People who Lie through Art

sumtimes Life can be very screwed up as far as i am concerned So many folks have fake storefronts and yes even here at wordpress…sad how there ias that one in 10 it seems that is well not what they appear to be, sure they are beautiful and all , but once ya get to know em ya find out their fantasy art and their talk is all that jest fantasies and talk, all they do at werdpress is jest for thier ego? an to find another troll to abuse really ? with the same games over an over an overΒ  4 their evr ness 😦 sad story really,Β 

an 55 years later she does it!

an 50 years later she does it!


is not reality, the true reality to them is the reality they are stuck in in thier own minds 😦 welp forgive the rant if ur an avid reader of me, but well someones got to freiking know i jest cant hide it inside forevr and hold a grudge forevr also…but apparently it appears that is jest what is wished upon for me to do this fine day ,,,jest another day of betrayal in Q’s werld,,,been so long ,Well ; one can only guess it wasn’t love,,,even though i was told i was loved a few hundred times er more, the hates outweigh the loves, the lies outweigh the loves, the betrayals outweigh the love, the theivery of time and money outweigh the love, the hundreds of lies i guess ain’t bout love either..
neither the dozens of false accusations and slanderous comments. the sick poetry bout my pencil dick she said she so loved an what not 😦 ,,, all i can do is think what a crime, when people have to become hipocrytes and liars to thier own spirits and gods to cover up the fear that they worship so dearly,,,ignorance and denial will never evEr excuse or liberate her from what she has done either, only making ammends wholeheartedly [if she had a heart} yeah the lady that wouldnt hurt a fly, well don’t believe that guys if ur evr told that line, think twice, when the fly she really wanted to kill was on the back of ur head all the time 😦 ……to me well what can i do now? jest pray for her that she finds a sane mind someday, pray for her that her karma don;t kick her in the ass as bad as she did me or she won’t handle it very well. wrong is wrong in my book and when u betray decieve lie to and or go against what ya said ya were going to do well , especially in the end for a dollar or 2 more well, to me thats jest whoring urself out to the fear worshiped 😦 simply insane when people become hipocrytes and liars when they said they could not even hurt a fly, then become a thief in the end, to steal money mind time and a heart and seriously bruise a soul for a long time to come:( greatest crime one can do to mankind is to be a liar cheat a whore a user or an abuser for a buck or 2 more and a selfish neglectful person whod let someone die before making contact again out of fear and false flags she made up in her very own mind ,oh what a crime that is and was 😦 ……oh what a crime it is to mis represent one self and play a game of {LOVE} and {HATE} the love hatre game ,,abusive games of neglect falsities, lies and selfish betrayal, when they say well,,,i got love in my heart; can’t ya see by all i say,… is cheap so is poetry no matter how eloquent….well all the art ya can do thats positive won’t hide the fact that she lied….nor all the lies she can now make up; will they evr hide it either ,,,can only be a hipocryte for so very long,,, say one thing to men and do the exact opposite 😦 in the end 😦 …oh what evr posseses a person to have 2 personalities? ,, one to show to the werld as if i am innocent and clean, and another with action against those she says she loves with hatred and menacing hsery and misjustice if i evr saw it, is like the hitler reicht all over again 😦 what this german bred lady has done to my soul 😦 hope she is proud of it for life , …next life she will know what the hell ,,,and regret her decisions in this life with Q… so the way i see it i am owed 5 years of my life back….yeah right not a chance gone now:( and i am owed over 2 er 3 thousand dollars { thatd be bout 1/2 } also……. gone now also,:( when i was in need she took the money and ran 😦 of to be with another troll and suck for more from another 😦 very criminal yes indeed 😦 ……..really freiking hard for me is all to even believe the fact that the last 5 years of my life and 50 grand plus more i am broke and alone and well……. all evrything tied up in assetts,,,lol wthout an ass to hang round with me 😦 how so very much fun is that..IN A 2 PERSON WERLD SHE HAS SET ME UP FOR HER PROOF OF FAILURE SHE WANTS ME TO BE 😦 SHE KNOWS I CANT DO IT HERE MYSELF 😦 … went by her story bewk TO BE LED DOWN LIARS ALLEY,,,down to the T an for what? guess to end up with a bunch assets and wasted time and money all for her,all in her direction, and the direction of this house for my place to retire and enjoy for the rest of my life,,, ah but all the dreams ,,,,were they really truths or jest lies to get to the means for an END:( ,,,,,she should have jest freiking killed me when she came and wasted 77 days of my life and a couple grand more way back then also:( how so very criminal is all i can say 😦 I DID EVRYTHING I PROMISED I WOULD DO AND MORE !,,yes ladies! VERY SAD MAN IN RECOVERY HERE << YEP SHE GOT TO ME MORE THAN ANY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET EVEN THE MURDERERS AND SUICIDAL MANIACS 😦 REALLY HARD FOR ME TO IMAGINE SHE COULD WRITE STILL TODAY A LOVE POEM …? WHEN IT ALL JEST A LIE.?? TO ME AND WHOMEVER SHE WRITES EM TO NOW 😦 SAME GAME DIFFERENT DUDE 😦 HOW SO VERY MESSED UP 😦 ALL I CAN SAY 😦 …JEST BREAKS MY HEART MIND AND SOUL RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND 😦 MR BELLITTLED RIPPED OFF USED AND ABUSED ON BY A BLUe ANGEL WOLF ……q… well…she not the only hipocryte and person i know here that does not practivce what they preach, but rather incriminate evryone that don’t livbe life the way they see fit…wow if they are gay or smoke pot well they are totally screwed with these kinna folks, and i see quite a few here now still playing the ego {edging god out} of ones life,,,even though they don’;;’t know it! they do it never the less…the brain and ego are out to disprove the mind,,,and well won’t happen in my life time…so they can be delusional and crazy is i guess the point of all this,,i can’t do anything to fix them ,,,jest protect myself now is all:( the queen has won her bnattle with the Q and sent him to her hell many a day to offten and more now with abuse and crazy werds assaults to my moral and spiritual integrity no more i say ,,,,,is simply crazy some can’t be honest enuff to make ammends with those whom they have wronged in thier life,,,they cant be the one with the bad werds or the knife in the back er what not or the kitchen lol. an not expect any dconsequences for thier actions,,,yeah an i am the guilty one here:( not quite ,,:( nevr did i dishonor or un love mis blue angel wolf angela for a minute in the last 5 years of my life,,oh what a waste of time and 5 years is all i can say 😦 for she said she was not like that …….yeah right ………whatevr is all i can say 😦 and be bummed jest one more day!.yeah be positive mikey….kinna hard to when folks from oklahoma to kansas to canada to missouri well,,,,,,,,,all turn out to play the same selfish game offer a hand,, in werd but in action well , is all BS!:( eventually to cast out and judge those they wronged,,,as some excuse for why they ever did it? so they can remain locked in thier own fear based belief system ,,,and call that love? how crazy is that,,,hey any sane woman lewking to lIve IN colorado well, i am entertaining offers,,,,,an i am serious,,,,since the ones i loved the most on this planet including ex wives /:( could care less 😦 tired of living alone ,,,,,,,,,,an don’t need no one setting “boundries” with me for LIES THEY ASSUMA AND MAKE UP EITHER! so about-failing



don’t let that be U …… Namaste’ 2 U from Q

3 thoughts on “People who Lie through Art

  1. So sorry to hear about your troubles… We’ve all been through it one time or another and we get over it and continue… Pamper yourself… Go get a massage, get out and walk in nature, and tell yourself that you are better off… Sometimes is best to be alone than with bad company… Love, Lor

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