This is Not Here By


The Mythic Self – in the werld of Q now sayz; Whether this is here or there U will still be sumwhere 🙂 Realatively speakin..Saving Face LoL..Monty Python once said in the seventies…how can ya be in 2 places at once when ur no where at all 🙂 .. soo to be expplaineeded by the Q lol….well it was bout time to be either here and there also all in the same if i was cross blogging etc etc… jest typing googling quarksire well finds me all over and jest googling 420 greetings finds me at the top of the list also, so i figured an easy way to preserve my real nature here at werdpress as da’ one and only dot com of the Q <link and 420 greetings.< is what it is now u will see the names of my 2 webby domains here reflecting this newness 🙂 … so thanks for everyone on the planet that made it werthwhile fer the Q to become what he is on the net here and share my part of reality the way i see it across the planet, living in the land of dreams where well, if ya see the dream it manifests as a reality that one had always hoped for 🙂 Destiny er Fate well, is still to be fortold how that will turn out …we shall see  stay tuned :)… hope every body has a great week…. and well its always easy to find the Q now…and if ya ever want to send a kewl 420 greeting pics to someone ya can jest right click on any of the pics there and send em fer fun across the planet….again enjoy an Namaste’ an thanQ to all my supporters and followerz frum all over the planet! adios an over an out frum da’ Q

walter mitty

Ps: another reason why i did this is so i could legally offer things i might have for sale on my side bar and have ownership over the domain sales page etc etc and bookstore etc etc soon to be developed 🙂 …both e books and gadgets on ebay etc etc…u shall see 🙂 stay tuned 🙂 Q

420 Greetings


Keepon Keepin on One Day @ a Time

an Come back Ya all ya hear! 🙂 always sumpin new. 🙂 till da day i er da internet dies whichever cums furst lol





How ever ya fly fly safe an remember 🙂

~ Crashing is Not an Option ~ 🙂

runangonow of quarkland …either here r there 🙂 lol

whatz ya got to say to all that! ?

whatz ya got to say to all that! ?





One thought on “This is Not Here By

  1. Reblogged this on 420 Greetings and commented:

    The 420 Greetings editor an reader also is messed up since wordpress changes last month…So as a result i am passing this one down the line frum the Past.A blast frum the a good reminder…to be able to get a visual on the future a lot of the times……So …read-on an enjoy Ur DAy….Namaste 2 one an all that come across the world of 420 greetings!…. 420 Greetings 2 U this day an evry day!….frum smiley in colorado! 🙂

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