Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge. Roundup and start of new week. {47}




Feature of da’ week Meet Jake hes a newbie an a greenhorn 🙂 JAKE ..is 7 weeks old! is Da’ newest addition to the neighborhood! OMG is he going to be big 🙂 Half Lab An Half Rotweiller !
Not ur normal lab, he has been de-clawed so as to hopefully not do damage thata way , will be quite a training process i am sure also keeping him from chewing thingz 🙂 this dog, well a wooden spoon won’t last fer long in da training , will prolly have to upgrade to a big silver spoon 🙂 lol…The Rotweiller is one of the heaviest breeds; a male rott can exceed 200 pounds. The rotweiller is very massive, powerful and muscular. It is a large, symmetrical dog with a well-knit frame. It gives the impression of grandeur and dignity. Originally valued for its abilities as a fierce guard and fighting dog, today’s Rotweiller is a gentle giant. A born guard dog, brave and loyal. It is calm, steady and docile. It tends to keep close to home and is disinclined to roam. “As a lion is to a cat, so is a Rotweiller compared to a dog. – TEMPERAMENT an TRAINING


AH concernin Tranin! well, Firm but gentle training is essential to keep the Rotweiller UNDER CONTROL l. Remember consistency, lots of love, and plenty of understanding. Early human contact should be given to Rotweiller puppies so that they are good around children and fast moving animals when they get older. If puppies are not socialized, they may resort to fear-biting if something fast or unusual happens around them.


Thay are self confident dogs. watchful, and patient dog. It is gentle-natured towards its family. It is in its nature to defend its territory and family. It rarely barks; it is calm and docile. This breed needs lots of companionship; it loves to please. This dog makes an excellent companion to children (not recommend for toddlers though, because of its great size). It is very large and heavy. The Rotweiller is very intelligent, responds well to gentle, patient training. It is very possessive of home, family and car; protection training is unnecessary for this naturally protective breed. The dog generally holds intruders at bay rather than attacking. Extra effort should be given to socialize a Rot puppy; it may be combative with other dogs if not very well socialized. The Rot”s dominance varies widely depending on the lineage; it can be aloof with strangers or fairly friendly. Some of the their talents include: watch dogging, guarding, police work, military work, search & rescue, and weight pulling. This breed tends to droola bit, wheeze and snore loudly…PS 🙂 this one ain’t an addition to my 4 dogs already!.

It’s my neighbors dog!


… 4 More entries frum Michelles pet challenge click on da logo below……..



A warm thank you to all who took part.

Here they are:

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