Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenge week 49

August 15th; 2014 Michelles weekly Pet Challenge…Been outa touch with the aminal photos as of late, but got a couple to share today ,,,,,

of me speak easy kitties


…..this is the fav hangout in da house, especially in da’ wintertime is nice an warm up there..


..I also think the cats liike it a lot when i play the Pink Floyd,,,seems black kitty not shown here always gets on with it then lol.

yes i know i need to dust! LoL done did...

yes i know i need to dust! LoL done did…

.. Q have a great week evry one,,,missed the last couple of weeks pet challenge but this one i’ll ad into this weeks t..take care






Michelle says A huge thank you to all who took part:quark missed last week 🙂

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  Kate – Dazzling Whimsy   Mani @ A New Life Wandering   Amanda Lakey
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  Ute Lark   Life is great

Marijuana News of the Week

welp, could not have said this better today although i have several articles i have written unpublished as of yet in my all pot P.O.T. catagory!… thanQ fer the update . 🙂 ! an keepa da newsa cumin tales er not! 🙂 chow! & namaste’ & aloha 2 U frum da Q 2 Day !

Da’ Disabled Warrior

Yeas, well at timez i feel like a disabled worn out warrior…..an truly tired of fighting battles, with alcoholics and incompassionate people whom are all talk an jest hipocrytes to the holy spirit… so i wrote this one this eve….all the same….. jest another opinion of the Q take it er leave it…..

Fake it till ya make it


er ya don’t i guess…

lIVING ON dISABILITY!……WELL, SOUNDS EASY RIGHT, NOT,, when ya have a mortgage to pay and electric bill an internet etc etc etc , is not an easy thing to do, especially when ya are down an out by the disability itself….I work still, work a lot an hard really, but do it for myself, at my own house and for me, the werk i am talking bout is simple werk like doing the dishes er werking on me house,,,,jest attempting to get by another hour sometimes without the pain of someone knitting inside my back is a giant chore and fatiquing in itself.. 😦 PKD surely sucks if i must say 😦 is very pain full and causes one to be very depressed also a lot because of the limitations upon oneself an not being able to do simple things like even tying my shoelaces with out it being pain full…. so such as life with polysyctic kidney disease and the chronic fatigue syndrum that goes along with it, the body is busy deaLING WITH THE DISEASE and is overwhelmed to the point that it is fatiguing to keep a grip on daily things a lot….At least i can say i am alcohol free and have been since 1997 or i prolly would be dead this very day!
  A heriditary diseasei do so hope they find a cure to before my kids and grandkids are diagnosed with it….i didnt’t even know i had this disease but always knew i had a chronic back ache didn’t know why till the scans when i crashed a snowmobile in 1997 ever since it has been getting progressively werse and my kidneys are like the size of a football now….each…yes each..an now the poly cysts have migrated also to the pancreas and the liver also, so time is well, either on my side or it is not, for me to accomplish a few goals i have for the rest of my life i do so have that i appreciate every day i do!..an 4 outa 5 days i arize very ill from this disease and do all i can to stay outa taking myself to the hospital every time it happens….
Being disabled means jest what it says,,,u are disabled to be able to function in a normal lifestyle and type of life without pain medication… 😦 sometimes it is hard enuff to jest get through the next hour to get on with whatevr it is i am attemptimg to accomplish. Not on no pity pot it jest is what it is!
I now have limitations i did not have before and evry day it seems as though the limitations are growing as fast as my kidneys are 😦 sorry to say :(… it is not reversing itself even though i have stabalized it with the healing energies and frequencies of the rife machine…..I have extended my days sure i have, but as a result there is pain to go along with it, but to me well is a lot better than dying….I have a grand desire to meet my estranged family and long lost son…etc etc.whom i haven’t been able to see since he was 6 due to circumstances beyond my control 😦 ..like my father before me i would rather not die without meeeting up and making ammends with that side of my family!
So today yes once again i have to “fake it till i make it” as they say to get through jest one more day…I have to put on that smile and wear that crown of thorns, no matter what, an try not to frown when i feel so damn down 😦 DIS ABILTY YES IT IS FER DA Q!….


The judgement of Robin Williams …. who is anyone to judge??

You never know what people are going through and people don’t always know what you’re going through. Be there for your loved ones and let them be there for you.

Reciprocate and have gratitude for great people in your life.” i so agree Dr. Rex my friend ThanQ Namaste’ 2 U frum Da Qster!

