Quarksires First WordPress Post-it

The Lightning Dude***********

 This is My first post-it i ever did at WordPress, back in april 2013, with gewd intentions :

I said> you shalleventually see q’s webwerld charged full of gewd electrical charges created by the “lightning Dude”

came here from multiply and before that yahoo 360 and before that geocites and before that chatrooms at starlink etc etc for years. an website at homestead ..so anyhow my first post-it here at wordpress i jest went back to an noticed ? wow it has been viewed by jest a few folks,,& ,no ones evr bothered i guess to go back through my blogs that far to much ,so ,,anyhow the above is the pic i used and this is the page

The Lightning Dude


Posted on April 19, 2013 Image…an is kinna finny i didnt even got a like on it,,,,,a trip to me anyhew so i wanted to share the first page evr by da Q aka mike in sunny southern colorado 🙂


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now as of Monday July 21st 2014!


quarks compassionate heartz club rememberz!

 whenever a good rain washes the world, and a rainbow appears in the sky, let us remember to appreciate one another is all i really gots to say this day jest wanted something stikingly good on the front page opf my blog instead of the as of late ,,,tired of having to respond to watching others games of selfish intent, especially when it has many a thing close to my heart an soul.an or my pocket bewk even or well when it touches somehow close to home…

“From now on, when it rains, each of you will stretch across the sky in a great bow of color as a reminder that you can all live in peace. <^> Link article by Q


