Weekly Photo Challenge Dialogue

Photography is all about experimenting


and so is blog posting also, as dealing also with being able to find “Dialogue

These first 2 shotz i found from many years back ,,jest a couple i hacve have not seen since he was 6+ years old,,he is now over 30 wow ,,born in 81…

pee_weed_by_quarksire 001

with those who i so desire to be able to find good  “Dialogue” with..is  below my second sun, for i had not talked to him for a year till recently, am now happy he is getting along jest fine an growing up awesomely. .


so as life goes on one day at a time all i can do is hope wish and pray fer da best fer both me sons! 🙂

Quark's second son Steven

Quark’s second son Steven

cuz well i took action and they know how to get ahold of me and who i am if they wish to check see….So i asked for patience many years ago when i sobered up and …well the H.P. in my life has given me a have to on that one cuz i asked for it i guess… well judgemets an indifferences is a lotta what i been talkin bout in lotsa my blogs as of layte,,,again i guess i asked for it so i got it huh!…well done with that i sure would like to get on with my little bitta life i got before i die and have the ability to “DIALOGUE” with either of my 2 sons…Anyhow all my readers an followers …hope u get something good outa’ visiting my werld,,, and well if ya find Gewd Bad er Indifferent..er whatevr well…all i can do is hope i could maybe change a perception er 2 …By Dialogue….b 4 I go off some years ahead into the twilight!.for more weekly photo challenge entries from all round the werld and there are more than 100+ this week so far… slick on the 2014 WordPress cam below



Take care over an out till laterz frum Q…

Texture Werd of Da' week

So being prepparred is another post-it i werking on here … after visiting michelles werld to do a pet challenge laters featuring “Jake”…an yes there are others i wish to Dialogue with,,,so we shall shee what happenz wit dat also….

🙂 Q 🙂


my life day-to-day

……..da 23rd of july waz my passed fathers birthday, an well he would be suprised i made it this long auctually! My Friend Dawn here an i have similar situations in life as a result of living with daily pain… Life changed many years ago for both of us and to this day it is what it is.

1DAAT “One Day At A Time!”

May any an all of the werld that comes by here also Find their Inner Courage also….That was when i found out who i was and what i truly wanted outa the rest of my life.

So! jest for 2 Day i move forward without hesitation,,,no matter what the pain an how much it hurts….acceptance is a key to this fine day!


Namaste frum Q

an thanQ Dawn also !

Weekly Photo Challenge Fray

Frayed is Good!

Being Frayed is Kewl! in Colorado

John Frum WordPress Daily Post it Sayz:

Don’t stand on the sidelines: join in and show us a photo that says “fray” to you.



Texture Werd of Da' week

Da’ dang werdpress editor has changed again, now ya cannot change color or cut an paste text again, the werdpress gurus had it right then , changed it once again ; so Question is ? do da Gurus know what they do?


For Past Photo challenges click below

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Enjoin an Enjoy Ur Weekend



an my blue angel liked this blog ? hmmmm well…. it is the most clicked on today in my blog werld, so sad now how i am the brunt of her indifferences to my lifestyle soul pocketbewk and time 😦 hipocratically poetic injustice yes indeed , but is what it is . Namaste’ & aloha 2 U frum Q


The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY


an ill say that once again!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The worst Sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them;
that’s the essence of INHUMANITY


George Benard Shaw

A few thoughts on the above quote! from


another one to add to the Ponderables List….

     Really now the way i see it the greatest and grandest gift we could ever give ourselves or others is rapt attention for another!….of one thing we can absolutely be certain; we each are especially special and in this werld by design, god’s design. And we are in one another’s daily travels by invitation, if we choose not to accept the invitation , then well it may be the biggest loss…

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Colorado Stickbug Keepin a Grip

Well now today they take the color option out of the text editor an pagebuilder ?  like whats dat all bout i got to wunder ?…….why can’t things that werk good jest get left alone i do not know anymore Oh well …



and why 5 out of 10 people are positively negative or stuck in false judgement i jest do not know anymore, what happened to good ol’ value systems, honesty and integrity, that were kinna in one way set up around the world as a standard once, lol, yeah the book of standards the united nations way…..thats right…NOT!…. why are so many folks at war in their life?, a war they gots going between the brain and the mind, the brains fears always trying to one up on the mind with a false ego ussually made out of lies made from alcohol or other things that cause dillusional thinking, yeah thats some smart stuff huh! lol..

