Big Boyz an dere’ Big Toyz

It’s Magnanomous Monday in me werld 🙂 an well… Thinkin More Bout My Big Toy..below,,,

rhino5 Rhino

an Big boyz an their big toyz,well:not jest things that fly but things that go fast an are on the ground, my big boy above as so below here is real fast!


1800cc’s of frank(en)stien s&s power is fast yep yep….. but nothing like the big boys in the picture shows here..they are auctually incredible..

it all started a couple a years ago when i was at my shop an a guy came by with this

it's called a boss hog! a corvette powered motorcycle

it’s called a boss hog! a corvette powered motorcycle

…and then another guy came by with that


…lol…i was all so amazed…they came by to lewk at my flying wing things and well all i wanted to do was ride these fascinating talk bout biker dogs lol…

another bikerdog @ da' rallye

another bikerdog @ da’ rallye

these machines are amazingly fast…

got the chance to ride in a v8 trike an well a corvette engine under ur but without nuting but 3 wheels is a blast i must tell U another blog bout dat!}…so for all my speed freak fans out there this postit was for u an i know i got a few guys who like the fast toys,,, i myself wanna build one of the V-8 trikes though.. 🙂 i think anymore more horsepower than i got here under me is well deserves 3 wheels 🙂 …cya on the flip side, yep harder to flip over also, an since i fell over in my driveway on my motorcycle an did a tif/fib blow out and 2 years recovery well…take it frum a guy that knows ..3 wheels is more safe with the horsepower an “weight” of the big engines 🙂 ok well fly safe an ride safe whomever ya might be an thinks fer checkin in to see some kewl vids.

.. Q.

.lambo Bike wowza i thought the viper bike was kewl but the lambo well another deal,an well his creation are well in a class of thiewr own an yeah took some real vision….


hope ya jarheads an ryderz outhere enjoyed this!

…so there ya have it folks a few from my youtuber werld

Hope ya enjoyed the video show today 🙂 come back again for another round frum Q’s Motorcycle action an videos pages…



🙂 when it werkz 🙂

..till then keep on keepin on !


Motorcycles Ying to Yang


Da’ Reality of Free Energy


Well? is there anything really free?… I’d say some things are , like Love an Energy, although there are the controlling masters that oppose this very thought? Q wunders WTF? nutin to smile bout..really in dat..needs a fixin i’d say!.What do U say? bout dat?..~

420 Greetings


Here is a post-it bout free energy if’n ur interested in viewing, is very interesting;THE TRUTH BOUT “FREE ENERGY” ..IS ANYTHING REALLY FREENOW?

