Monochrome Monday 9-8-2014

winding path, an a weekly post-it it is not always here fer mikey, is another monday it is w/ Contemplation! of gewd thingz to come 🙂

vicster_50_feetaway_by_quarksire 003400 mm lens asa

Here is a shot of my friend Vic frum bout 50 feet above er more across parking lot lewking through the porch railing from second story.. he hasnt a clue i am taking this shot 🙂 Not always MONOCHROME now that i can see in color lol

… an recovering from a weekend of physical pain here…Crashed an dis-located my right shoulder friday 😦 bummer but is what it is, as again as always , life is not always in black an white :) well keeping a positive out lewk ,an rememberin that life was once upon a time very 2 dimensional leading to 4 and now it is even great yet as new dimensions unfold every day round the planet and in each an every ones very personal life, whatevr it may be , make the best of it an have a great week :)… the best we can do is try hard an be honest , best one can do , over an out frum Q,,,,,more monochrome stuff check it out at ther link below to Leanne’s site

vicster_by_quarksire 001

leanne cole photography

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