  So, point is keep on comin back sumpin new an different brewing in the rocky mountains all the time besides beer thunderstorms and pot! lol. have a great week werld.

~~~ Q~~~ 

Image 🙂


This is where I GET OFF!

Magnanomous monday is a day of the week where i like to do a wertthwhile sshare that is werth coming round to read! <edit>appearz dis post is almost layte but not short! lol

A HAppy week again 2 one an all! keep on keepin on ! One Day At A time <link 🙂


  i jest posted this post ..an it appears it is my 420th post-it lol…how funny is that! 🙂 so…..

A Place 2 Get off on Magnamous Monday


right on lightnin'

Quarksires Answer To Abusive Liars an Hipocrytes

sumtimes Life can be very screwed up as far as i am concerned i said in my post-it 2 days ago bout people whom lie through their art or their trade or their profession with a fake storefront.



 https://quarksire.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/people-who-lie-through-art/ ..so welll it is very hard for me to underestimate the power of the EGO now to {Edge God Out} of peoples lives right in front of their own noses,,,fooled by their own cause…when it is what they wish for the most in the werld well, their ego disrespects and misjudges it instead rather and “wishes” for “peace” and love …when on the real side of the life they live well, they really do not, well, folks i will not stay on this subjekt for many times at all because it is one that infuriates me auctually to lewk at really, why people have to have 2 personalaties and then claim they only have one ? is beyond me also? …so since some of my readers might read her stuff also and INTERPRET it to be loving stuff, know there are 2 sides to every personal adventure with another one has on the planet and if ya don’t know both sides of the story ya better not judge the story i say!…i had a guy here in werdpress that wrote bout hipocrytes and liars all the time so i deleted him from having to read his stuff, he even has wrote a book bout the subjekt also, now i know why,,,but i don’t prefer to stay in the place of other than the “is what it is” approach to it now and have to accept it,,,and that ya can control urself when evr ya wish but ya can’t control others or their mad desires to bring havoc to ur life, i know as hard as it sounds ya got to forgive them, for their crazy judgemental personalaty and move on , let people like that create their own losses enuff till they figure out what they are doing wrong i guess…or u can “REACT!”….

an how so very apprapo!

an how so very apprapo!

so is what i have to do also., move on from the insanity of others attempting to affect my life in a negative way by either being a hipocryte and or a liar, abuser and a holier than thou person that lives in fantasy land! ..a few simple werdz to say to my verbal abusers and or christian or right wingers whom don’t like what i post…”is what it is!”.this is what i say to any verbal abuser whom declares they are holier than thou!


jest like u to throw orders round like some communist who misjudges thge werld ,,,ya evr take a gewd lewk art urself and why ur life is the way it is ,, answer the questions u told me one night to answer lol to urself bout urself 😦 oh why would anyone evr evr want to mistreat poor oll mis=????? when she hasn’t a clue how to respect others 😦 jeez give me a freiking break woman.. get a grip & quit misjudging the werld and playing a storefront of love one another side of reality is pert insane actually …to play that game with ur own ego…but yeah im surte UR DOCTOR AND UR GOD AND UR CHRIST TOLD U TO DO THAT , but if buddha were to show up in uir face ud send him to ur hell

lol.ur a hoot! sad excuse for love

so very true ain't it!

so very true ain’t it!

what a joke…makes me laugh and cry now seeing both sides of ur so CALLED REALITY <<<JEST STAAY IN BEAUTIFUL WHEREVER U WISH TO LIVE JEST STAY OUTA COLORADO! ~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~no dignity or honor to be anything but retaliatory and abusive is exactly why u dont get along with men, u have not a clue how to really truly love and care bout anyone but to protect what ya fear ya might loose……sad excuse for wanting peace in my eyes u are a hipocryte is all there is to it! you publikly abuse also ,,,,is insane ::( so u can protect ur ego an what u are afraid of loosing in ur life! 😦 ? how sick 😦 those who know will know the truth as long as u play a game publikly now on the internet u’ll have a hard time living this one down ,,,abuse betray neglect ,,,lol then say u made peace and pray for peace what a joke 😦 say u love etc etc ,,,? well weellll


Believe it er not!

Believe it er not!




WHETHER THEY SAY THEY LOVE YA ER NOT …… HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE q,,,,, BACK TO THE NORMAL SUBJEKT of my Life truth and life the way i see it, IN DA NEXT BLOG I PROJEKT 2 u ….frum Q..PS: HONOR IS SUPPOSED TO BE A 2 WAY STREET! aint it now! right! .lol. well jest ask the IS real LITES bout honesty and truth 😦 .insane really …glad im here not there is all today ,,,,,peace out Q.jest my 2 cents werth two days before tuesday! lol. cya .. I jest hope all those whom play games like this with life 4 evr well, that karma be their true fate and or destiny this incarnation!…may their jesus save them! but of course the one an only god and if ya don’t follow that way ur going to hell



