The Black Hole of Forgiveness

Its an all natural way for one to fall of ya know,
fer it is the only true way one can grow:) once we
fall from the place of comfort,
we need to re-create and find new shelter and sustinence to Grow:
^^^ Quark say ^^^

^^^ Quark say ^^^

this article; i have seen a few places now an in mail so i forwarding to U because; well i jest witnessed 3 healer type of lady friends of mine fall from grace an out of thier own light of healing an not able to help or heal others because they live in this black hole of false forgiveness, to hide thier true essence; which is that thay do not worship the front they put out in thier life, {love and light} , rather they worship thier very own fears, Deep inside the subconscious. This is why i am writing the article i am NOW bout the NOW instead of relying on the past to make us do what we do in the NOW! to rely on our very own intuition of an through love instead is the correct way, ask urself is this a love based decision or a fear based decision in every thing u do,,, an see what happens ,over an out frum Q
About the Black Hole of forgiveness
:::Let’s talk about the black hole of forgiveness. Many times, people think they are expressing forgiveness when they are really in denial. A false New Age idea has been promoted that to become a loving spiritual being you need to forgive everyone, even if they mistreated, disrespected and mislead you. People are so uncomfortable with anger that it has become a religious practice to skip that emotion entirely, and go directly to shutting down to fit in. This is called “forgiveness.”There is also a similar New Age idea which goes something like this: we cannot use judgment because judgment is condemning others, and to be a spiritual person, you must love everyone. In fact, scrutinizing, assessing and measuring what is happening is the good use of your intelligence, not an unfriendly act. The cabal worked hard, for good reason, to train us into believing that using judgment is identical to being judgmental. It was a deliberate and brilliant teaching to trick humankind into embracing blindness. If we had truly looked at them with clear judgment, we would have seen through their illusion and they would have been powerless over us.When you look closely at something, you allow the intuitive red flag response which instantaneously leads you to Truth and away from danger. But this would mean you have to use judgment. Instead, you are expected to be ignorant of what you feel, in order to make other people feel good, especially the ones who are behaving badly toward you. You are expected to accept all people just the way they are, even if, here again… they have mistreated you, disrespected you, and mislead you.The picture we have just described is so circular (forgiveness, denial, forgetfulness, denial, anger, denial, and blindness) it prevents you from ever getting to the point or the truth of what has actually happened. This attitude puts you forever at risk of repeating the mistakes of the past, when using your judgment and intuition would have allowed you the chance to bring your life to a higher level. So you are stuck in denial, because presumably, expressing who you are and what you think goes against forgiving others. This encourages endless tolerance toward people who should not be permitted the rights and privileges of being close to you.

This brings us to the third lie which leads to the Black Hole: By telling the truth, you are hurting others and “making waves.” This is not socially acceptable will bring rejection and abandonment (from the very people you should have already left behind). While keeping this circular emotional prison you can’t speak truly or express your feelings honestly. You are expected to beam love, or you risk being seen as intolerant, selfish and overly sensitive.

How can you be able to beam love when you have put all the resentment, rage and fear into your stomach, intestines, heart and mind in order to paste a big smile on your face and pretend all is just fine? This is not love, forgiveness, tolerance or spiritual elevation; it is denial. All of it is designed to prevent you from being free, and to prevent you from raising your vibration to be the brilliant Lightworker you really are. You have just signed on to wearing the ball and chain which will prevent you from rising to your own Ascension.

Therefore, denial really means you must put all people, events and personal behaviours that you dislike and that make you feel ashamed, angry, hurt or unworthy into a little box labeled “Things to forget.” This you place in a secret corner of yourself while you give yourself credit for having “worked this out.” By doing this, you adopt the cabal principle: “It happened so long ago it’s no longer true, so don’t bring it up.” Understand, that by doing this you cannot manifest your ideal life, because the vision of your ideal life dies with the denial of yourself.

If you are in denial mode, you can’t forgive yourself and you can’t forgive others.
How to resolve this paradox? First we must understand that there are two real forms of forgiveness.

First, there is the truth and reconciliation form of forgiveness, which takes place between two or more people who are present and aware of the interaction. It requires acknowledgement of responsibility, genuine regret and a heartfelt apology, “I promise I will never do this to you again” and they don’t, ever. Only then is it possible for the injured one to truly forgive and go on in the relationship without compromising their integrity and good judgment. (Beware the false apology which carries a tone of blame and entitlement – the “I’m sorry you made me do it” manipulation.)