Take care an have a prosperous new year frum da smiley guy Q in colorado


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Electric Update: We are the Galactic Seeds

~~~~~Time is Art, an Art is in The Correct timing of people places an thingz in syncronicity; to create a new thingz to a happen:

thanQ Red Queen Stephanie for this post @ such a correct time 😎 prosperous new year 2 One an all!

Around da’ Werld


Frum Q da’ Quasicle Quantum Quarked one



The pathway followed by humanity of the surface of the Earth has led it to become so strongly identified with the outer side of life that its contact with subtle worlds and with the hidden symbols in the material existence has practically disappeared.  –Trigueirino

We are on a journey through ascending degrees of expanded consciousness. We are the Galactic Seeds of the New Cycle. New seeds first germinate in darkness under the soil before blooming into the fragrance of the new flowers.


More than two years has now passed since the closing of the cycle. And now two spins has past since the opening of the New Cycle. Where are we now? How has your life changed? How has the planet changed? How are you feeling in this moment?

Many who have been following this path for several years are asking: What’s next? Some are confused. Some are inspired. Some…

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

………..“OMG…he posted that Pic’ of me there”??

yep yep

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

420 Greetings

🙂 from lust to love to passion 🙂

no butts bout it

felt 420 GreetinZ 2 U

No Buttz Bout it here! says smiley :) No Buttz Bout it here! says smiley 🙂

Warmth ? well in da eye of da’ beholder! 🙂 🙂

Therefore hereto

 A Passion 

to a passionate love

once upon a tyme


A Simple Passage Leads to Passion
or is it a simple pick-up that drives ya above,
to a Place of Love..Best part of a life of knowing where i come frum where i wanna go! an to yes above all things


“OMG…he posted that Pic’ of me there”??

yep yep

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

Words of da' week is "Warmth" Words of da’ week is “Warmth”

? 🙂 ?

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Warmth

Warmth is a sun filled day to Dance in Colorado;

When it’s not snowing dat is!

Warm Days in Colorado are werth dancing bout sayz Quarksire!

Warm Days in Colorado are werth dancing bout sayz Quarksire!

whatz it all bout when it’s not warm round here an i am out shoveling snow; a living dichitomy in a way..  think bout coming in here an making a fire lol….

Warmth in Ignacie 2014

Warmth in Ignacie 2014

So i come in an think bout the warmer parts of the year round here an think bout the things that make me warm..


I miss that time of the year an on very cold snowy wintery days have memories of warm crisp days in colorado…ok till it warms up i gonna o chill out a bit lol..




So Dress for Warmth on this cold winters day!

So Dress for Warmth on this cold winters day!

Happy holidaZe 2 one an all frum da’

Warmth? well, a Dichitomy today lol !

Warmth? well, a Dichitomy today lol !

ol’ guy dat shovels!

Stay WARM EVERYONE! frum Da' Q-Ster!

Stay WARM EVERYONE! frum Da’ Q-Ster! xmas 2014



This week, let’s keep things nice and cozy.

Really thinkin warmth is more like found here in last weeks post it! lol

Dec 1st 2014 rendition

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Yellow

The Giant Methane Monster

***….An a merry Xmas sumday possibly with a big bang?

Methane trapped in North/South poles are becoming a problem….There’s something lurking deep under the frozen Arctic Ocean, and if it gets released, it could spell disaster for our planet. That something is methane. Interesting article here posted by smiley over @ lot 420 🙂 read on.


420 Greetings

As Da Werld Turnz dis post-it frum da’ web jest might be da’ way it all happenz?

when da werld decides to fart! ?

hurricanes -er tornadoes - er explosions magnifique - what next? hurricanes -er tornadoes – er explosions magnifique’ – what next? –

The Giant Methane Monster That Can Wipe Out the Human Race

whatz it all bout well, read on….Q

Happy HolidaZe to all frum da’ smiley guy da’ Q

My personal take on it is grow weed all over the planet an deal witht this carbon monster once an fer all!


This is a real danger, happened before, will again, Methane would case an explosion 10,000 times greater than all our Worlds Nuclear weapon stockpiled together at once. There are so many things that could cause an E.L.E. it is untrue. Yellowstone Park erupting, Meteor’s crashing to Earth, many natural causes, this one is as bad as any, links and video below as always. Merhane trapped…

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WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of da’ week is yellow,

yellow trike an  wing over florida

yellow trike an wing over florida

 here are a few thoughts bout yellow

YELLOW chuckled: “You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun.”A quote from da blog post

Quarked Quarrelling Kolorz

ckick here for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors

ckick an tha RainBowz for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors




Away with the colors of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Show us what “yellow” means to you.

WordPress weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Wordpress Werd of da' week is YELLOW!

WordPress Werd of da’ week is YELLOW!

Have a mellow yellow weekend frum da’ Q whateva ya do


frum a quarked cockpit

frum a quarked cockpit

Dec 1st 2014 rendition

Sayz have a splendid weekend!

Yes i used to not like yellownow i do 🙂

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

Ps: YELLOW chuckled: as dis blog is dedicated to my cherokee/german/irish…

a Lady of Integrity - Honor Truth an FUN Timez

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