The inmates are running the asylum

***Acts of 2014***** Eat em er not!

a few thoughts fer break fast!

an da braniacs!

the activists an the ones in denial also 🙂

this post-its for u …

Quark ussually staysa away from agendas an politics but this is good info for those whom “WISH TO” know!

What i do know is Ignorance intentionally is no excuse! so as to be safe an not have an opinion! who cares bout da’ truth anyhow, cept those that make the money offa da’ poor downtrodden an unfortunates; those with jest bad luck to be n the wrong place at the wrong time in the middle of the wargame! 😎

* Q *

420 Greetings



The inmates are running the asylum.
…..Since i have become actually allergic to many GMO products now an , am on the chronically disabled list with my PKD an have had 2 hospital bouts in the last onth to get re-vitalized…lol…well i have been doing some research an this much i have found out here below concerning it!
The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014 whereby mandatory labeling of GMO foods will be outlawed at both state and federal levels: this is the in-your-face double-speak that the ruling class love to try to shove down the throats of the masses. They get a chuckle at the safety and accuracy of their doings every time they think about it. Monsanto an the elite have gone insane – is my personal opinion, whether it matters a bit er not, they are…

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