The following conditions must be present in order to resolve the conflict:

– The one who has been hurt acknowledges their feelings and offers the other the opportunity to make up for their mistake. This is a gift of trust and good will.

– The person who has hurt another takes responsibility, expresses genuine regret, and asks for forgiveness. It creates an environment in which real closeness and trust can grow. From this fertile ground, a strong and healthy relationship can develop.

Genuine reconciliation and forgiveness requires openness, transparency, mutual kindness and conscious agreement before moving on. If you have not accomplished this, and you decide to stay, you are creating a recipe for disaster. If you haven’t seen all of the above elements, and you “forgive and forget” anyway, you are abandoning your freedom and the opportunity to be authentically yourself. It is wiser to walk away. Compromising your integrity in trade for resolution can only recreate the cycle of resentment and pain.

The second form of forgiveness is a solo mastery of feelings, apart from any continuing relationship. This is not to be confused with the above reconciliation/forgiveness. In this case, the perpetrator is unrepentant, unwilling to negotiate, or absent. This form of forgiveness MUST NOT be used as an excuse for playing on the dark side by supporting another’s bad behavior, or for congratulating yourself for being above it all.

We understand that the internal resolution of pain or injury from the past is the path to peace of mind. In order to accomplish this we must be willing to release all feelings of resentment or victimization, which keep us tied to the perpetrator and the darkness we experienced. Seeing that our own recovery is more important than revenge allows us to make the choice to release ourselves to love again in spite of past hurt.

One who has been devastated by traumatic events or a life without love can lose their grip on themselves, on their faith in God and their self-respect. People who have been victimized can fall into a bottomless pit of self-blame and loathing. It takes courage, determination and focus to restore your Faith and to believe in yourself.

This form of forgiveness is fundamentally about your own recovery and the decision to live in the present, in love with yourself. Embracing the truth of your past rather than trying to deny it makes it possible to restore your sense of self-respect and worthiness. This is a real achievement. Learning to love yourself is the true key to forgiveness. It is the way out of the Dark Hole, and the path to manifesting the ideal life you came here to live.



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For further discussion on these issues, see Chapter 27, “How Can I Get Over It?” and Chapter 28, “Learning Forgiveness,” Who Needs Light? by Kathryn E. May, PsyD

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So, Back to my beginning of this blog! We need to re-create and find new shelter and sustinence to Grow🙂
So how do we find this new beginning ya see and envision its birth within me:)
…..welp , first chore fer me is ya see, to get outa the way:)!!!!
So the forces at werk in my life can be allowed to Re-create:)….
this saying i find so true as long as it is percieved correctly,,,
fer ones perception of god may be different than onothers!… but
the saying goes as this>>>>” Let go! ~ Let God”! <<<<<
to a certain extent I am a firm believer in it 🙂 ,
because of my interpretation ya see 🙂 !
For this werd that keeps coming up today fer me is to re-create:)….
well….it seems as in no matter of co-incidence un-natura l:) ?
what a sense or context; i put it my life is and should always be just about that 🙂
Re-creation 🙂
hopefully one day I can make a living just doing RECREATION<:)….ah but ya see now right:) okay:)darn oh well i guess i am making a living re-creating hehe…lol
RECREATION ` most simply put is not always having fun 🙂
😦 but sometimes might be a real chore
or task…but it is what it is, if ya lewk at it difinitively….
might even get hurt re-creating if ya mess up?
so be careful !
re-creation = recreation:) without the gap:)
So point of my thoughts to me today is to “LET GO” and not let thine ego direct the script:) but let
it be found within actions done out of discerned direction of the higher spirit:)….. ❤
Fer me to continue to let the higher order of things run the reels, and beware that my dicisions can
dramatically change the script:)..
so be poingnant bout my needs and directiveness is important today….
may today I be the best part of the script that I can imagine, and werk with truth and honesty,
and if it requires it….shut my mouth:) hehe and have a little wisdom bout me:)
..fer ..sometimes it
is wiser not to say anything at all, but just to see it fer what it is and experience
” it.”
..whatever it is..
so the least I want to forget today is my ability to Re-create:).
…for recreational activitys keep me
free and feeling like i am a part of the
“big picture show”:)
so jest fer today:)
“let go!” and
“let ur higher power show ya how to re-create”
and maybe have a little fun:) while ur at it also…
fer to give it up and let the higher order of things kinda show ya the path
won’t always be the better road as one may percieve but i’ll gaurantee ya this!
“it’ll be different”
and prolly a little cleaner 🙂
OH PS: dont let go too much..hang on jest enough so ya are enabled to still get to the top of ur stair way and destination without too much effort; is the way i see it and without interfering in the “plan” beyond me out to the universe 🙂 ? wallah 🙂 ….as soon as the higher order of things tells ya to get on the ball and re-create a specific thing,,,,wellll….get on the ball and do it!
dont fall! ~ and remember
“crashing is not an option”
beware of the ego and fear!
especially when ya are going to land 🙂
Watch ou fer the freeways, an Okies & hippies {watch out!} and the rednecks too 🙂 …viejo ~y namaste’ 2
easy to say huh….well into action should be my quest daily in every thing i do:)…
okay …gotta go and get into action 🙂 chow!
if nutin else i’ll scrub the floors, and do my dishes too 🙂
hmmmm maybe a little more too…



