Colorado Stickbug Keepin a Grip

Well now today they take the color option out of the text editor an pagebuilder ?  like whats dat all bout i got to wunder ?…….why can’t things that werk good jest get left alone i do not know anymore Oh well …



and why 5 out of 10 people are positively negative or stuck in false judgement i jest do not know anymore, what happened to good ol’ value systems, honesty and integrity, that were kinna in one way set up around the world as a standard once, lol, yeah the book of standards the united nations way…..thats right…NOT!…. why are so many folks at war in their life?, a war they gots going between the brain and the mind, the brains fears always trying to one up on the mind with a false ego ussually made out of lies made from alcohol or other things that cause dillusional thinking, yeah thats some smart stuff huh! lol..

…well, one thing i have found is way evident is ya can control some of the people some of the time, and the ones ya can’t well? depends upon what they do, how the world rocks and rolls now it it poetic justice for the love poet to be hater at heart 😦 why there is so much dis-onor an hipocracy in the world also, i jest don’t have a clue, always for a dollar or 2 more it seems, the ol money and material things and how big and bad things are being more important than truth and honor ? ..

Anyhow watching this bug crawl up da wall was a trip, it uses the cracks, as a climber would the crevices and cracks up a big horizontal wall, was very kewl u could auctually see the bug analysing the next best step, anyhow , a reminder, to take life

one step at a time

one day at a time

with precision,

No Crashing now

still got a way 2 go!

if ya wanna make it to da top!

ya know!

nuff said fer one day…


click on either one of the pics to see the full size version of

dis Colorado stick bug


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