Arrival Wingmakers Chamber 12

Chamber 12 artwerk  - wingmakers new mexico

Chamber 12 artwerk – wingmakers – new mexico site



..I have held a vigil for lucidity
out in the horizonless fields where nothing shines
but the light of my fire
and the silver disk of the endless night.
Suddenly, it’s clear that I’m alone in the wilderness
without human eyes to reach in to.
Alone with my treasure of sounds
in the pure silence of arrival…

low an slow

low an slow


I am destined to sit on the riverbank
awaiting words from the naked trees
and brittle flowers that have lost their nectar.
A thousand unblinking eyes
stare out across the water
from the other side.
Their mute voices seek rewards of another kind.
Their demure smiles leave me hollow.
Am I a perpetual stranger to myself?
(The thought brands me numb.)
Am I an orphan trailing pale shadows
that lead to a contemptuous mirror?
Where are these gossamer wings that my
destiny foretold?
I am waiting for the river to deliver them to me;
to lodge them on the embankment
at my feet.

What? why ? where? when ..? :)

What? why ? where? when ..? ๐Ÿ™‚

My feet are shackles from another time.
My head, a window long closed
to another place.
Yet, there are places
that salvage the exquisite tongue
and assemble her wild light
like singing birds the sun.
I have seen these places among the stillness
of the other side.
Calling like a lover’s kiss
to know again what I have known before;
to reach into the Harvest
and leave my welcome.
These thoughts are folded so neatly
they stare like glass eyes fondling the past.
I listen for their guidance
but serpentine fields are my pathway.
When I look into the dark winds
of the virtual heart
I can hear its voice saying:
“Why are you trapped with wings?”
And I feel like a grand vision inscribed in sand
awaiting an endless wind.


Will these wings take me
beneath the deepest camouflage?
Will they unmask the secret measures
and faithful dwellings of time?
Will they search out the infinite spaces
for the one who can define me?
Wings are forgotten by all who travel with their feet.
Lines have been drawn so many times
that we seldom see the crossing
of our loss though we feel the loss of our crossing.
We sense the undertow of clouds.
The gravity of sky.
The painless endeavor of hope’s silent prayers.
But our wings shorn of flight
leave us like newborn rivers that babble over rocks
yearning for the depths of a silent sea.
I have found myself suddenly old.
Like the blackbirds that pour
from the horizon line,
my life has soared over this river searching for my wings.
There is no other key for me to turn.
There is no other legend for me to face.
Talking to flowers and gnarled trees
will only move me a step away–

Invisible wallz

Invisible wallz

when I really want to press my face against the windowpane
and watch the wing makers craft my wings.

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3 thoughts on “Arrival Wingmakers Chamber 12

    • LoL ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have wings, they are not attached though, but i have em in garage ๐Ÿ™‚ an they are lots more fun than the wheels the wings are, Fact bout Flying is, well it is Kewl, is very Unique, Wunderful and all to know we as humans can now do this an even fly free! without motors etc etc, is a wunderful thing, only thing I can’t conquer though is da’ gravity of it all really, one always has to come down, when one gets high, so, i need to go focus on keeping my wings in good shape to fly when i can afford ๐Ÿ™‚ to jump; an embrace Freeflight whence i can, my wishes, have been wishes to become true: 4 I love to fly in the AIR! yes we humans can fly! one on one with the air…goin’ wit da’ flow ๐Ÿ™‚ sumtimes a wish is all one can do! Eventually Reality Wins ur Wish! if ya want it to ๐Ÿ™‚ did mine anyhew…take care an thanx ๐Ÿ™‚ Q

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