Gregg Prescott, M.S. – Earth’s Quarantine Force Field Discovered By NASA – – 11-30-14

**** I gots like almost 1000 following my werld now an well, i am writing a rather long article called why is this happenign to me again over an over, an it’s rather long, many followers might not even like the content even though i mean no harm in how i say what i say i mean what i say and say what i mean which is one thing i wish more of the world in my world would do , anyhow without much further ado u can be intoduced for the time being to a quest of sorts, good bad or indifferent all depends on how u percieve ur NOW! an whether in in love or victimship of actions by fears in mind? ur choice, So is


will get ya thinking anyhow , hasta frum the Quantum Quark 🙂 enjoy ur sunday! ..may ur higher density be with U . an bel;ieve in that which u love 🙂 Q

Higher Density Blog

NASA recently discovered what appears to be a 'force field' over Earth, fueling the fire over whether our planet has been under spiritual and physical quarantine as many have suggested.

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.   –   Editor,

NASA recently discovered what appears to be a ‘force field’ over Earth, fueling the fire over whether our planet has been under spiritual and physical quarantine as many have suggested.

According to Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, the electron barrier exists in the Van Allen belts, a pair of donut-shaped belts that ring the Earth teeming with protons and electrons. The Earth’s magnetic field holds the belts in place, but the scientist says that the electrons in these belts – which travel at nearly the speed of light – are being blocked by some invisible force that reminded him of the kind of shields used in television series like Star Trek to stop alien energy weapons from vaporizing starships.

This newly found force field appears to be unrelated to the clouds of cold plasma that were…

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Not on Quarks BucketList

Not on my bucket list

are the following thingzzz

THE Life of Quarksire is adventurous an i like to do a lot of things that are “quote” exciting to do, but well,, there are jest certain thingz that are not on my bucket list to evr do! Not sorry to say…

I like getting High but Whatevr 

Geezzz.stay calm honey don’t rock da’ boat tonight huh!.

Like When Tree Camping in Germany!

ew dat lewks cozy! what happens if ya get on the same side of the bed Lol?


I Have live to my over 55 age because i chose not to do a lot of these thingz i believe,,so to each his or her own to what they call “fun,

Alp Sky Walkin


Or’ Cliff Camping – Hey that lewks fun – Not!


Or’ mountain bikin in on cliffs in molar


Or’ Climbing Mt. Wellington- yippie!


Or’ Climbing Redwoodz


Or’ Crevice climbing


Or’ Extreme Skiing Wyoming – oh how fun!Yeehaa 🙂


Or’ GlacierBoarding- what?-Where?


Or’ Ice Climbin A WaterFall! yeah thats sane!

thrilling also!


Or’ Sittin on Tortunga rock in norway

– well she’s got more ballz than me!