It Is What It Is


~~August 13, 2014~~ 

I’m very much aware that much has been written, reported, discussed, argued about Robin Williams’ recent death. The airwaves, the blogosphere and the news have taken to reporting the death of this great talent. 

Many are already tired of this topic, others have spoken in ways that show callousness and insensitivity about his passing. I must say I am a fan, I grew up with this man’s creative genius and his work played a part in my life. Knowing that he’s not here anymore and knowing about his daily battle with depression makes me sad.

Like many, I will miss him ….


“Some people are being judgmental and rude in the unfortunate passing of the great Robin Williams and it’s really upsetting how people can try to make themselves seem superior even in his and his family’s pain.

Sometimes we take take and take and forget to…

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Monochrome Madness 8-12-2014

Well; here is my monochrome shot fer the week…..

is a true monochrome shot


printed on matte paper in the 60’s..Taken near sandy eggo in the desert!… well… some of us are older than others all there is to it.. 35mm and black an white…well The only way to go ….once upon a monochrome time here is the same shot with the contrast changed


,,,U take ur PICK!

Quark  🙂 🙂  Quark


More Monochrome madness pics …chick here below….Its still tuesday da 12th here but i forget aussie time is ahead a day,,so oh well, see ya again next week!…i was late being born will prolly be layte to my own funeral also…sorry to have kept one waiting…soon soon ! lol. not funny but so true 😦


Monochrome Madness

Nanu Nanu Mork 4 Ever

The world lost a true genius today!!


Mork & Mindy House
1619 Pine St
Boulder, CO 80302

Today my reader was full of one of my favorite people on the planet, an i cried ,,,oh did i cry ,,, with the rest of the werld that cries also 2> Rest in Peace, Robin Williams, you will always be remembered for your genius talent, in so many fields, such as stand-up comedy, comedic movies, as well as serious, dramatic movies. You, Sir, made the world laugh & cry and your talents as well as you will be missed more than you ever realized. My thoughts & prayers are with your family at this time of grieving. I want them all to know that you, Sir, were and always will be remembered and loved as one of the greatest talents of all time. My own world will NEVER see another great talent/human being such as Robin Williams. You have had your own personal demons/problems but YOU ALWAYS MADE THIS WORLD LAUGH, and for that, I for one will be eternally grateful for having the opportunity to see and listen to that great comedic genius known as ROBIN WILLIAMS. I have watched your career blossom since the beginning and you never failed to entertain the world with your genius. The Multiplicity of characters u were! REST IN PEACE, your job is now finished here on Earth, and you have passed with HONORS, Sir. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.



I here have many of the same similar feelings as hastywerdz bout robin, an have this other to say in regard, Robin Williams suffered from some of the very same things so many do, although, 12 steps does not always werk for evryone, nor does anti-depressants etc etc,,Neither does love marraige er whatevr make ya happy! ,,I had always thought robin would be one of the ones to help with educating the americans an da werld these facts also, and that alcohol and pharmacueticals were killers, he said himself in an interview a few weeks back that , going back out drinking was his biggest mistake evr!I feel like robin w was a man whom was not only betrayed by the love of his life he felt ,,,that with his coupounding pressures? i still can’t see him hanging himself…but he did 😦 so sad 😦 😦 😦  So is all the more reason for me to not go back to drinking evr, cuz i been alcohol free since 1997 and well, do not feel like meeting up with robin in what dreams may come anytime soon ……

Again God bless the soul of Robin Williams 4 evr 🙂

over an out Tearfully Urs Quarksire! so all these links came flying at me in my reader this afternoon an through this eve,,,Thought i’d share em all with ya .I so love my readers that have a heart an soul to have blogged bout this also , thanks to all of u Links should all be blue cuza is da color of da eve thanks to Robins werld ….but i cant get it to stick ! so!

hard for me to CELEBRATE when it is SUICIDE all dere is to it!


Tip of da day for the sober drinker,,,

DON’T GO BACK OUT! 😦 well, robin would tell u that!