Wingmakers 13 My Son Nameless Boy

A tribute to both of my sons! with honor! and love! 4 ever!


My Son

My Son
My son is two.
I watch him walk
like a drunken prince.
With his body bare I can see
his soul better.
His shoulder blades
gesture like vestiges of wings.
His features stenciled upon pale flesh
by hands that have been before me.
He so wants to be like me.
His every movement like a dusty mirror
or awkward shadow of a bird in flight.
Every sound an echo heard.
Every cell pregnant with my urges.
But my urge is to be like him.
To return to childhood’s safe embrace
and certain honor.
If I return to this place
I hope my eyes will look again upon his face
even until his blades are wings once more.
Until I have circled his creaturehood
and know every hidden cleft
where I have left my print indelible
unable to be consumed.
Until all that he is
is in me and our hands are clasped, forged,
entwined, in voiceless celebration.
Until we are alone like two leaves shimmering
high above a treeless landscape
never to land.


Nameless Boy

Nameless Boy
Beyond the frontier
where borders blur into unknown thoughts
there is a nameless boy–
a drop of pure human light.
Through narrow cracks in the splintered fence
I watch his innocence with envy,
searching for the right meaning of his movements.
The twilight of his smile
nourishes my heart
like crumbs of God’s light.
A longing in my mouth to speak,
to weep,
and gather this child into my arms
and encipher his nature into mine.
Through the exchange of eyes–
glances, purloined and routed into blindness,
our language annulled.
I can only grope towards him
with antenna thoughts
that dance in praise of his youthful beauty.
I am waiting for stones to bloom.
For venomous skies to wander into oblivion.
For tracks to emerge like dust in a beam of light.
Life’s clever poison
is closing the gate.
The cracks are mended–the vision expunged.
And the nameless boy dissolves,
for there was no earth inside him.


Time is the only factor that distorts this otherwise clear connection between the individual and Universal Entity. Time intervenes and creates pockets of despair, hopelessness, and abandonment. However, it is these very “pockets” that often activate the Source Codes of the entity and establish a more intimate and harmonious relationship with the Universal Entity. Time establishes separation of experience and this creates doubt in the Universal Entityís system of fairness and overarching purpose. In turn, this creates fear that the universe is not a mirror but rather a chaotic, whimsical energy.

When the human instrument is aligned with the Sovereign Integral and lives from this perspective as a developing reality, it attracts a natural state of harmony. This does not necessarily mean that the human instrument is without problems or discomforts, rather it signifies a perception that there is an integral purpose in what life reveals. In other words, natural harmony perceives that life experience is meaningful to the extent you are aligned with the Sovereign Integral, and that your personal reality must flow from this strata of the multidimensional universe in order to create lasting joy and inner peace. 


*an if’n ya are bored this eve check out the interview with james frum wingmakers below 🙂



People who Lie through Art

sumtimes Life can be very screwed up as far as i am concerned So many folks have fake storefronts and yes even here at wordpress…sad how there ias that one in 10 it seems that is well not what they appear to be, sure they are beautiful and all , but once ya get to know em ya find out their fantasy art and their talk is all that jest fantasies and talk, all they do at werdpress is jest for thier ego? an to find another troll to abuse really ? with the same games over an over an over  4 their evr ness 😦 sad story really, 

an 55 years later she does it!

an 50 years later she does it!


is not reality, the true reality to them is the reality they are stuck in in thier own minds 😦 welp forgive the rant if ur an avid reader of me, but well someones got to freiking know i jest cant hide it inside forevr and hold a grudge forevr also…but apparently it appears that is jest what is wished upon for me to do this fine day ,,,jest another day of betrayal in Q’s werld,,,been so long ,Well ; one can only guess it wasn’t love,,,even though i was told i was loved a few hundred times er more, the hates outweigh the loves, the lies outweigh the loves, the betrayals outweigh the love, the theivery of time and money outweigh the love, the hundreds of lies i guess ain’t bout love either..