Or‘Jumpin on it for that matta a fact^They jest plain idiots in my sense of the werldly ?^an would go out jumping happy if that roock decided to break, but not a chance huh! ..ok



Or’ Da mount Nimbus Skywalk in Canada u will not find me on either….

and Or’ on Top of it all Jest lewking round, well,,,,


Only in my dreamzzzzzz


would i wish to rock climb in south africa – lewks thrillin huh!..


O well to some sittin on the ledge at half dome in Yosemite sounds like fun right!


***O’ an especially as thrilling as it lewks***


Hang in there! on the Toronto Edgewalk

i think ill stick to my flying my ultralights 🙂 an obviously unicycling norway is jest a tad bit outa’ my league LoL…


O an if that aint enuff for things Not On my Bucket List it jest might top it off

Kayakin Victoria fallz :)….lewks real fun…NOT!My thanks to leonard for sending me these pics is like wow dude,,,nope i don’t wanna do it, But i’ll watch!.


I’d be in another world if i did anything of the sortz above, now how, boutz U! Have a great weekend and whatevr it is ya do that flips ur cookie to take the cake at the top of ur bucket list, Be safe,an remember

“Crashing is Not an Option!”

Over an out frum Q


I’ll stick to something safe like the sport below 🙂

yvess_rossy aka Jetman!

yvess_rossy aka Jetman!

cya on da’ flipside


see original post here

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Converge



Photos are visual spaces where shapes and lines, objects, and people come together…

here is an example of how a buncha lines have to converge to become 2 points to have to grab ahold of to Maintain Control!.


light converges into shadow

light converges into shadow

This week, explore the ways lines and shapes can converge in interesting ways through photography.

You can take the theme in a literal or an abstract direction, as you see fit — from a photo of a byroad merging into a busy highway to an image of an airport terminal where people from all over the world form hectic, ephemeral communities.Have a splendid weekend everyone no matter how one converges

 one has to COnverge  all lines to keep it together

one has to COnverge all lines on both sides of reality to keep it together

an a buncha friends well, thay converge on dis’ cliff, to but only diverge into space seperately!




wpc-widgetWordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Yes i be livin on da’ edge but not the edge of crazy!



Karmetic Reality & Perceptual Empowerment

********Ya don’t have to hear with the ears to be able to hear from the ya don’t have to act with physical action to be an action in da’mind!.

To behold one perception or another makes the outcome different in the end…

i do so believe!…

AN TODAY tHANKSGIVING LOL… I CAN BE gRATEFUL ; FOR ALL OF LIFES LESSONS OFFERED TO ME, & CHOOSE to FORGIVE those whom could not be grateful for nor honor me for whom i am an was, i can only pray for then today,

auctually is very hard to jest have to be in Acceptance & THankful? for lifes lessons learnt ? what for well ……? read on er not…~so~
* Create 🙂 ***or React * 😦 *

for it is individual choice….yep yep!
~ to either be a Creation or a Reaction ~

Dat choice is urs this fine day ,

and Most Important thans to all the readers here who have helped me on this journey through life, may u live long an prosper in ur learning an growing lessons in this life,an hopefully without strife!…

Love & Light,is what it is …all dere’ is 2 it!

Frum da’ Quarked one! Q



Quarked one here sayz datthis post is bout shaking it off?….How I do this much of the time? and sometimes I am not sure even? 🙂 …but I seem to be able to shake off many different Chemistrys that are thrown at me…and for now that is good…but the ones that I have a hard time shaking off are the Hereditary ones {that I didn’t believe that I created myself}???
So, as it is I prayed {asked for or waited for} for serenity 🙂 lol…and I got it…i wished to be out of the city of storms years ago…and I was led…every day I am lead down paths that are arriving me as of yet closer to the healing process of all my disease that i carry and behold…for one day it shall all be transmuted into something of a different nature{perception}…behold and perception seem to be the key werdz…

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Morning Glory 2 U Mate

*****.i repost this one @ this time of the day for my friends in aussie land, lucky mr billo my friend hang pilot instructor frum newcastle;

where these incredible cLouds roll in an out of life every day there at certain times of the year, i so much wanna visit one day b 4 i go away i can go learn the art of ridge soaring the white ridge of moisture of these awesome cloud formations.

