WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of the week is Yellow

Werd of da’ week is yellow,

yellow trike an  wing over florida

yellow trike an wing over florida

 here are a few thoughts bout yellow

YELLOW chuckled: “You are all so serious. I bring laughter, gaiety, and warmth into the world. The sun is yellow, the moon is yellow, the stars are yellow. Every time you look at a sunflower, the whole world starts to smile. Without me there would be no fun.”A quote from da blog post

Quarked Quarrelling Kolorz

ckick here for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors

ckick an tha RainBowz for article bout Quarked Quarrelling Colors




Away with the colors of Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Show us what “yellow” means to you.

WordPress weekly Photo Challenge – Yellow

Wordpress Werd of da' week is YELLOW!

WordPress Werd of da’ week is YELLOW!

Have a mellow yellow weekend frum da’ Q whateva ya do


frum a quarked cockpit

frum a quarked cockpit

Dec 1st 2014 rendition

Sayz have a splendid weekend!

Yes i used to not like yellownow i do 🙂

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

a yeller GPS an yeller round rainbow on cloud below

Ps: YELLOW chuckled: as dis blog is dedicated to my cherokee/german/irish…

a Lady of Integrity - Honor Truth an FUN Timez

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25 thoughts on “WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Yellow

    • Kewl 🙂 tanks fer stpooin in an commentin, posted a couple a more triking pics of yeller since u commented, take a lewk see u might like em ,especially the rainbows on the clouds below…. happy holidaze 2 U frum da Q

      • heck i can’t even find my own flying squirrel blog i did many moon ago, guess i’ll have to do another one bout me squirrely avatar, i had, for many years since yahoo 360 an then multiply an now…thanQ fer da comment…yes sugar glider is one name fer this dude… they are awesome creatures to me, kinna wish we had em in colorado 🙂 have a gewd week end frum Q

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    • we fly year round but well, after april er may when it warms up is a lot more fun,,,have been flying in january when it was -20 up in the air .an we were unzipping, cuz we were dressed in flying suits…anyhow is fun an cheap …an once ya learn u need no liscense to fly one round urself also…so anytime ..:) can have ya flying ,,if’n ur ever in colorado area lewk me up :). an check out my ultralight trike vids in my sidebar .merry x mas an a happy new year 2 ya frum da’ Q 😎

    • ThanQ Cat 😎 …an so glad ya had fun on that paonting an adventurous adventures ❤ awesome stuff 😎 an ur mountains rate with my mountains,,, very kewl thanQ fer visitin' mine also… yes new years new doorways new planz new openins … ah but yeah what a job life is huh ! keep on keepin on Catherine …ur colorful strokes are mighty "fine" an have also lit up my life as u wunderful canadian artists do 🙂 … is what ya do when stayin warm inside werk, yep yep see u this new year also, have fun the rest of ur holidazed season …painting away if ya get the chance to some more 🙂 laterzzzz. Q

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