
Through narrow cracks in the splintered fence
I watch his innocence with envy,
searching for the right meaning of his movements.
The twilight of his smile
nourishes my heart
like crumbs of God’s light.
A longing in my mouth to speak,
to weep,
and gather this child into my arms
and encipher his nature into mine.
Through the exchange of eyes–
glances, purloined and routed into blindness,
our language annulled.
I can only grope towards him
with antenna thoughts
that dance in praise of his youthful beauty.
I am waiting for stones to bloom.
For venomous skies to wander into oblivion.
For tracks to emerge like dust in a beam of light.
Life’s clever poison
is closing the gate.
The cracks are mended–the vision expunged.
And the nameless boy dissolves,
for there was no earth inside him.


Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection between the individual and Universal Entity. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair, hopelessness, and abandonment. However, it is these very “pockets” that often activate the Source Codes of the entity and establish a more intimate and harmonious relationship with the Universal Entity. Time establishes separation of experience and this creates doubt in the Universal Entityís system of fairness and overarching purpose. In turn, this creates fear that the universe is not a mirror but rather a chaotic, whimsical energy.

When the human instrument is aligned with the Sovereign Integral and lives from this perspective as a developing reality, it attracts a natural state of harmony. This does not necessarily mean that the human instrument is without problems or discomforts, rather it signifies a perception that there is an integral purpose in what life reveals. In other words, natural harmony perceives that life experience is meaningful to the extent you are aligned with the Sovereign Integral, and that your personal reality must flow from this strata of the multidimensional universe in order to create lasting joy and inner peace. 


*an if’n ya are bored this eve check out the interview with james frum wingmakers below 🙂