13 New Perceptions and Galactic Education Center

……. Considering Earth as a whole system, we must now take responsibility for the thoughts we create that charge the mental field or thinking layer of the Earth with the actual causes for everything that ails us and the planet today.
Not only must we  must take responsibility for our own thoughts, we must also realize the relativity of our thinking and our assumptions in relation to everybody else’s thinking and assumptions – and perhaps rethink our whole program. –Valum Votan


2013-2020, 7-Year Cycle of the New Solar Human—Anchoring the Vision. Launching of the Telepathic Command and Unification Program of Timeship Earth. 7 Years to Build the Rainbow and Anchor Galactic Culture on Earth. By 2015—White Planetary Wizard Year—Manifest Galactic Education Center. enjoy this blog if’n its not to much fer ya to comprehend 🙂 Q


NS1.26.13.13: Yellow Overtone Human, Kin 252,

As of today, 108 days of the 144 days to Star Remembrance are complete. We are in the command tower of the Art wavespell. Yellow Overtone Human is the sage who holds the free will power of wisdom and is the occult power of Red Solar Moon, year-bearer for 2014-2015.

Two days ago we entered the White Season of Love, the 65-day cycle initiated by the White Electric Dog. This cycle concludes on White Lunar Wizard, Kin 54. Note that this White Season of Love began on Gregorian date 7/7 — Cosmic Moon 11 (13.11).  It concludes on Gregorian 9/9 — Lunar Moon 18 (2.18). Kin 218 is the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan.

Today in the Synchronotron codes the Kin equivalent is Kin 164: Yellow Galactic Seed, signature of the year that we are now completing. Now is the time for…

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