Hunting For Prosperous Clouds

Finding Prosperous Clouds is What

especially when ur high lol

an ear ly blog to learn what

**THermal Hunting ..…… all bout!

So there are prosperous days and not so prosperous days,,this was an inbetweener πŸ™‚ plus some πŸ™‚
Flying round in a motorless bird is way kewl,
ya have to thermal hunt and soar or ya won’t get to stay up fer very long.
Start out by thermalling near the landing spot an always having a safe entry to get back to land , enuff altitude. Once ya gain enuff altitude ya can lewk for “prosperous Clouds”
Lewk round down on the ground and follow the shadows πŸ™‚
is where the lift is at… between the ground and the cloud and the shadow well, will tell ya the proximity of how close the thermal is and which direction it is moving if ya watch in the relationship to the ground when ur in the air the shadows an listen for ur beep beep of the vario which tells ya when ur rising


**,,i like to fly ouside the shadows to find where the air is lifting…, then, when ya do run into a thermal ya tilt the glider into the wing that jest got lifted outa ur hand correct that and turn ever so tightly into the thermal,,an sometimes more radically.,thermals are like people, there are good people and there are bad people there are good thermals and there are bad thermals, there are fat ones and there are skinny ones,,there are nice ones,,,and there are also very violent ones like end of day today so we decided to land.., well when ya find the skinny ones, like i did this time round well, ya have to put the glider bout on wingtip to stay in the thermal, all the while ur gauge shows 600fpm …thats 600 feet per minute of lift ever now and so often rocking ya to like 900 er 1000 feet per minute is quite a rush getting whooshed straight up in the air on a thermal especially the tight ones like we have in the rockies,,,




Follow da’ shadowz πŸ™‚


I auctually like ridge soaring and thermalling less rocky days than this but well, is pick of the litter, the days ya fly sometime, this day was particularily rocking cuz there were no clouds at 8 am and by 2 in the afternoon it lewked like this here…It got really crazy right after this and kicked us outa the sky!…..
landed with it raining a bit on the window was a trip……
parked it an the cloudburst happened ,,,for 2 hours,whats kewl bout the rockies is 2 hours laters now the weather is changed and flyable again after all the thunderstorms pass.,,,
So, yes, it calmed down and was time to go back up and do a bit of acrobatics to finish of the saturday!….
Flying in august in the rockies is rocky yes indeed but a whole hell of a lotta fun yes indeed :



**So i have 3 G’s ugghhhhhh bout u..

ya got any idea what 3 G’s plus feels like while u are trying to take a picture lol also. geez…*



snap of the wrist and its a 3 to 4G wingover...Whoopeee....

snap of the wrist and its a 3 to 4G wingover…Whoopeee….

*the Blanik glider i have been flying since a child whith my dad an or an istructor for years,


L-13 BlanΓ­k
PSU Blanik.JPG
Penn State Soaring Club L-13 flying over State College, Pennsylvania showing forward swept wing
Role Two Seater class sailplane
National origin Czechoslovakia, later Czech Republic
Manufacturer Let Kunovice
Designer Karel DlouhΓ½
Number built 2649[1]
Variants Blanik TG-10

the instructor flies in back seat u fly in frt, well i have yet to solo one of these , bu5t one day is my dream to solo a blanik like this one here πŸ™‚

*Have a Great Day Everyone hope u liked my glider ryde of a picture show here…

Namaste’ @ U frum Da’ Q*


4 thoughts on “Hunting For Prosperous Clouds

    • Yes warmer in da west but not to hot like arizona an california,,, love it here πŸ™‚ … an awesome place to have landed fer me πŸ™‚ will spend rest of me days here i believe πŸ™‚ Hugzz 2 U this am πŸ™‚

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