Time To Blossom

….. Quote of da’ day came to me
frum a farmer in Kind
Rain Lightning thunder

an more rain in colorado this fine day!

Time fer one to come outa of da shell an


Cheers an over an out frum Q

420 Greetings


Don’t weery

Be Happy

an Have a splendid week!

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Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime2 Bo’s shot

Lightning Electrical Sky

Quarksire Loves to take photographs at night in colorado of the incredible rocky mountain Kind that are very awesome an incredible sometimes.like my latest on NIghttime

Weekly Photo Challenge Nighttime by quarksire

So as my introduction to U.. I am entering this pic of bo’s an link to his page as an intro to the werdpress werld i hang with that bos stuff exists, and like mine u can buy prints etc etc, rolled up and sent to u ready to frame of some kewl stuff so no further adoo!

🙂 !

Striking Photography By “Bo” click on the link here to see the Video> Frum Striking Photography..

     The Shot above links to my web-friend an colorado local!  james-insogna Bo!’s website and his incredible Lightning photography also ..will have to add him to

my You Tube.

check out bo’s vid below :)!

Storm Catcher – July Sky Time Lapse Video

Werd of da' week Nightime

Werd of da’ week Nightime

WordPress weekly photo challenge

PS: Now maybe bo will come here an post a shot a week fer fun HUH ! Thanbks Bo for ur kewl stuff! keep em coming 🙂 Q

About bouldercountyphotographer

James “Bo” Insogna was Born and raised in Pittsburgh PA. He studied with the New York Institute of Photography. He Started his photography career 1984. He opened a studio in Boulder, Colorado downtown on the Boulder mall. Shooting for local newspapers, magazines, Skiing, Bicycling, models portfolios and some commercial work. In 1987 the economy got bad in Boulder so he decided to make a move to Scottsdale Arizona. Once in Arizona, He became a staff photographer for the Phoenician Arabian Horse Magazine doing the covers, inside lay outs and a two page spread called Bo Trek. In the late 1980’s – 1990’s he was a respected member of the Arabian Horse Community in Arizona, chosen to photograph champions, riders, trainers and owners. From the first Arizona lightning monsoon season, Bo very quickly became a Lightning Storm Chaser. Striking-Photography.com, http://www.ArizonaLightning.com and aka http://www.TheLightningMan.com was born. A very fun, exciting and dangerous job! Since 1987 he has spent many years pursuing elusive lightning storms spanning miles of natural desert. It takes great dedication, courage and desire to grip a metal camera upon a metal tripod astride mountain peaks with lightning crashing mere paces away. His prints reflect the courage and passion he feels for his art. He has been featured on television and in print. In 1991 The VVA honored him by choosing his Photograph “Operation Desert Storm” as the official print of the Arizona Desert Storm Memorial Fund. The men and the flag represent the “Operation” and the Victory and Liberation of Kuwait. The Saguaro represents the “Desert” and the men and women who served in the Gulf. The Lightning represents the “Storm” and the Air War with swift, precise strikes. Twenty years after leaving Boulder, Bo decided to relocate his family back in Colorado. He settled in Boulder County. Lovin Life in Boulder County! Facebook Twitter G+ Bo featured on ABC News TV 15 Bo featured on TV 3

Heaven an Hell

Heaven an Hell

a Quarked perspective!



Heaven is where the Police are British…

the cooks french….

the Mechanics German….

is where the Lovers are Italian…

and it is all organized by the Swiss!


Like a bolt of lightning frum Q's Brain

an Like a bolt of lightning frum Q’s Brain

Hell is where the Cooks are British…

the mechanics are French….

the Lovers are the Swiss…

The police are German


and it is all organized by the Italians

🙂 🙂 🙂

lol..well did i loose ya at the bakery on that one or are u a multicuultural individual…?

