Nanu Nanu Mork 4 Ever

The world lost a true genius today!!


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1619 Pine St
Boulder, CO 80302

Today my reader was full of one of my favorite people on the planet, an i cried ,,,oh did i cry ,,, with the rest of the werld that cries also 2> Rest in Peace, Robin Williams, you will always be remembered for your genius talent, in so many fields, such as stand-up comedy, comedic movies, as well as serious, dramatic movies. You, Sir, made the world laugh & cry and your talents as well as you will be missed more than you ever realized. My thoughts & prayers are with your family at this time of grieving. I want them all to know that you, Sir, were and always will be remembered and loved as one of the greatest talents of all time. My own world will NEVER see another great talent/human being such as Robin Williams. You have had your own personal demons/problems but YOU ALWAYS MADE THIS WORLD LAUGH, and for that, I for one will be eternally grateful for having the opportunity to see and listen to that great comedic genius known as ROBIN WILLIAMS. I have watched your career blossom since the beginning and you never failed to entertain the world with your genius. The Multiplicity of characters u were! REST IN PEACE, your job is now finished here on Earth, and you have passed with HONORS, Sir. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.



I here have many of the same similar feelings as hastywerdz bout robin, an have this other to say in regard, Robin Williams suffered from some of the very same things so many do, although, 12 steps does not always werk for evryone, nor does anti-depressants etc etc,,Neither does love marraige er whatevr make ya happy! ,,I had always thought robin would be one of the ones to help with educating the americans an da werld these facts also, and that alcohol and pharmacueticals were killers, he said himself in an interview a few weeks back that , going back out drinking was his biggest mistake evr!I feel like robin w was a man whom was not only betrayed by the love of his life he felt ,,,that with his coupounding pressures? i still can’t see him hanging himself…but he did 😦 so sad 😦 😦 😦  So is all the more reason for me to not go back to drinking evr, cuz i been alcohol free since 1997 and well, do not feel like meeting up with robin in what dreams may come anytime soon ……

Again God bless the soul of Robin Williams 4 evr 🙂

over an out Tearfully Urs Quarksire! so all these links came flying at me in my reader this afternoon an through this eve,,,Thought i’d share em all with ya .I so love my readers that have a heart an soul to have blogged bout this also , thanks to all of u Links should all be blue cuza is da color of da eve thanks to Robins werld ….but i cant get it to stick ! so!

hard for me to CELEBRATE when it is SUICIDE all dere is to it!


Tip of da day for the sober drinker,,,

DON’T GO BACK OUT! 😦 well, robin would tell u that!

Nanu, Nanu
Mork 4 evr he will be 2 me

……….oh an along with a few other great characters also 🙂


here is a very fun watch> an yeah i was one of his followers on my utuber werld etc etc,,,,an in real life,,,seems his personality an many others i like became a part of my mind,,, i will forver love,,,an i will truly miss robin not leading up the 420 werld this year,,,will see who the all might gives us to do that although no one can ever evr replace ROBIN WILLIAMS…a one of a kind act! yep teop!……Although, now as with many things in my life where there was once laughter there is now a TEAR!er 2 er more 4 its everness now……..out! Q


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