 Awesome night to the Werld frum Q…

This post iot is fer some one special i know that well, if i could ever take her anywhere in da werld to go fly an see something wunderful this would be one of those, besides my friends at maui that fly these also 🙂 another blog another day , good night er good day an morning glory to u wherever u be …

yes , let ur life be an art filled journey an , your  way anyway 🙂 anytime; i’m easy :)… lol weather permitting an da great spirit above 🙂

cya then Qt

frum 🙂 Q…..

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Quarked Vids



all bout

my motobike - "infinity"

– “infinity” –

Motorcycles Ying to Yang

& dat infamous choice every minute of every day we have

Love or Fear



The way forward ……

Morning Glory cloud surfing, Burketown.

sometimes the world appears to be spinning out of control.

 S ometimes there seems to be no end to the distressing news.

 S ometimes it feels like troubles are being piled on top of troubles.

 S ometimes it can look as if there could never be a way forward.

And yet, that way forward is always as close as your next thought. For no matter how difficult and discouraging life may have become, with each dawning moment, a new world of positive possibilities opens up to you.

From the darkest depths of despair, hope does indeed grow and take flight.

Out of difficult situations, new strategies emerge for creating real value and spreading life’s goodness.

We always have to Remember that the future does not have to be an extension of the past.

 For you can act right now…

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Cleansing Da’ Soul


*****another one so very apprapo for todays werld in mikey’s life here, hope ur staying warm whomever ya are, cold is the pitz fer me 🙂 love & light frum Q



Ever feel like ur jest hanging on the fence wundering , like geez whats coming next!???
^^^ hangin’ on da’ fence^^^

Photo taken of Diana McDee by Q

35mm format 70mm lens from 20 ft away^^^

~~~dang shadow in pic~~~geez Q!~~~

On Cleansing the Soul! an keepin a kleen mind!

Keep in Mind! Whilst one is in da’ Healing Mode of life emotional cleansing can take a toll on us and make us feel a bit overwhelmed an run down,

but “this too shall pass”.

Many a time we need to cleanse and detoxify our bodies and minds…especially if one is going through an ascension process of some kind. a lot of the times we as humans at that juncture experience flu like symptoms, remember it is only a symptom and the aches an pains in the body are really releases of the toxic werld inside, caused by…

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Inner Peace, What is it?

******mikey couldn’t agree more today thanks for sending this one Mark


But how easy is it for us to reach this state of ‘Inner Peace’? Well I guess there is no short answer to that question because some of us find ‘Inner Peace’ very quickly whilst others look for it throughout their lives and never actually find it.


Endless Light and Love




It is so easy for us to talk about Inner Peace and what living in the ‘Now’ does for your life, how it brings an end to our suffering and allows us to live in contentment and look at our lives and the world around us with a different set of eyes!

But how easy is it for us to reach this state of ‘Inner Peace’? Well I guess there is no short answer to that question because some of us find ‘Inner Peace’ very quickly whilst others look for it throughout their lives and never actually find it. And for some they gain ‘Inner Peace’ then slip right back into their old ways of living like they are on that never ending diet, loosing weight, gaining fitness only to return to old habits, gain weight and on goes that perpetual circle of life!

I know I have struggled throughout…

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Michelles Pet Challenge Roundup and End of da week

 ~ All Good Dogs Go to Heaven ~
an ya can’t keep a good dog down!
Is what one has to do when approached with the end of a life!
Friendship or loved one whom exits this life or life in general an friends or aquantinces when they let ya down ya got to jest rise above it all! as also with the passing of a great life long friend!..
Hank a week before he visited heaven 4 ever

Hank a week before he visited heaven 4 ever – a long life it waz!  quarksire’s neighbors dog hank!

Before the freeze set in last week an it got ugly in pagosa an witch like cold we had to bury hank there above…Hank was a kewl dog, a Ruff Ruff watch dog at best lived to be almost 13 years, he woulnd’t hurt anyone an was the sweetest ol lab ever – got really gentle an all he wanted was petted an loved his last year alove here 🙂 So as they say “All Good Dogs Go To Heaven” heres to Hankster! a lab that waz
“2 Kewl fer Skewl!”
old man hank!

old man hank!

~~~~poem fer hank here ~~~~
u can fly up above ur shadows
can fly above the rainbows
u can fly through the arch of a rainbow:)
but it may still may be ur only dance?:(..
so we fly very carefully:).
da'day he wouldn't die! we though he was going to!

da’day he wouldn’t die! we though he was going to!