Nanu, Nanu
Mork 4 evr he will be 2 me

……….oh an along with a few other great characters also 🙂


















here is a very fun watch> an yeah i was one of his followers on my utuber werld etc etc,,,,an in real life,,,seems his personality an many others i like became a part of my mind,,, i will forver love,,,an i will truly miss robin not leading up the 420 werld this year,,,will see who the all might gives us to do that although no one can ever evr replace ROBIN WILLIAMS…a one of a kind act! yep teop!……Although, now as with many things in my life where there was once laughter there is now a TEAR!er 2 er more 4 its everness now……..out! Q



Augustual Alignments

Quark needed a refreesher bout alignment,,, an where what an how …bout me an my galactic core an my 3th dimensional self,,and other selves..sumtimez one gets locked into a dimension an can’t connect with the “otherz” is when i need to go back to da book 🙂

Cosmic History Chronicles..


believe it er not

if ur interested in learning bout galactic core and universal core an holomind percievers etc etc an spiritual alignment an the placement an holding of the akashic records etc etc,,,well this vid is fer u,,,if u are not concerned with creation or differentiantions of time and cosmic reality and ur simply stuck in the time of now, well, it is up to every person to live thier life according to the path! but well, every person has the power to change that path of belief system an er life lived at any moment also..the following vid is one of 52 videos in the series concerning the CUBE!.complete book is online to hear from michelvec here an u can buy the hard copy of the book an the chronicles from the links i provide here throughout my cosmic history chronicle blogs…..I HOPE U Enjoy!

Believe it er not!


seems to be a highly lewked at web page…but not many comments er likes,,,,so i slippin this one by again this fine summer day………here in sunny colorado 🙂 personally i have had a terrible couple of days …healthwize,,,,an well, a realization er 2 a day is all i need sumtimez to keep myself away from the institutions like hospitals etc etc,,and well, get on with my life one minute at a time the best way i know how ,,,

1DAAT { One Day At A Time } yep yep

……… Have a Splendid Day ….

an may Noogenesis be at ur front doorstep today an color me crazy…alright by me! if datz ur profound choice of da day if not join in an check out a few different perspectives on this thing we call LIFE!



4 linkz frum da’ Quantum Quark 2 U this fine day 

CREST13.org - Centers for the Restitution, Investigation and Education of the Natural MindNoosphere World Forum - www.noosphereforum.org




Wishing Light an Secret Language

Wingmaker Chamber 15 Poetry

Wingmakers Chamber 15 Poetry


Wishing Light


sun walks the roof of the sky

with a turtle’s patience.
Circling endlessly amidst the black passage
of arrival and retreat.
Moon can shape shift
and puncture the confidant darkness.
The weaker sister of sun
it bleeds light even as it dwindles
to a fissure of fluorescence.
Black sky like a monk’s hood draped
over stars with squinted eyes.
Stewards lost,
exiled to overspread
the dark lair of the zodiac.
This silent outback where
light is uprooted and cast aside
beats like a tired clock uneven.
It dreams of sunlight passing so
it can follow like a parasite.
Tired of meandering in absence it
wants to live the speed of light and feel its directness.
Wishing to stay alive in light years
and not some recumbent eternity.
Desiring the sharp pain of life
to the dull, numbing outskirts of ancient space.
Darkness follows light like a tireless
wind that pours over tumbleweeds.
But it always seems to outlast the people
if not the light.


~~Secret Language

Night in bed

eyes closed, ears open,
listening to the secret life outside my window.
The liturgy of the nocturnal.
Sounds and rhythms of
swift-footed crickets
giving testimony to the trees that overlook
the native church like great archways
carved of Roman hands.
The intricate language of tiny animals
sweeping through the night air
unfaltering they hold me spellbound.
How can I sleep without an interpreter?
If only I knew what they were saying.
I could sleep again.

The above frum wingmakers chamber 15 along with the art werk above also..and artifacts also..read more here go tot he original wingmakers site click here…


WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Texture

Ok Kinna schetched out over the Pingback master at werdpress daily post…

guess they didn’t like my last post …

zig zag


i gave ping back a couple rings and well no answer but see others pop up ever since… so all i can do is wunder what is up with that…anyone that reads me from wordpress? possibly got an answer, er is there some guideline or boundry i have crossed please tell me ? i am wunderin till then well i am jest schetched out a bit With a Bit of Texture of course round da fringes i guess 🙂 over an out frum



da above was da roof of da car before it became dis’


 Like so!


frum dis”’..more 2 come in another postit 🙂

was a fun projekt !

here in Q’s werld

frum texture to smooth!

frum texture to smooth!


Texture Werd of Da' week

Texture Werd of Da’ week