Monochrome Maddness 7-14-2014

sumtimes Life can be very  monochrome

wat gear? asks da boy!

wat gear? asks da boy! Quarks first son many yearz ago!

especially if’n ya ferget ur color film


…well i have 3 different black an white shots i have found i wanted to use today this is number one pic, for Monochrome maddness i think it is like week 20…ok well, if ya like photography and have a hankering to go check out leanne’s web werld where the monochrome maddness challenge all started 🙂 enjoy ur week to everyone who comes by the wacky werld of da’ Q 🙂 tada 

Till next week Monochrome mad folkz; check out some kewl photographers fotoz below 

🙂 PS it’s still monday the 14th here in colorado evn though wordpress don’t think so . 🙂 lol

9 thoughts on “Monochrome Maddness 7-14-2014

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    • so do I :0 although i have not personally met orr seen thios boy since his mom took him to northern cali when he was round 7 haveneet seen him since he was 6 😦 grandma werkin on it…an well, he gots 3 little boys that kewl jest like he did an me also,,,

    • vintage yeah uhuh well, i am 57 an photo was taken in 1984 black an white asa 100 film…so yep i guess u could say vintage 🙂 lol. tankz fer droppin bye 🙂 Q

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