Karmetic Reality & Perceptual Empowerment

********Ya don’t have to hear with the ears to be able to hear from the heart..an ya don’t have to act with physical action to be an action in da’mind!.

To behold one perception or another makes the outcome different in the end…

i do so believe!…

AN TODAY tHANKSGIVING LOL… I CAN BE gRATEFUL ; FOR ALL OF LIFES LESSONS OFFERED TO ME, & CHOOSE to FORGIVE those whom could not be grateful for nor honor me for whom i am an was, i can only pray for then today,

auctually is very hard to jest have to be in Acceptance & THankful? for lifes lessons learnt ? what for well ……? read on er not…~so~
* Create 🙂 ***or React * 😦 *

for it is individual choice….yep yep!
~ to either be a Creation or a Reaction ~

Dat choice is urs this fine day ,

and Most Important thans to all the readers here who have helped me on this journey through life, may u live long an prosper in ur learning an growing lessons in this life,an hopefully without strife!…

Love & Light,is what it is …all dere’ is 2 it!

Frum da’ Quarked one! Q



Quarked one here sayz datthis post is bout shaking it off?….How I do this much of the time? and sometimes I am not sure even? 🙂 …but I seem to be able to shake off many different Chemistrys that are thrown at me…and for now that is good…but the ones that I have a hard time shaking off are the Hereditary ones {that I didn’t believe that I created myself}???
So, as it is I prayed {asked for or waited for} for serenity 🙂 lol…and I got it…i wished to be out of the city of storms years ago…and I was led…every day I am lead down paths that are arriving me as of yet closer to the healing process of all my disease that i carry and behold…for one day it shall all be transmuted into something of a different nature{perception}…behold and perception seem to be the key werdz…

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