Augustual Alignments

Quark needed a refreesher bout alignment,,, an where what an how …bout me an my galactic core an my 3th dimensional self,,and other selves..sumtimez one gets locked into a dimension an can’t connect with the “otherz” is when i need to go back to da book 🙂

Cosmic History Chronicles..


believe it er not

if ur interested in learning bout galactic core and universal core an holomind percievers etc etc an spiritual alignment an the placement an holding of the akashic records etc etc,,,well this vid is fer u,,,if u are not concerned with creation or differentiantions of time and cosmic reality and ur simply stuck in the time of now, well, it is up to every person to live thier life according to the path! but well, every person has the power to change that path of belief system an er life lived at any moment also..the following vid is one of 52 videos in the series concerning the CUBE!.complete book is online to hear from michelvec here an u can buy the hard copy of the book an the chronicles from the links i provide here throughout my cosmic history chronicle blogs…..I HOPE U Enjoy!

Believe it er not!


seems to be a highly lewked at web page…but not many comments er likes,,,,so i slippin this one by again this fine summer day………here in sunny colorado 🙂 personally i have had a terrible couple of days …healthwize,,,,an well, a realization er 2 a day is all i need sumtimez to keep myself away from the institutions like hospitals etc etc,,and well, get on with my life one minute at a time the best way i know how ,,,

1DAAT { One Day At A Time } yep yep

……… Have a Splendid Day ….

an may Noogenesis be at ur front doorstep today an color me crazy…alright by me! if datz ur profound choice of da day if not join in an check out a few different perspectives on this thing we call LIFE!



4 linkz frum da’ Quantum Quark 2 U this fine day - Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural MindNoosphere World Forum -




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