my life day-to-day

……..da 23rd of july waz my passed fathers birthday, an well he would be suprised i made it this long auctually! My Friend Dawn here an i have similar situations in life as a result of living with daily pain… Life changed many years ago for both of us and to this day it is what it is.

1DAAT “One Day At A Time!”

May any an all of the werld that comes by here also Find their Inner Courage also….That was when i found out who i was and what i truly wanted outa the rest of my life.

So! jest for 2 Day i move forward without hesitation,,,no matter what the pain an how much it hurts….acceptance is a key to this fine day!


Namaste frum Q

an thanQ Dawn also !

9 thoughts on “my life day-to-day

  1. For some odd reason WP decided I wasn’t going to follow you any longer!!!!! Why WP, Why? Thank you for the reblogg! Your kindness and your beautiful words mean the world to me.

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