Cosmic Awareness Speaks

Breakin’ Da Chains That bind U.

Can be interpreted many ways…
Depending upon ur perception….
Whether Chains of Love
Whether Chains of passion or chains of hate,
or even Chains or resentment that might fill ones heart
Or Chains of Addictions AllSo, Unn-Naturally, so this is fer my blue angel wolf that is the female voice here that speaks to me!…AN ALSO AN INTRO TO ANOTHER OF MY “BIG BOOKS” I USE Fer Me Life 🙂

Believe it er not !



Everything I tried to be
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Let the poison into me
(My heart in silence weeps)

All the beauty my sins cost
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Everything that I have lost
(My heart in silence weeps)
Everything I tried to do
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Whispered me away from you
(My heart in silence weeps)

You are present in my sleep
You haunt me when I’m awake
My thoughts you always seem to keep
Is it too late?
If you and I cannot be one
(My heart in silence weeps)
*Then forever will be gone
(My heart in silence weeps)
Now that I have lost everything
My heart in silence weeps
is it too late?
couple of kewl links fer da’ day to u frum Q  is a link to the book of Cosmic Awareness if u are interested in a readin a bit

meanwhile enjoy ur holiday weekend


Above art Created and Done by Jennifer B. Chaz <{link}whom has allowed me to post her art on this page bout freedom and removing the chains that might bind us to a different fate or destiny that we might wish for, sometime one jest has to like give up ya know and break all the chains so one can have a chance to heal and werk n themselves, break the chains that bind us to addictions and people evrn are very hard thing to do but sometimes for ones very own sanity is is the best move to make at the time,,,,and jest say WOW

so? if ur an avid reader of me ? remember the blog bout Watch It! …well this is a deeper perspective and a long bok link also, to many an answers, this for the link at the bottom of page here a definite book  for future reference i do so believe please INDULGE URSELF &  click on the pdf link an check out the


Watch your thoughts – they become your words

Watch your words – they become your actions

Watch your actions – they become your habits

Watch your habits – they become your character

Watch your character – it becomes your destiny




couple of kewl links fer readin’ material da’ weekend to u frum Q 🙂 Open me to the authors of this beaten path…check it out u might really get intrigued 🙂

i was! once a voice got stuck in me head 🙂 lol…..

color me kwayz i know! yep yep !

question everything till ya get to the point where ya understand and then jest become a doer and a be ir 🙂 er not!



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