Why? over an over an over?

Why is this happening to me again ???????? She asks?


So many people in the world keep doing the same thing over n over n over .the same replay of the past no matter how they attempt differently to do it, ya see what i am going to talk about i could spend days talking bout but well, i want to make a goal of trying to get a solution to ya at the end and if i presented it to you now u would not understand,,,

i will say a lot in a short time an well, might be hard for some people to hear if they have a problem.

Every idea that does not become an ideal in u will be empowered upon u,,,so beware,,,if u jest listen an say yeah yeah.an agree in the conscience side of ur mind ,,,nutan will werk though if ya don’t put idea an pen to paper etc etc, an practice what is preached well, of course it wont werk , ya get my drift,,,,so following article is not 1000% articulated an formatted in all senses but there is a point to the post,,bout many folks abused in the past, that carry that memory with them forever…,
In my very own life i realize an experience this happening and so i can share a bit of how it werks by my perspective an how to deal with it an heal it if necessary an there is enuff love there to heal it. an yes love has to be a 2 way street, it cannot werk jest one way , an be an effective life without repeating over an over the past an keep seeing the past in people we meet in the present, not ever being able to really release those people from the past well, u will relate them to the present as the now, which is the first lie…. then the hypocrisy sets in when one does not practice what they preach, and is irresponsible, if they say they are going to do something then my mind says i see they ought a bloody well do it, or don’t say it..
i am a firm believer in practice what ya preach……….but i see others all bright an shinny on the outside of their life with thier storefront they put on to hide all their past, an on the inside they judge everything and everybody they see lewk at an touch an come in contact with in life, but the ego puts them above whom they judge an pass by and well, truthfully they violate their very own intelligence when this happens, no matter how smart they are no matter how many degrees in psychology they have it will keep happening over and over and over to them again, what is thet ya ask, what will happen over an over, well the same kinna situations and the same kinna blame games of the past, where they make another fault of their very own irresponsible actions. … in my blogs i have talked bout the essence of inhumanity is well, indifference’s——– an well really in a way it is …..this folks that causes it..”failure to own up to personal error!’ an seeing their past as the future or now to be re acted upon,,,,,,,,such a false perceptual analysis i have to say the way i think, but some don’t like the way i think or write , to that i say i am sorry i love what i do an do the best i can do doing it , can type fast as i think a lot an well when i get on a roll i get on a roll, i have a point to make,an yes todays point is why is this happening to me over an over agian, whatevr it is in ur life u keep repeating.
i believed i was in a position in life recently to call in someone whom had released all the past indifference’s, and fears an was willing to start a new life with a free mind an a free open heart for a change…..start a new life with a new foundation!.well thats the first step. an if ya don’t build that foundation based on LOVE it will fail… and many people when ya say the werd love they run in fear, cuz everyone that ever told them that they loved them abused them, so their interpretation of what people who apparently love ya is already twisted if ya see what i mean. okay back to the point at hand WHY?
Ya ever get that rhetoric from another person?, that u are wrong an this is why! etc etc,,,an ur to blame etc etc…when u can clearly see that their perceptual awareness is a skewed ? what can ya do? is it really them or me i wunder , well jest recently i felt i had a person er 2 connected thata way, but whenevr they relate anything that was going on in the now to the past we were screwed, ya ever get that YOU REMIND ME OF SUCH AN SUCH AN OR YOU KNOW WHO< AN RELATIN’ YA TO THE PAST YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN, well then is when their perceptual awareness is first a skewed when they think that the relative or happening in the past relates to today when it had not a thing to do with it, jest the fear attached to it did thats all, see what happened is the stimulus at hand was mistaken for the mechanism which makes it werk> staying with me now? ok , well ya can’t mistake the mechanism for the stimulus or vice a versa either, either way it screws things up is where one has to be clear bout one of the 2 things i talk bout which are primordial here, an if not adhered to well, is the first mistake,,,,
whats the motive? is it love or fear???? fear that this now might be like the now of the past? is that a current fear? Well, appears to be the main driving point for most folks these days, especially if they have been abused in the past by other relationships. I tell any guy that is reading this right now, if ur new partner has been abused in the past seriously u have a long road to haul, an much of the time it will not werk if ur co-dependencies don’t share equivocally, but thats a different subjekt all together, back to the point ,

whats the MOTIVE FEAR OR LOVE!??

deep down….those that relate the now to a fear based principle of the past they call a lesson in life well, they will never get over it , especially the rape victim or incest victim, correct me if i am wrong rape or incest victim, ya got to get over the victim mentality an make decisions based on TRUE love an not what love meant in the past to YOU!.by your perception. Am I right or wrong?

Well u tell me , I guess, till think I can only see the truth that is layed before me ya see!………

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