neither the dozens of false accusations and slanderous comments. the sick poetry bout my pencil dick she said she so loved an what not 😦 ,,, all i can do is think what a crime, when people have to become hipocrytes and liars to thier own spirits and gods to cover up the fear that they worship so dearly,,,ignorance and denial will never evEr excuse or liberate her from what she has done either, only making ammends wholeheartedly [if she had a heart} yeah the lady that wouldnt hurt a fly, well don’t believe that guys if ur evr told that line, think twice, when the fly she really wanted to kill was on the back of ur head all the time 😦 ……to me well what can i do now? jest pray for her that she finds a sane mind someday, pray for her that her karma don;t kick her in the ass as bad as she did me or she won’t handle it very well. wrong is wrong in my book and when u betray decieve lie to and or go against what ya said ya were going to do well , especially in the end for a dollar or 2 more well, to me thats jest whoring urself out to the fear worshiped 😦 simply insane when people become hipocrytes and liars when they said they could not even hurt a fly, then become a thief in the end, to steal money mind time and a heart and seriously bruise a soul for a long time to come:( greatest crime one can do to mankind is to be a liar cheat a whore a user or an abuser for a buck or 2 more and a selfish neglectful person whod let someone die before making contact again out of fear and false flags she made up in her very own mind ,oh what a crime that is and was 😦 ……oh what a crime it is to mis represent one self and play a game of {LOVE} and {HATE} the love hatre game ,,abusive games of neglect falsities, lies and selfish betrayal, when they say well,,,i got love in my heart; can’t ya see by all i say,…..talk is cheap so is poetry no matter how eloquent….well all the art ya can do thats positive won’t hide the fact that she lied….nor all the lies she can now make up; will they evr hide it either ,,,can only be a hipocryte for so very long,,, say one thing to men and do the exact opposite 😦 in the end 😦 …oh what evr posseses a person to have 2 personalities? ,, one to show to the werld as if i am innocent and clean, and another with action against those she says she loves with hatred and menacing hsery and misjustice if i evr saw it, is like the hitler reicht all over again 😦 what this german bred lady has done to my soul 😦 hope she is proud of it for life , …next life she will know what the hell ,,,and regret her decisions in this life with Q… so the way i see it i am owed 5 years of my life back….yeah right not a chance gone now:( and i am owed over 2 er 3 thousand dollars { thatd be bout 1/2 } also……. gone now also,:( when i was in need she took the money and ran 😦 of to be with another troll and suck for more from another 😦 very criminal yes indeed 😦 ……..really freiking hard for me is all to even believe the fact that the last 5 years of my life and 50 grand plus more i am broke and alone and well……. all evrything tied up in assetts,,,lol wthout an ass to hang round with me 😦 how so very much fun is that..IN A 2 PERSON WERLD SHE HAS SET ME UP FOR HER PROOF OF FAILURE SHE WANTS ME TO BE 😦 SHE KNOWS I CANT DO IT HERE MYSELF 😦 … went by her story bewk TO BE LED DOWN LIARS ALLEY,,,down to the T an for what? guess to end up with a bunch assets and wasted time and money all for her,all in her direction, and the direction of this house for my place to retire and enjoy for the rest of my life,,, ah but all the dreams ,,,,were they really truths or jest lies to get to the means for an END:( ,,,,,she should have jest freiking killed me when she came and wasted 77 days of my life and a couple grand more way back then also:( how so very criminal is all i can say 😦 I DID EVRYTHING I PROMISED I WOULD DO AND MORE !,,yes ladies! VERY SAD MAN IN RECOVERY HERE << YEP SHE GOT TO ME MORE THAN ANY OTHER PERSON ON THE PLANET EVEN THE MURDERERS AND SUICIDAL MANIACS 😦 REALLY HARD FOR ME TO IMAGINE SHE COULD WRITE STILL TODAY A LOVE POEM …? WHEN IT ALL JEST A LIE.?? TO ME AND WHOMEVER SHE WRITES EM TO NOW 😦 SAME GAME DIFFERENT DUDE 😦 HOW SO VERY MESSED UP 😦 ALL I CAN SAY 😦 …JEST BREAKS MY HEART MIND AND SOUL RIGHT DOWN TO THE GROUND 😦 MR BELLITTLED RIPPED OFF USED AND ABUSED ON BY A BLUe ANGEL WOLF ……q…..an well…she not the only hipocryte and person i know here that does not practivce what they preach, but rather incriminate evryone that don’t livbe life the way they see fit…wow if they are gay or smoke pot well they are totally screwed with these kinna folks, and i see quite a few here now still playing the ego {edging god out} of ones life,,,even though they don’;;’t know it! they do it never the less…the brain and ego are out to disprove the mind,,,and well won’t happen in my life time…so they can be delusional and crazy is i guess the point of all this,,i can’t do anything to fix them ,,,jest protect myself now is all:( the queen has won her bnattle with the Q and sent him to her hell many a day to offten and more now with abuse and crazy werds assaults to my moral and spiritual integrity no more i say ,,,,,is simply