~ be very careful down here ~ er’ up here as it may be ~
~ fer this may be ur one and only chance?~
~dis’ go around in life ya see –
an ya never know
~ when its going to happen to u or a loved one!
That Last Dance!!


~ Q ~


Healthy Verses Un-Healthy Co-dependencies by quarksire

If you’re the enabler in a codependent relationship — meaning you promote the other person’s dysfunctions — you can prevent them from learning common and needed life lessons.”


an is the last thing i wish to do is change anothers destiny and fate unless it is for the better, guess for the better might jest be in the eye of the beholder.
Tonights topic for the Q is C0_dependent Relationships. the healthy and the unhealthy aspects an view points of it!
First off The Wiki Definition!
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
“Mother Hen” redirects here. For the musician sometimes known as “Mother Hen”, see Jane Getz.
Codependent relationships are a type of dysfunctional helping relationship where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement. People with a predisposition to be a codependent enabler often find themselves in relationships where their primary role is that of rescuer, supporter, and confidante. These helper types are often dependent on the other person’s poor functioning to satisfy their own emotional needs. Codependency often involves placing a lower priority on one’s own needs, while being excessively preoccupied with the needs of others.


Codependency can occur in any type of relationship, including family, work, friendship, and also romantic, peer or community relationships.Codependency may also be characterized by denial, low self-esteem, excessive compliance, or control patterns.
So from there is where i wish to take the discussion to the forms… an to a direction that might make a person take a better lewk at whether they live in a healthy or an Unhealthy for of C0 Dependency.
Yes there is healthy co-dependency… it is of the simplest kind,,,the honorable approach to daily life etc etc… with constant loving communication, and then comes the all knowingness trust because of knowing the other is faithful and committed and true to ya. A healthy kind of co-dependent relationship honors each individual for that which they truly are. A healthy kind of co dependency is that where one lives with faith that the other party will do the best they can to communicate and honor what it is said will or wil not be done or promised, to honor them.
The Healthy kind of co dependency comes from knowing an believing in another person and what they say and preach is to be true, many can talk the talk but when it comes down to it in life they can’t walk the walk.For Example, if i am to tell u “i’ll call ya later” and don’t call till tomorrow or the next day? well is that healthy or not?…

Some believe that codependency is not a negative trait, and does not need to be treated, as it is more likely a healthy personality trait taken to excess. Codependency in nonclinical populations has some links with favorable characteristics of family functioning.
An unhealthy kind co-dependency come into play when like for example a person tells ya they will call in the am and they do not? or that that are dying to see ya but blow ya off for another way? or person? then call ya an try to convince ya all is ok even though they chose another person over u 😦 is insane really!.

So, point of this blog is kinna the same as the last few post-its frum me, bout the essene mirrors and which mirrors we choose for which people to reflect our lives offa of, don’t let ur self get trapped into the mirror that wants to use U for to release thier pain and anger upon, an if they do well, all one can really do bout it is cry a bit, try to forgive them an move on for the ignorance they imposed upon ur friendship and honor u might have shown them with all ya had to the best of ur ability, a sad loss truly, jest another caring individual…U might be, but if they do not or judge U and find someone or something better than u and turn u into something U or they are not, like fear; well like i said unhealthy people hold pain inside from things of the past and until they release that pain an memory they will keep living that thing over and over, all things relative to that bad what ya can do is Say a prayer to the holy spirit to hel[p that person forgive thier memories of the past and forgive them again for taking it out on U. sad but true, move on move forward an recgonize a love lost that will never be replaced for that which it could have been ,yes one of the saddest things in the werld it is yes…but,,don’t blame urself don’t bl;ame them,,,forgive it all an let it be give it up to god … the best i can do when dealing with another unhealthy co-dependent behavior, making u a reactor to thier drama filled egoistic life now 😦 where money – judgements-an opinion become more inmportant than love an honor an truth. .again forgive an move on .pray for them an thier allergies to the truth to be removed !.an want to bounce thier negative energy offa u they say they do not own? 😦  well, Enuff on this subjekt fer now i think ya get my point jest mayvbe !



I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself!

I fly good! i fly safe! i fly to have fun not kill myself! or another!

Love an light 2 u today!