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 Weed has been disguised as the bad guy when weed holds together the structure and integrity of the soil as so does the myocillin fields underground! Both illegal to cultivate and grow on most of the planet?


evr wunder why?

when it was a law that farmers had to also grow hemp with thier farms years ago before the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?:( well listen up folks, the air we breath even itself could be changed with mass cultivation of this plant and bio fuels etc etc, to bad the plastics,steel and paper industries care more bout thier pocket book than the Planet! See vid below for more info offered here to ya frum Lot 420 on top of the world 🙂 in mary jane legal Colorado :).yeahhhhhhhhhhhah…………have a great eve everyone …. Q



More frum quarksires playlist of videos to ponder watch video below

enjoy !




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