crazy some can’t be honest enuff to make ammends with those whom they have wronged in thier life,,,they cant be the one with the bad werds or the knife in the back er what not or the kitchen lol. an not expect any dconsequences for thier actions,,,yeah an i am the guilty one here:( not quite ,,:( nevr did i dishonor or un love mis blue angel wolf angela for a minute in the last 5 years of my life,,oh what a waste of time and 5 years is all i can say 😦 for she said she was not like that …….yeah right ………whatevr is all i can say 😦 and be bummed jest one more day!.yeah be positive mikey….kinna hard to when folks from oklahoma to kansas to canada to missouri well,,,,,,,,,all turn out to play the same selfish game offer a hand,, in werd but in action well , is all BS!:( eventually to cast out and judge those they wronged,,,as some excuse for why they ever did it? so they can remain locked in thier own fear based belief system ,,,and call that love? how crazy is that,,,hey any sane woman lewking to lIve IN colorado well, i am entertaining offers,,,,,an i am serious,,,,since the ones i loved the most on this planet including ex wives /:( could care less 😦 tired of living alone ,,,,,,,,,,an don’t need no one setting “boundries” with me for LIES THEY ASSUMA AND MAKE UP EITHER! so about-failing



don’t let that be U …… Namaste’ 2 U from Q

Weekly Photo Challenge Containers

Welcome back to da werld of Q

101 er 105 degrees 2 day

101 er 105 degrees 2 day

From “Don’t judge a book by its cover” to “Don’t look at the jug, but at what it contains” (an old Rabbinic saying), we’re constantly taught that the contents of things are more important than the vessels, wrappers, and boxes that hold them in place. This week, let’s give outer shells their due and focus our lenses on things that contain other things.

well, what to do when ya got 5 bucks 2 ur name? got try to soak ur problems away.

* so, chronically speaking *

2 stories above mainstreet Pagosa Springs, Co.

2 stories above mainstreet Pagosa Springs, Co.

although soaking though on ur last buck is a lot like flying on ur last tank of gas, ya got to dissmiss da’ bliss sumtimes and well, come back to reality ever so often, well, point here for the day is yep it helps, to soak in the healing waters of the great pagosa hot springs weekly fer mikey! have a great weekend everyone, i gonna go soak a trouble er 2 away


This week, share your own vision of a container you find interesting. You can take the challenge as literally as you want — a box of chocolates, a broken bottle, your town’s water tank, an empty shell on the beach. Or go in a more figurative direction — from the skin that wraps our body to the comfort of a hug, we all constantly hold and are held by other things and other people.


so every week i attempt to post a shot click here if ya wanna see my previous weeks shots 🙂 enjoy da picture show 🙂

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge: Week (45)

Welcome back Michelle, Glad ya made da’ rounda bout a safe journey for the body mind an soul, da kats an dogz ain’t too sure what to think of the guest here lol….yep, she said is a challenge to have certain petz

Meet Pepe da' pet

Meet Pepe da’ pet

🙂 huh! 

pepe la pew :) by Q

pepe la pew 🙂 by Q


believe it er not da skunk smells better dan da ferret anyhew: an no officer i wawsn’t smokin skunk weed 🙂 lol

pepe la pew wit da Q

pepe la pew wit da Q


Michelle said: thanks to all who took part while she was away,,, here is a link tot he latest pet challenge page although Q is a late one this week 🙂 is what it is.


petchallengeSo till next time round ; a great week to all fellow aminal loverz out there in Q’s werld, time to go tend to mine over an our frum Q…below is a list of entries whilst michelle was away an playin


1. Passionately Bored 10. anotherday2paradise 19. Isoleevie
2. Peyton and Sydnee Pee 11. Oliver being cute in his pink tunnel 🙂 20. Kimberly and Sydnee Pee
3. Emily 12. Mao – Yuki’s cat – being very cute ^^ 21. becca givens
4. Raewyn Forbes 13. Here kitty kitty – love happy notes 22. Holly Rene
5. Little Binky 14. Kimberlly and Sydnee Pee 23. Squarebird
6. love happy notes 15. Holley @ Destino 24. Basiga
7. Colonialist 16. Quarksire’s Sugar Dog
8. becca givens 17. scrapydodog
9. anotherday2paradise 18. Isoleevie


Monochrome Maddness 7-14-2014

sumtimes Life can be very  monochrome

wat gear? asks da boy!

wat gear? asks da boy! Quarks first son many yearz ago!

especially if’n ya ferget ur color film


…well i have 3 different black an white shots i have found i wanted to use today this is number one pic, for Monochrome maddness i think it is like week 20…ok well, if ya like photography and have a hankering to go check out leanne’s web werld where the monochrome maddness challenge all started 🙂 enjoy ur week to everyone who comes by the wacky werld of da’ Q 🙂 tada 

Till next week Monochrome mad folkz; check out some kewl photographers fotoz below 

🙂 PS it’s still monday the 14th here in colorado evn though wordpress don’t think so . 🙂 lol