Monochrome Madness 8-18-2014

blog bout this an more pics to Come

especially when ur high lol

especially when ur high in Q’s werld

click on link here to visit leanne coles monochrome maddness an photographic webby werld…….

LOtta eye Candy for the Photographer that likes images  There 🙂

Over an out frum Q Wit an eary weary shot…whilst thermalling

Hey PS: for all u that miss the old wordpress editor and pagebuilder when u do a blog now u can flip to the old classic version on the top right of ur page ….. Hasta’ 🙂


In loving memory of Ajay

……….Damn…My Reader will never be the same!…….well, now all the FEARFUL egos that assaulted this wunderful misunderstood guy , well they can lewk back on their hate with regret now, for they were so very wrong. once again :when Ajay would come round my werld he would spend a lotta time 🙂 Last time he visited he gave me 50 likes that night… 😦 Peace be with Ajay : i am sure he will be missed by many a poster here,,,I am used to seeing 100 or more likes on most of his posts… bummer news this day thats fer sure to mikey here..will have to do a post-it for an about Ajay myself …jest chatted with him a week or so ago…..who would have evr known, huh well, figured he was jest on a time out…this is the internet… so a tear er 2 fer Vijay 2 day!Last thing he said to me was positive!

Biggest time out one can make ! is da time out ajay has now!

peace be with his soul !

NAMASTE’ to evryone who reads me frum




Ajay Mody {Ajaytao}

‘It is with heavy heart and deep sadness that we mourn the passing away of Ajay Mody, also known as Ajaytao, blogger of “Ajaytao2010” and the “Ajaytao Botanical Photography” blogs. He left this world on the 10th August 2014 after a short illness at his home in Mumbai, India.

I stare at the screen in shock while I read these words on the blog of my friend Vijay.

Our dear friend Ajay, gone…

I cannot believe this, the world has lost an angel. A pure, white rose.

Dear Ajay, my sweet friend, this is for you. Know that I will always carry you in my heart. You will be missed. Thank you for all the love and kindness you showed me and many others. I am blessed that I have met you. ❤

white rose

A beautiful white rose

Honest and sincere

Soft pedestals of kindness


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Weekly Photo Challenge Silhouette

lima_sunsetAnother week flys by an this weeks werd is da line in the photo comes frum a scratched negative…darn it huh! oh well is dealin wit 35mm stuff..




This week, experiment with light and capture a silhouette.

Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge week 49

August 15th; 2014 Michelles weekly Pet Challenge…Been outa touch with the aminal photos as of late, but got a couple to share today ,,,,,

of me speak easy kitties


…..this is the fav hangout in da house, especially in da’ wintertime is nice an warm up there..


..I also think the cats liike it a lot when i play the Pink Floyd,,,seems black kitty not shown here always gets on with it then lol.

yes i know i need to dust! LoL done did...

yes i know i need to dust! LoL done did…

.. Q have a great week evry one,,,missed the last couple of weeks pet challenge but this one i’ll ad into this weeks t..take care






Michelle says A huge thank you to all who took part:quark missed last week 🙂

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Marijuana News of the Week

welp, could not have said this better today although i have several articles i have written unpublished as of yet in my all pot P.O.T. catagory!… thanQ fer the update . 🙂 ! an keepa da newsa cumin tales er not! 🙂 chow! & namaste’ & aloha 2 U frum da Q 2 Day !

Da’ Disabled Warrior

Yeas, well at timez i feel like a disabled worn out warrior… truly tired of fighting battles, with alcoholics and incompassionate people whom are all talk an jest hipocrytes to the holy spirit… so i wrote this one this eve….all the same….. jest another opinion of the Q take it er leave it…..

Fake it till ya make it


er ya don’t i guess…

lIVING ON dISABILITY!……WELL, SOUNDS EASY RIGHT, NOT,, when ya have a mortgage to pay and electric bill an internet etc etc etc , is not an easy thing to do, especially when ya are down an out by the disability itself….I work still, work a lot an hard really, but do it for myself, at my own house and for me, the werk i am talking bout is simple werk like doing the dishes er werking on me house,,,,jest attempting to get by another hour sometimes without the pain of someone knitting inside my back is a giant chore and fatiquing in itself.. 😦 PKD surely sucks if i must say 😦 is very pain full and causes one to be very depressed also a lot because of the limitations upon oneself an not being able to do simple things like even tying my shoelaces with out it being pain full…. so such as life with polysyctic kidney disease and the chronic fatigue syndrum that goes along with it, the body is busy deaLING WITH THE DISEASE and is overwhelmed to the point that it is fatiguing to keep a grip on daily things a lot….At least i can say i am alcohol free and have been since 1997 or i prolly would be dead this very day!
  A heriditary diseasei do so hope they find a cure to before my kids and grandkids are diagnosed with it….i didnt’t even know i had this disease but always knew i had a chronic back ache didn’t know why till the scans when i crashed a snowmobile in 1997 ever since it has been getting progressively werse and my kidneys are like the size of a football now….each…yes now the poly cysts have migrated also to the pancreas and the liver also, so time is well, either on my side or it is not, for me to accomplish a few goals i have for the rest of my life i do so have that i appreciate every day i do! 4 outa 5 days i arize very ill from this disease and do all i can to stay outa taking myself to the hospital every time it happens….
Being disabled means jest what it says,,,u are disabled to be able to function in a normal lifestyle and type of life without pain medication… 😦 sometimes it is hard enuff to jest get through the next hour to get on with whatevr it is i am attemptimg to accomplish. Not on no pity pot it jest is what it is!
I now have limitations i did not have before and evry day it seems as though the limitations are growing as fast as my kidneys are 😦 sorry to say :(… it is not reversing itself even though i have stabalized it with the healing energies and frequencies of the rife machine…..I have extended my days sure i have, but as a result there is pain to go along with it, but to me well is a lot better than dying….I have a grand desire to meet my estranged family and long lost son…etc etc.whom i haven’t been able to see since he was 6 due to circumstances beyond my control 😦 my father before me i would rather not die without meeeting up and making ammends with that side of my family!
So today yes once again i have to “fake it till i make it” as they say to get through jest one more day…I have to put on that smile and wear that crown of thorns, no matter what, an try not to frown when i feel so damn down 😦 DIS ABILTY YES IT IS FER DA Q!….