Morning Glory 2 U Mate

*****.i repost this one @ this time of the day for my friends in aussie land, lucky mr billo my friend hang pilot instructor frum newcastle;

where these incredible cLouds roll in an out of life every day there at certain times of the year, i so much wanna visit one day b 4 i go away i can go learn the art of ridge soaring the white ridge of moisture of these awesome cloud formations.

 Awesome night to the Werld frum Q…

This post iot is fer some one special i know that well, if i could ever take her anywhere in da werld to go fly an see something wunderful this would be one of those, besides my friends at maui that fly these also 🙂 another blog another day , good night er good day an morning glory to u wherever u be …

yes , let ur life be an art filled journey an , your  way anyway 🙂 anytime; i’m easy :)… lol weather permitting an da great spirit above 🙂

cya then Qt

frum 🙂 Q…..

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all bout

my motobike - "infinity"

– “infinity” –

Motorcycles Ying to Yang

& dat infamous choice every minute of every day we have

Love or Fear



The way forward ……

Morning Glory cloud surfing, Burketown.

sometimes the world appears to be spinning out of control.

 S ometimes there seems to be no end to the distressing news.

 S ometimes it feels like troubles are being piled on top of troubles.

 S ometimes it can look as if there could never be a way forward.

And yet, that way forward is always as close as your next thought. For no matter how difficult and discouraging life may have become, with each dawning moment, a new world of positive possibilities opens up to you.

From the darkest depths of despair, hope does indeed grow and take flight.

Out of difficult situations, new strategies emerge for creating real value and spreading life’s goodness.

We always have to Remember that the future does not have to be an extension of the past.

 For you can act right now…

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