WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Texture

Ok Kinna schetched out over the Pingback master at werdpress daily post…

guess they didn’t like my last post …

zig zag


i gave ping back a couple rings and well no answer but see others pop up ever since… so all i can do is wunder what is up with that…anyone that reads me from wordpress? possibly got an answer, er is there some guideline or boundry i have crossed please tell me ? i am wunderin till then well i am jest schetched out a bit With a Bit of Texture of course round da fringes i guess πŸ™‚ over an out frum



da above was da roof of da car before it became dis’


Β Like so!


frum dis”’..more 2 come in another postit πŸ™‚

was a fun projekt !

here in Q’s werld

frum texture to smooth!

frum texture to smooth!


Texture Werd of Da' week

Texture Werd of Da’ week

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