…well, one thing i have found is way evident is ya can control some of the people some of the time, and the ones ya can’t well? depends upon what they do, how the world rocks and rolls now it appears..is it poetic justice for the love poet to be hater at heart 😦 why there is so much dis-onor an hipocracy in the world also, i jest don’t have a clue, always for a dollar or 2 more it seems, the ol money and material things and how big and bad things are being more important than truth and honor ? ..

Anyhow watching this bug crawl up da wall was a trip, it uses the cracks, as a climber would the crevices and cracks up a big horizontal wall, was very kewl u could auctually see the bug analysing the next best step, anyhow , a reminder, to take life

one step at a time

one day at a time

with precision,

No Crashing now

still got a way 2 go!

if ya wanna make it to da top!

ya know!

nuff said fer one day…


click on either one of the pics to see the full size version of

dis Colorado stick bug


Hunting For Prosperous Clouds

Finding Prosperous Clouds is What

especially when ur high lol

an ear ly blog to learn what

**THermal Hunting ..……..is all bout!

So there are prosperous days and not so prosperous days,,this was an inbetweener 🙂 plus some 🙂
Flying round in a motorless bird is way kewl,
ya have to thermal hunt and soar or ya won’t get to stay up fer very long.
Start out by thermalling near the landing spot an always having a safe entry to get back to land , enuff altitude. Once ya gain enuff altitude ya can lewk for “prosperous Clouds”
Lewk round down on the ground and follow the shadows 🙂
is where the lift is at… between the ground and the cloud and the shadow well, will tell ya the proximity of how close the thermal is and which direction it is moving if ya watch in the relationship to the ground when ur in the air the shadows an listen for ur beep beep of the vario which tells ya when ur rising


**,,i like to fly ouside the shadows to find where the air is lifting…, then, when ya do run into a thermal ya tilt the glider into the wing that jest got lifted outa ur hand correct that and turn ever so tightly into the thermal,,an sometimes more radically.,thermals are like people, there are good people and there are bad people there are good thermals and there are bad thermals, there are fat ones and there are skinny ones,,there are nice ones,,,and there are also very violent ones like end of day today so we decided to land.., well when ya find the skinny ones, like i did this time round well, ya have to put the glider bout on wingtip to stay in the thermal, all the while ur gauge shows 600fpm …thats 600 feet per minute of lift ever now and so often rocking ya to like 900 er 1000 feet per minute is quite a rush getting whooshed straight up in the air on a thermal especially the tight ones like we have in the rockies,,,




Follow da’ shadowz 🙂


I auctually like ridge soaring and thermalling less rocky days than this but well, is pick of the litter, the days ya fly sometime, this day was particularily rocking cuz there were no clouds at 8 am and by 2 in the afternoon it lewked like this here…It got really crazy right after this and kicked us outa the sky!…..
landed with it raining a bit on the window was a trip……
parked it an the cloudburst happened ,,,for 2 hours,whats kewl bout the rockies is 2 hours laters now the weather is changed and flyable again after all the thunderstorms pass.,,,
So, yes, it calmed down and was time to go back up and do a bit of acrobatics to finish of the saturday!….
Flying in august in the rockies is rocky yes indeed but a whole hell of a lotta fun yes indeed :



**So i have 3 G’s ugghhhhhh lol..how bout u..

ya got any idea what 3 G’s plus feels like while u are trying to take a picture lol also. geez…*



snap of the wrist and its a 3 to 4G wingover...Whoopeee....

snap of the wrist and its a 3 to 4G wingover…Whoopeee….

