Cherokee Blessings

Cherokee/Irish Blessingz

crowbirdFrom a day of hurting ( i crashed friday and dislocated my shoulder:( to a weekend of recovery to a night of wunder,
For today i have to thank for my healing
” cherokee blessingz”
an da song cherokee woman goes round an round in me head πŸ™‚
Ever since my loving friend and healer “Crow” whom has passed away to the other side now has been gone, i kinna knew he was sending me my lessons and aquantainces and miracles and friends in my life, that were somehow related to the tribal culture an music etc etc…So as Crow used to tell me, life is really to short mikey to allow urself to be abused by others who do not appreciate u or ur life etc etc… release urself from those whom carry the burden of the werld on their shoulders with false flag resentments and fears and allow the holy spirit to connect ya with the ones that are meant to be with ya!,,so is hard advice but many years laterz now i have taken it and well, was the best advice i could ever get, to get out of the way of my own destiny and allow the world i wish for to grow around and come to me the way i wish it to…
So, that it is happening “One Day at a Time now again. More Cherokee Blessings.


So This post it is for u and with much thanks to u for being U “cherokee/irish woman” an help me to heal in the times i now need it so very much, for that

ALL MY LOVE 2 U this day!……….


peace out to the werld an forgiveness to those whom haven’t really a clue what they now have done….For I believe man and womans greatest endeavor is to be a person of LOVE & HONOR

…more to come…… yep yep πŸ™‚
over an out frum

PS: Follow da links below if ya don’t know lots bout the cherokee nation and the cherokee healers and cherokee woman……

Cherokee Women – First People of America and Canada

AN YEAH STILL TO THIS DAY MIKEY BELIEVES IN THE “POWER” and FORTITUDE OF the Native AMerican Woman πŸ™‚ Seemed to Hewk with my soul ever since years ago i saw da movie

“A Man Called Horse”

i always thought what an awesome path, so here i am in the end living on my purchased sacred indian land πŸ™‚ i do,,, i feel very blessed evry day i wake up and go out an lewk at my view πŸ™‚

Quarks front yard

Quarks front yard…800 ft deep canyon ou frt there

…Adios frum Q will keep ya posted….

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