have a great day every one



Colorful Colorado blessingz 2 U

over an out frum da’ Q

PS: Don’t ferget bout the british Went Worth LoL 🙂


Tricholemmal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Greetings2 again 2 U 2 Day…now thats a mouthful, er Headfull i should say!

~~~~an chronically speakin today!~~~~~~


Tricholemmal Squamous Cell Carcinoma with possible Cranial Infiltration…we shall see….

Matrix Medical Communications; tells mikey!
Jest what i do an don’t wanna hear today…each a living separate living dichitomy.
The pathological diagnosis was recurrent tricholemmal carcinoma;;;;;;;;yes both da head an da neck are affected here .. 😦 Perineural invasion in aggressive skin carcinomas of the head and neck. Potentially dangerous but frequently overlooked…. jest what i didn’t wannna hear today! …an thingz were going so much betta… oh well…. so fer me instead of radical manuevers of sugery etc etc at the very present unless absolutely reccomended is for me to werk on this bio-energitically… with frequencies…. i always had thought it was jest the little critters er whatnot that eat at the hair follicles and make on bald that was giving me the problems, but apparenmtly it is much more DEEP ROOTED than that! 😦 so hope fully Bio Resonance and re introducing my skin to the correct frequencies etc etc,,,will help me with this out of the sugery room…. as i re-programed my rife machine <{LINK} with the correct frequencies for this i have noticed the similarities and closeness of the frequencies to the frequencies of my adpkd – Polycystic Kidney Disease,<{link} and also the melanoma frequencies are very much the same also…not exact but very close on the spectrum of the over 1000+ frequencies in the human body. So, dynamically an harmonically i werk on this i can with the correct frequency i do so hope to keep me outa and out under of the knife of the surgeon who generally wants to cut me up.
So, Skin cancer of the head and neck with perineural invasion.
Perineural invasion occurs in 2% to 6% of cutaneous basal and squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck and is associated with midface location, recurrent tumors, high histologic grade, and increasing tumor size. Patients may be asymptomatic with perineural invasion appreciated on pathologic examination of the surgical specimen (incidental) or may present with cranial nerve deficits (clinical). The cranial nerves most commonly involved are the 5th and 7th nerves. Magnetic resonance imaging is obtained to detect and define the extent of perineural invasion; computed tomography is used to detect regional lymph node metastases. Patients with apparently resectable cancers undergo surgery usually followed by postoperative radiotherapy. Patients with incompletely resectable cancers are treated with definitive radiotherapy. The 5-year local control, cause-specific survival, and overall survival rates are approximately 87%, 65%, and 50%, respectively, for patients with incidental perineural invasion compared with 55%, 59%, and 55%, respectively, for those with clinical perineural invasion.
Wow , Huh well, so much fun lifeis in the werld of Q with his PKD {Polycystic Kidney Disease} and now this also,,, as if it wasn’t enuff to be chronically fatiqued all the time fighting the PKD i also got a case of a head that feels like it has ants or bees stinging on self a lot on the surface an jest below the skin and scalp.. frum ear to neck to top of head, so we shalll see what the prognosis is and future outlook and adendum to my life is an how it becometh i shall keep ya posted


…. whoo yeehaaaaaa…..


Teddy sayz

……..In September of 1937, hemp became illegal. The most useful crop known became a drug and our planet has been suffering ever since……The truth is governments only care about themselves; we are their enemy and they need to control us (because we have the numbers) any way they can…with religion, bogus science, television, news, propaganda, commercials or via the abolition of MARIJUANA.

Instead of THEM industrializing hemp to save the planet…they have banned it. They have created a monster out of the very thing that is a precious gift to the world. NO, it does not make sense at all. However, it is understandable in the insane, Bizarro, backwards world that we live in. Apparently, any good thing is always destroyed…SO! get a cupa jave an click on this article if’n ya are interested in knowing bout this evil weed conspiracy! Did you know, it is estimated that hemp has approximately 25,000 uses? From food, paint and fuel to clothing and construction materials, hemp is used. There are even hemp fibres in your Red Rose® and Lipton® tea bags. And several cars made today contain hemp….there will be almost 7000 werdz in this  Blog, So Time for a cupa coffee an er a bowl a ? sumpin fer Breakfast! I have done research for years here so , well u can hopefully learn a thing er 2 frum Q 2 day!


…hasta over an out frum

mr 420 an Q in wunderland 🙂

PS: HAPPY 420 2 U wherever U be

🙂 yep yep 🙂

The Marijuana Conspiracy
The Real Reason why Hemp is Illegal

old skewl text for thumpers! lol>

And I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consumed with hunger in the land. — Ezekiel 34/29

420 Greetings

420 Greetings2 U 2 Day


Destiny is the Hidden Power believed to control our future! It’s not created on its own, it has to be created and depends upon da’ power to




As Da’ Werld Turnz it be

4;20 sumwhere


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