*the Blanik glider i have been flying since a child whith my dad an or an istructor for years,


L-13 Blaník
PSU Blanik.JPG
Penn State Soaring Club L-13 flying over State College, Pennsylvania showing forward swept wing
Role Two Seater class sailplane
National origin Czechoslovakia, later Czech Republic
Manufacturer Let Kunovice
Designer Karel Dlouhý
Number built 2649[1]
Variants Blanik TG-10

the instructor flies in back seat u fly in frt, well i have yet to solo one of these , bu5t one day is my dream to solo a blanik like this one here 🙂

*Have a Great Day Everyone hope u liked my glider ryde of a picture show here…

Namaste’ @ U frum Da’ Q*


Proximity Flying by Quarksire

………..Proximity Flying is an advanced feature of Wingsuit BASE Jumping and involves flying close to the ground and static objects. Extremely dangerous activity and later he sent me these videos to watch, Hope u enjoy it as much as i did if’’n ur into my wingsuit stuff at all!

he says u mean like this…and sent me the vids…..

WELLLLLLLL i couldnt resist! was a most clicked on blog today in me werld



& remember




I Mentioned the phrase “Proximity Flying” to a fellow pilot;

ie…yep yep >i told him >  Proximity Flying is an advanced feature of Wingsuit BASE Jumping and involves flying close to the ground and static objects. Extremely dangerous activity and later he sent me these videos to watch, Hope u enjoy it as much as i did if’n ur into my wingsuit stuff at all!.he says u mean like this……

Yeah i mean like that Kevo!.

SPLIT OF A SECOND – A film about wingsuit flying.

an well second video is kinna off base though but yep still bout base jumpin’ jest not Proximity flying i said!

^^Crazy Wingsuit Flight — Man Lands on Water Without Parachute? ^^



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Monochrome Madness 8-18-2014

blog bout this an more pics to Come

especially when ur high lol

especially when ur high in Q’s werld

click on link here to visit leanne coles monochrome maddness an photographic webby werld…….

LOtta eye Candy for the Photographer that likes images  There 🙂

Over an out frum Q Wit an eary weary shot…whilst thermalling

Hey PS: for all u that miss the old wordpress editor and pagebuilder when u do a blog now u can flip to the old classic version on the top right of ur page ….. Hasta’ 🙂


In loving memory of Ajay

……….Damn…My Reader will never be the same!…….well, now all the FEARFUL egos that assaulted this wunderful misunderstood guy , well they can lewk back on their hate with regret now, for they were so very wrong. once again :when Ajay would come round my werld he would spend a lotta time 🙂 Last time he visited he gave me 50 likes that night… 😦 Peace be with Ajay : i am sure he will be missed by many a poster here,,,I am used to seeing 100 or more likes on most of his posts… bummer news this day thats fer sure to mikey here..will have to do a post-it for an about Ajay myself …jest chatted with him a week or so ago…..who would have evr known, huh well, figured he was jest on a time out…this is the internet… so a tear er 2 fer Vijay 2 day!Last thing he said to me was positive!

Biggest time out one can make ! is da time out ajay has now!

peace be with his soul !

NAMASTE’ to evryone who reads me frum




Ajay Mody {Ajaytao}

‘It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we mourn the passing away of Ajay Mody, also known as Ajaytao, blogger of “Ajaytao2010” and the “Ajaytao Botanical Photography” blogs. He left this world on the 10th August 2014 after a short illness at his home in Mumbai, India.

I stare at the screen in shock while I read these words on the blog of my friend Vijay.

Our dear friend Ajay, gone…

I cannot believe this, the world has lost an angel. A pure, white rose.

Dear Ajay, my sweet friend, this is for you. Know that I will always carry you in my heart. You will be missed. Thank you for all the love and kindness you showed me and many others. I am blessed that I have met you. ❤

white rose

A beautiful white rose

Honest and sincere

Soft pedestals of kindness


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Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette

lima_sunsetAnother week flys by an this weeks werd is simple..an da line in the photo comes frum a scratched negative…darn it huh! oh well is dealin wit 35mm stuff..




This week, experiment with light and capture a silhouette.