Not on Quarks BucketList

Not on my bucket list

are the following thingzzz

THE Life of Quarksire is adventurous an i like to do a lot of things that are “quote” exciting to do, but well,, there are jest certain thingz that are not on my bucket list to evr do! Not sorry to say…

I like getting High but Whatevr 

Geezzz.stay calm honey don’t rock da’ boat tonight huh!.

Like When Tree Camping in Germany!

ew dat lewks cozy! what happens if ya get on the same side of the bed Lol?


I Have live to my over 55 age because i chose not to do a lot of these thingz i believe,,so to each his or her own to what they call “fun,

Alp Sky Walkin


Or’ Cliff Camping – Hey that lewks fun – Not!


Or’ mountain bikin in on cliffs in molar


Or’ Climbing Mt. Wellington- yippie!


Or’ Climbing Redwoodz


Or’ Crevice climbing


Or’ Extreme Skiing Wyoming – oh how fun!Yeehaa 🙂


Or’ GlacierBoarding- what?-Where?


Or’ Ice Climbin A WaterFall! yeah thats sane!

thrilling also!


Or’ Sittin on Tortunga rock in norway

– well she’s got more ballz than me!




Or‘Jumpin on it for that matta a fact^They jest plain idiots in my sense of the werldly ?^an would go out jumping happy if that roock decided to break, but not a chance huh! ..ok



Or’ Da mount Nimbus Skywalk in Canada u will not find me on either….

and Or’ on Top of it all Jest lewking round, well,,,,


Only in my dreamzzzzzz


would i wish to rock climb in south africa – lewks thrillin huh!..


O well to some sittin on the ledge at half dome in Yosemite sounds like fun right!


***O’ an especially as thrilling as it lewks***


Hang in there! on the Toronto Edgewalk

i think ill stick to my flying my ultralights 🙂 an obviously unicycling norway is jest a tad bit outa’ my league LoL…


O an if that aint enuff for things Not On my Bucket List it jest might top it off

Kayakin Victoria fallz :)….lewks real fun…NOT!My thanks to leonard for sending me these pics is like wow dude,,,nope i don’t wanna do it, But i’ll watch!.


I’d be in another world if i did anything of the sortz above, now how, boutz U! Have a great weekend and whatevr it is ya do that flips ur cookie to take the cake at the top of ur bucket list, Be safe,an remember

“Crashing is Not an Option!”

Over an out frum Q


I’ll stick to something safe like the sport below 🙂

yvess_rossy aka Jetman!

yvess_rossy aka Jetman!

cya on da’ flipside


see original post here

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